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Best Drama Movies on Netflix Right Now!

best drama movies on netflix

With Netflix, you may choose from a wide variety of genres and subgenres. If you’re in the mood for some action, you can go ahead and do so. Moviegoers can also enjoy comedies and thrillers as well as horror flicks. Sometimes a truly excellent drama is hard to top, and Netflix has a lot of alternatives in this genre.

1. High Flying Bird

Moonlight co-writer Tarell Alvin McCraney, Steven Soderbergh, and an A-list cast are what you get when you put them together. Definitely worth seeing. An agent (Holland) is trying to break the basketball lockout, which is affecting him (and many players) financially, in High Flying Bird, which takes place throughout one 48-hour period.

Even though the film was shot on an iPhone, director Steven Soderbergh’s talents vary from Ocean’s Eleven’s gloss and glamour to Traffic’s tough drug trafficking ensemble.

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The writing and performances are so superb that you’ll be captivated by your screen for the whole 90-minute runtime—which is a speedy two hours and fifteen minutes. Consider giving this one a spin when you’re in the mood for something stimulating, intellectual, and energizing.

2. Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople” is a hilarious but heartfelt picture by Taika Waititi, but it never loses sight of its heartfelt subject matter. Although it’s a beautiful dance between the two, Ricky Baker (Dennison) gets adopted by foster parents in New Zealand to help out on their farm as a sort of inverted Anne of Green Gables.

Bella (Rima Te Wiata) and Hector (Neill) have a mutual and begrudging acceptance that they need each other more than they care to admit, therefore they spend the majority of the movie together. Even in its wildest moments, the novel manages to strike the perfect balance between an adventure story and family drama (including a national manhunt, a faked death, and an almost New Wave-like series of vignettes within the story itself).

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The film’s best work is found in the quieter moments, where Waititi’s humorous and bombastic sensibilities shine through. It doesn’t matter how crazy the plot twists are, we always end up caring profoundly for this strange youngster and his gruff new father figure out in the New Zealand wilderness.

3. The Irishman

The Irishman’s 3.5-hour running duration is not a deterrent. It’s hard to believe how quickly Martin Scorsese’s biopic on hitman and Teamster Frank Sheeran transitions from a thrilling mob tale to a profound meditation on mortality and regret.

Robert De Niro stars as Sheeran, a former buddy of mobster Russell Bufalino (Joe Pesci) and union boss Jimmy Hoffa (Al Pacino), who recounts the events that led to their deaths, with Frank caught in the crossfire. Instead of the glamour of films like Goodfellas or Casino, the film concentrates on the gradual degradation of a man who has always thought of himself as a decent soldier, but in reality, all he has to offer is violence and selfishness.

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Instead of “simply another mob movie,” Scorsese’s The Irishman examines the passage of time and the decisions you’ve made in your life at a pivotal time in life’s cycle.

4. Marriage Story

It’s important to be mentally and emotionally prepared for Noah Baumbach’s Marriage Story since it’s anything but a grind. Instead, it’s a mature, sad, and moving examination of the dissolution of a marriage from both parties’ points of view.

Coupled up, Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) and her husband, Charlie (Adam Driver), were married and worked together in an acting company, but their divergent interests caused them to break up after just a few months. Because a reunion is no longer feasible, they attempt to negotiate the divorce minefield before escalating their antagonism in the fight for custody of their kid.

No matter how much Marriage Story tests you, you’ll come out of it with a sense of gratitude for getting to spend time with these folks and the amazing work they all do.

5. Da 5 Bloods

Following his Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for BlacKkKlansman, Spike Lee opted to tackle the Vietnam War in Da 5 Bloods. It’s a simple story, but the movie is anything but simple. To discover the remains of their slain squad leader and a trove of gold they left behind, four Vietnam War veterans come back to the country.

In the end, they discover that the scars they bear are deep, and Lee utilizes the film to explore themes of family, racism, and American Exceptionalism in powerful and violent ways. It’s exhilarating and Delroy Lindo’s performance as the lead is deserving of an Oscar nomination.

