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Top 10 Suspense Movies on Hulu of All the Times!

Top 10 Hulu Suspence Movies of All Time

As a result of its extensive collection of shows and films, as well as its ongoing commitment to bringing users new material, Hulu has become a popular streaming option.

In the thriller category, the streamer is bursting at the seams with options. As such, we have developed a list of the fifteen best thrillers currently available on Hulu.

To ensure a high level of quality, we relied on Rotten Tomatoes ratings, feedback from the public, and our own experience with these films.

A large number of thrillers can be found in Hulu’s streaming collection, which is constantly updated. We’ll be updating this list every month to keep things fresh and current, so you’ll always know what’s new and what’s gone.

We’ll also make certain that the thrillers we recommend are the greatest in the business, so you won’t be duped into viewing a bad movie where you already know the ending five minutes in.

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1. 12-Hour Shift

Is there something you crave that is both chilling and amusing at the same time? Your interest in a pair of fumbling black-market organ harvesters will likely be piqued by this dark comedy/horror thriller.

It begins in a dilapidated Arkansas hospital where Mandy (Angela Bettis) is surviving on drugs and alcohol to get through a long night that includes a kidney swap with her cheerful but clumsy cousin Regina (Brea Grant).

12-Hour Shift was written and directed by Grant (Chloe Farnworth). It only takes the cousins a few hours to find the missing kidney when a cooler mix-up delivers cold cola cans in place of the intended organ to a cunning kingpin (Mick Foley).

To make for an exhilarating ride, Grant’s witty script seamlessly blends gloomy humor with thunderous threats and a gleeful kind of mayhem.

2. Blood Simple

When the Coen brothers made their first directorial effort in 1984 with Blood Simple, it was an excellent introduction to the darkly comedic and distinctive body of work they would go on to develop.

The film revolves around a deadly love triangle involving a bar owner, his wife, and one of his staff in Texas, where the action takes place.

An intricate web of intrigue is spun around the would-be lovers as their affair and elopement become deadly.

Both Frances McDormand and M. Emmet Walsh shine in their roles as Abby and Loren Visser, the deceitful hitman who destabilizes the entire situation for his personal gain.

3. Crawl

Itching for a spine-tingling tale of monsters? Then Alexandre Aja’s tense gator thriller will be right up your alley.

Crawl tells the story of a father and daughter’s harrowing battle for survival on the Florida coast. In the meantime, their family house is under attack by a Category 5 hurricane, and their tough-love dad (Barry Pepper) is trapped in a crawl space.

A swarm of hungry alligators has just descended on the house, making things much more perilous. Haley (Kaya Scodelario), a college swimming standout, will have to put her abilities to the test under the most difficult of circumstances.

While the unrelenting floodwaters continue to rise, she must also rescue her father from the jaws of death and bring him back to the safety of their house.

Crawl will have the whole family on the edge of their seats and yelling with jump scares close calls, gory attacks, and fantastic escapes.

4. The Firm

Mitch McDeere (Tom Cruise) is a Harvard law grad who takes a handsome job offer from a small, but prestigious, law firm in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1993’s The Firm by Sydney Pollack. Mitch and Abby’s life appears to be going swimmingly until the murders of four of the firm’s senior associates pique his interest.

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As he seeks answers, Mitch finds himself entangled in a dangerous conspiracy that threatens to endanger himself and his loved ones and is confronted with a choice that might either lead him to prison or to his death.

Even though it’s two and a half hours, the supporting cast, which includes Gene Hackman, Wilford Brimley, and Tobin Bell as well as a brief cameo by Dean Norris, is worth the price of admission alone.

5. Memories of Murder

With films like The Host, Snowpiercer, Mother, and Parasite, South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho has established himself as a modern master of suspense

Several of these are currently available on Hulu. However, to really understand the brilliance of this much-lauded director, you must watch his sophomore effort, which was just recently made available in the United States.

An unsolved sequence of murders is the inspiration for this crime drama, which follows three police officers as they try to track down a creepy stalker who kills women whenever it rains. This is a stomach-churning film laced with gruesome information.

Bong, on the other hand, stays true to his style, employing razor-sharp wit and biting cultural critique. In this case, his razor-sharp narrative serves as a stinging satire of propaganda films to highlight the consequences of toxic masculinity. Song Kang-ho, a recurring Bong collaborator, joins Kim Roi-ha and Kim Sang-Kyung in the film.

6. Locke

Tom Hardy plays the role of Ivan Locke, an English construction foreman. A woman with whom he had an affair is due to give birth to their child the night before a big assignment, and he learns this the night before. Locke chooses to leave his family behind and drive to London to be with her.

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Hardy is the only actor to appear on screen in the 85-minute short, which takes place primarily on the road from Birmingham to London.

Locke has to balance his professional and personal obligations while driving, so other actors like Olivia Colman and a young Tom Holland do voiceovers over the car’s loudspeaker.

An outstanding technological achievement and an economical thriller to the bone that showcases the talents of both its performer and director, Locke is directed by Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders, 2019’s Serenity).

7. Devil in a Blue Dress

“Devil in a Blue Dress,” a wonderfully photographed homage to the golden age of cinema noir, is a compelling adaptation of Walter Mosley’s murder mystery novel of the same name. Ezekiel “Easy” Rawlins, a World War II veteran and a reluctant LAPD detective, has to deal with unemployment and bigotry in Los Angeles in the 1940s.

When DeWitt Albright offers him a dubious job looking for a missing white woman last seen hanging out at a jazz club, he accepts.

A desperate Easy accepts the case but what he thought would be a straightforward probe quickly becomes far more complex and pernicious than he could have imagined.

8. Gone Girl

One of the biggest surprises you’ll never see coming is delivered by Gillian Flynn in her “New York Times” bestseller “Gone Girl,” which is based on the book.

To his amazement, Nick Dunne discovers that his wife has vanished, and the search for her begins. The story is portrayed through the perspectives of Nick and his missing wife, Amy Dunne, which will leave you wondering which spouse you can believe.

9. Panic Room

Every single thing in “Panic Room” happens right there, at the same time. These elements combine to create a suspenseful thriller with high stakes that begins right away.

An enormously well-equipped New York City brownstone, Meg and Sarah’s refuge when three vicious criminals break in, contains a panic room that is both highly safe and completely concealed.

However, the criminals in question are chasing something that is stashed away in the panic room. The lives of Meg and Sarah are on the line as they fight for Sarah’s insulin and defend their own house.

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10. Prisoners

Hugh Jackman’s character Keller Dover learns that his daughter and a friend’s daughter have been kidnapped in “Prisoners,” and he gives one of his greatest and gritty performances yet.

Detective Loki, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, is assigned to the case and becomes as concerned with catching the abductor as Keller.

It’s instantly apparent that Paul Dano’s character is a suspect, and the spectator is left wondering whether or not he’s the real killer or not.

The inquiry is taken over by Keller, who finds himself in a dilemma that keeps the action moving at a rapid clip.


Here are the top 10 Hulu thrillers currently streaming. We’ll let you know as soon as we come across any new information.

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