Best Action Movies on Amazon Prime of 2022!


Are you ready for a relaxing evening in front of the TV with a good movie from Amazon Prime? No! Definitely not! Action films are what you’re looking for to kick your eyeballs’ fucking asses! When it comes to streaming options, action addicts have a lot to choose from.

There’s something for everyone on Amazon’s streaming service, whether it’s a 2010s South Korean vengeance thriller, a 1990s American classic, a 1980s Australian post-apocalyptic fantasy, or anything in between. It’s time to get your stretches in for the best Amazon Prime action flicks.

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1. Without Remorse

The action-packed thriller Without Remorse is based on Tom Clancy’s espionage characters, yet it is quite different from the Jack Ryan franchise. While the other Ryan films concentrated on investigation and analysis, Without Remorse is as brutal and ruthless as the title suggests. The film follows assassin John Kelly (Michael B. Jordan), who was previously portrayed by Willem Dafoe in Clear and Present Danger.

best action movies on amazon prime

Director Stefano Sollima presents realistic sequences of modern military warfare in Sicario: Day of the Soldado, and Taylor Sheridan, as always, is enthralled by the political schemes at work. Michael B. Jordan hasn’t looked this ripped onscreen since the Creed movies, and his intensity is undeniable. You’ll also want to stay around for Guy Pearce’s unforgettable, scenery-chewing performance.

2. Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan is widely regarded as one of the best war films ever filmed (and for good reason). The D-Day invasion on Omaha Beach alone exemplifies the fast-paced nature of the battle and the graphic horrors that these soldiers face. Steven Spielberg established the model for modern action films by using hand-held cameras and desaturated colors.

best action movies on amazon prime

However, the epic military drama is about more than its technical marvels. Saving Private Ryan follows a group of rangers commanded by Tom Hanks who is dispatched behind enemy lines to collect a soldier who will be allowed to come home. Surrounded by the realities of war, these men set out on their own personal quests to discover the courage to persevere in the face of adversity. Though it was memorably defeated by Shakespeare in Love at the 71st Academy Awards, Saving Private Ryan’s legacy lives on.

3. Monsters Vs. Aliens

When it comes to animated films, Monsters vs. Aliens is a great example of a movie that audiences of all ages will appreciate. It is up to an improbable bunch of people who don’t belong together to band together and save the day when aliens attack Earth. An all-star cast, including Reese Witherspoon, Seth Rogan, Will Arnett, and Stephen Colbert, is included in this animated comic action flick.

best action movies on amazon prime

The fact that there are many entertaining battles between the monsters and the aliens (one of which takes place on the Golden Gate Bridge) is not what makes this movie stand out from others; rather, it is the film’s themes of accepting oneself for who one is and forming a family with one’s fellow monsters.

4. The Lost City of Z

The story of actual explorers who, in the 1920s, find themselves lost in the enormous jungles of the Amazon, The Lost City of Z is a melancholy classic written and directed by James Gray, who also penned the screenplay for the film. It is a penetrating picture that brings to mind works by Werner Herzog such as Aguirre, the Wrath of God in the manner in which it lays bare the hubris and vanity of explorers who feel they can apparently uncover new locations for their own egos.

best action movies on amazon prime

Additionally, it is a brilliantly shot film that finds beauty in the uncharted regions in which it takes place. It induces a conflicted sense that combines amazement and disappointment, stealing your breath away with all of the scenery while also making you ponder the foolish reason the characters are there. This creates a confusing experience that is difficult to describe. You’ll never think about exploration in the same way again once you reach the ending, which is handled by Gray with a profound sense of care and reflection, and it will feel like a hit to the gut.

5. The Tomorrow War

The Tomorrow War isn’t about a present-day conflict, as the title suggests. However, it is a problem that the modern world cannot overlook. When Lt. Hart (Jasmine Mathews) travels back in time to warn Earth’s citizens of an impending alien invasion, she also discloses that mankind is losing the struggle.

best action movies on amazon prime

Recruits are desperately needed to return to the future and combat the alien invasion. Dan Forester, played by Chris Pratt, is one of many who responds to the call to duty, but he isn’t the only member of his family that is drawn into the conflict. Dan and the new recruits, however, are unprepared for the full scope of the threat once they arrive in the future.

6. District 9

This Peter Jackson-produced sci-fi action film was a box office hit, thanks in part to a viral marketing strategy that emphasized the film’s found-footage approach to create a sense of “what-if” realism. And it was successful. District 9, a critical and commercial success (it received four Oscar nominations), captivated audiences with its stunning visual effects and a socially-conscious story about an alternate Johannesburg, South Africa, where a colony of aliens arrives in their massive hovering ship, homeless, malnourished, and seeking refuge.

best action movies on amazon prime

The aliens, dubbed “Prawns,” are herded into a camp known as District 9, where their destiny is in the hands of a multinational corporation planning to relocate the colony away from the city. Wikis van de Merwe (Sharlto Copley) is in command of the task on the ground, but all he knows about the aliens, the firm, and his life is thrown into question when he is exposed to an extraterrestrial substance that changes him forever.

7. Jolt

Lindy Lewis, played by Kate Beckinsale, has trouble controlling her occasional explosive disorder in Jolt. The short explanation is that she has a proclivity for outbursts of intense violence at any time.

best action movies on amazon prime

Lindy goes on a date with Justin to retain some semblance of normalcy (Jai Courtney). When Justin is murdered, however, Lindy learns that the cops are powerless to solve the case. So she decides to administer justice one beating at a time until she receives some answers.

8. Guns Akimbo

The film Guns Akimbo is more than just the source of 1,000 Daniel Radcliffe memes. It’s also one of the most outrageous action comedies in recent memory. Miles Lee Harris, played by Daniel Radcliffe, is a keyboard warrior who enrages the big players behind Skizm, an online deathmatch.

best action movies on amazon prime

Skizm’s masterminds attach guns to Miles’ hands and compel him to face the game’s deadliest player, Nix, in retaliation (Samara Weaving). The bad guys also kidnap Miles’ ex-girlfriend, Nova, to coerce his participation (Natasha Liu Bordizzo). Miles isn’t your typical action hero, but he manages to make his own legend in the game through a peculiar mix of chance and unintentional brilliance. Guns Akimbo is his name.

9. Man of Steel

With Krypton, their home planet, on the verge of destruction, Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and his wife try to save their race by sending their young son to Earth. Jonathan (Kevin Costner) and Martha (Diane Lane) Kent’s farm is where the child’s spacecraft lands, and they name him Clark and raise him as their own son.

best action movies on amazon prime

Even though his remarkable talents have forced Clark (Henry Cavill) to live on the outskirts of society, he finds himself forced to become a hero to defend the people he loves from a deadly threat.

10. Kong Vs Godzilla

In the film “Godzilla vs. Kong,” two of cinema’s most iconic monsters, Godzilla and Kong, go head to head in a showdown that will live in infamy for generations to come. At stake is the very existence of our planet. Jia, a little orphan girl with whom Kong has created a powerful and one-of-a-kind friendship, travels beside Kong and his guardians on the risky journey they go on to locate Kong’s rightful home.

best action movies on amazon prime

Kong’s guardians are also on this voyage. However, they were not expecting to find themselves in the way of an angry Godzilla, who was wreaking havoc across the world. The epic battle between the two titans, which was brought about by invisible forces, is just the beginning of the mystery that lurks deep within the center of the Earth.


We’ve done you a favor by sifting through the avalanche of action flicks on Amazon Prime and selecting the best of the best.

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