6. Wildlife

For actor-turned-director Paul Dano’s first feature film, the story of his parents’ disintegrating marriage is told through the prism of their young son. The result is a visually stunning and deeply moving film. Wildlife, based on Richard Ford’s book of the same name, is set in 1960 and follows a family (Carey Mulligan and Jake Gyllenhaal) as they relocate to Montana with their teenage son.

Before long, father and kid are left on their own after he loses his job-fighting wildfires and is forced to take any labor he can get. With an understated intensity, Gyllenhaal conveys the rage of a man seeking to bury his guilt in Mulligan’s character, an unmarried mother.

When it comes to shot composition and direction, Dano does an outstanding job. The screenplay by Dano and Kazan also excels since it is assured and poetic. Dano’s filmmaking prowess is on full display in this heartfelt family drama, and it’s also one of the best recent films.

7. The Guilty

There you are. Adapted from the 2018 Danish film Den Skyldige, The Guilty stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Joe Baylor, a demotion police officer who works night shifts at a 9-1-1 call center and is haunted by the death of his wife.

An abducted woman’s phone call forces Joe to confront his tainted history, which may not be as harmless as we’ve been made to believe. As a 9-1-1 operator, Gyllenhaal represents the real-time concerns, unpredictability, and life and death scenarios that operators face regularly in this one-man performance of a crime thriller.

8. Private Life

In Private Life, a new film by Tamara Jenkins, audiences are plunged into the anguish, fear, and sorrow of a couple who are struggling to get pregnant, but the film never loses sight of the humanity and even the strange comedy in their situation.

Rachel and Richard Biegler, played by Kathryn Hahn and Paul Giamatti, are a couple in their late 40s who are urgently attempting to conceive but are no closer to having a child despite putting themselves through the fertility grinder. Sadie (Kayli Carter), a well-intentioned but rather erratic young woman in her mid-20s, is chosen as their egg donor after they find that their only hope of having a baby is through an egg donor. There are always fresh problems that arise when she agrees, but they are never so bizarre that the movie loses its strong sense of believability.

Hahn’s performance in Private Life is so impressive that it deserves to be watched in its entirety. Playing on so many various levels requires a great deal of acting ability, but it’s not just a matter of “most acting.” Occasionally, she can let loose and express herself, but more often than not, she has to keep her feelings buried to avoid upsetting other people. One of the top performances of the year thus far.

9. Mank

David Fincher’s debut Netflix film, Citizen Kane, tells the genuine tale of how he came up with the screenplay’s inspiration and how he went about composing it. Gary Oldman plays Herman J. Mankiewicz, the charming and in-demand script doctor, in Mank, which follows him through his ups and downs and, later, as he creates and writes the first draught of Citizen Kane.

Oldman gives a stunning performance as a beleaguered man who sees an opportunity for greatness and seizes it. Mank tells the narrative of the real-life inspirations for the characters and plot of Kane. Fincher creates a stunning black-and-white film that looks and sounds like it was released in 1941, and the execution is flawless. Amanda Seyfried shines as Marion Davies while Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross deliver a beautiful retro score that underpins the entire affair.

10. Rush

Nobody ever saw the racing drama created by The Crown’s author in collaboration with Ron Howard and two Marvel stars – until now. Rush, which came out in 2013 and starred Chris Hemsworth as the brave Formula One racer James Hunt, is a criminally underestimated picture.

Daniel Bruhl plays Nikki Lauda, Hunt’s archrival in the Austrian Grand Prix series, and each actor gets about the same amount of screen time as Howard tells the story of two very different men who were each driven to be the best. In addition to the racing sequences, director of photography Anthony Dod Mantle has captured the spirit of the era perfectly.


Here is a list of best drama movies on Netflix, which includes everything from historic pieces to romance dramas to lesser-known gems. On this list, you’ll find several well-known films, as well as several lesser-known gems.

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