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Friends, it’s superhero season now. This is the first time in about a year that we’ve heard something new from Kevin Feige’s area of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first trailers for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings have been sensational.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki have been tied up. But what if you’re still lacking in the superhero department? Well, Marvel has just unveiled a brand-new band of superheroes.

The Eternals are a race of immortal, superhuman beings. They were born a long time ago with the express aim of destroying their extraterrestrial adversaries, the Deviants.

Eternals cast list

The Cast of Eternals

At San Diego Comic-Con 2019, it was disclosed that the entire Hall H stage was taken over by a cast reveal that included Gemma Chan as Sersi and Richard Madden and Kumail Nanjiani and Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek and Ajak and Brian Tyree Henry and Barry Keoghan and Lia McHugh as Sprite and Gilgamesh and Makkari and Sprite and Laren Ridloff as Makkari and Sprite. In addition, the cast It has been speculated that Dan Stevens and Kit Harington could play non-Eternal characters in the series, such as Dane Whitman.

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What Is the Storyline of Eternals?

The events of Avengers: Endgame, which witnessed the defeat of Thanos and the reemergence of his victims as a result of the Blip, serve as the backdrop for the events of Eternals.  Who was originally created by the Celestials and then went on to quietly live on Earth for thousands of years, have regrouped to fight the Deviants, who serve as their equivalents in the evil realm?

Many people have doubtless pondered the question of why the Eternals have not participated in the conflict against Thanos or in any other tragedy or calamity that has taken place throughout history. However, the immortal extraterrestrial race has the primary responsibility of defending humans from the Deviants and is only permitted to witness them without taking part in any way.

Some of them, like Sersi and Kingo, have been able to fit in more naturally with human society, but others aren’t as eager to be associated with people on such a personal level. In addition, there will be a love triangle in the movie that involves Sersi, Ikaris, and Dane Whitman, who she is now dating in the present day.

In May, the first official trailer for Eternals was made available online. This teaser provided viewers with their first genuine look at the cosmic entities as well as their histories.

eternals cast list

The trailer also gave an insight into the love that has existed between Sersi and Ikaris throughout the ages and showed how, even though they were very different from one another, the Eternals were bound to each other through their shared mission and the centuries that they have spent living together on Earth.

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August saw the release of the concluding trailer of this movie. In addition, the teaser demonstrated how Eternals would be distinct from the previous films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), in that it would be realistic while simultaneously embracing the expansive mythology that surrounds the major characters.

Review of Eternals

However, Oscar-winning filmmaker Chloé Zhao’s dazzling graphics and diverse cast are not enough to save this overstuffed and overly expositional Marvel entry from a disappointing end. It’s hard to get immersed in all 10 Eternals‘ character journeys when the screenplay focuses on Sersi, who was originally married to Ikaris but was abandoned and, millennia later, is now with a new beau, human teacher Dane (Kit Harington).

She and the younger-than-everyone else Sprite (who is forever a teenager, while the rest of it are adults) are sisters, and the movie places them as the “primary” Eternals. Because each Eternal’s level of confidence in their initial goal varies greatly, the actual tension in the film lies in the relationships between them.

When the film reintroduces Kingo, who has played four generations of Bollywood superstars in India, it’s the most fun in this extremely serious picture. Despite the story’s unusually sad tone, Nanjani provides much-needed comic relief. After learning about his girlfriend’s past, Dane is also entertaining, especially when he accepts it with a level of serenity that seems sense in a universe that survived Thanos’ Snap.

It’s impossible to talk about the characters of Game of Thrones without addressing the show’s most famous character, Jon Snow. The former Stark brothers (Madden and Harington) reconnect in Eternals, where they fall head over heels in love with the same woman, Sersi (yes, it sounds exactly like Cersei).

Eternals cast list

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Viewers will be thrown out of the moment when they hear the actors who played the King in the North and Jon Snow exclaim, “I love you, Sersi. With that coincidence, a casting director (or Zhao) was either clever or misguided. There may also be unsolved questions about the ties between other characters. Photos, Marvel’s first openly gay hero, is the only Eternal to enjoy typical family life in the present.

His husband and son are other highlights of the sometimes lengthy tale. However, there is plenty of action and passionate monologues, but this is a picture about relationships that don’t quite reach the target, despite the gorgeous and brilliant actors making emotional speeches to one another.

Trailer of Eternals

Here is the available trailer of Eternals click down below:

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