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The Best Chinese Romance Movies of 2022!

It’s possible to present a sad story through a romantic film, or you might show how a relationship blossoms and changes over time. Romantic movies can take on a variety of forms.

In any event, viewing any of them is an enjoyable experience. We’ve selected eight movies from China and Taiwan that approach the topic of love and relationships from a variety of perspectives, and we think you’ll find them interesting.

In the Mood for Love

Wong Kar-wai, the Hong Kong artist known for his melancholic films, is the best (or, perhaps, the worst) director for shattered hearts. His films are filled with lost connections, unfulfilled yearning, and quiet despair.

Those words may strike you as gloomy… and they are. However, his films are also rich in delicacy and sweetness, and they are filled with the electric chemistry of a punch-drunk love affair.

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In the Mood for Love, the centerpiece of a loose romantic trilogy that also includes Days of Being Wild and 2046, is arguably the apex of Wong’s besotted output. It takes place in 1960s Hong Kong, where Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung reprise their roles as Wong regulars as Chow Mo-wan and Su Li-Zhen, respectively, as neighbors who learn that their wives are having an affair with one another.

With one other for support, the two quickly begin to fall in love – albeit the scars of their recent betrayal complicate their relationship. This is a film about longing that is more about mood than plot.

Hear Me

When it comes to a story that is both charming and romantic, “Hear Me” is difficult to top. When Tian Kuo (Eddie Peng), a young man, is working as a delivery boy, he comes into contact with Yang Yang (Ivy Chen), a girl who has a hearing impairment.

When Yang Yang and Tian Kuo first come face to face, they are both at a swimming pool. Tian Kuo is there to deliver something, and Yang Yang is there to cheer on her sister, Xiao Peng, who is swimming in the competition.

By entering into this contract with Yang Yang, Tian Kuo hopes to grow a closer relationship with her. The story will proceed from here. The loving sibling bond that develops between Yang Yang and Xiao Peng only helps to increase the impact of “Hear Me’s” ability to elicit the warm and fuzzy feelings associated with a blossoming love affair, which is accomplished by “Hear Me” without the use of any words.

If You Are the One

If you are only going to watch one Chinese romantic comedy, you better make it this one. Qin Fen, a new-money businessman from Beijing, stars in the film If You Are the One as Ge You. Qin Fen is currently in his forties and is eager to settle down (To Live, Farewell My Concubine, The Founding of a Republic).

Personal advertising on the internet led Qin to a succession of increasingly absurd blind dates, including one with a former homosexual coworker and one with a former cemetery saleswoman.

Qin’s final encounter, which results in him falling in love with and subsequently having sexual relations with a hot but damaged air-stewardess, is with this woman. Have we not all predicted that this would happen? Despite this, the movie is still a lot of fun to watch because of the sharp, sarcastic humor and well-rounded characters it has.

Beijing Meets Seattle (Finding Mr. Right)

Tang Wei plays the role of a pregnant mistress of a wealthy Chinese businessman in this blockbuster film that was shot in Seattle. The film stars Tang Wei in the role of a mistress of a wealthy businessman (and ultimately acquires US citizenship).

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Wen Jiajia, played by Tang Wei, and Frank, played by Jason Sudeikis, are presented with the sensitive topic of birthing facilities in the United States during the film Finding Mr. Right (Wu Xiubo).

It is believed that the success of this movie in China contributed to an increase in the cost of real estate in the Seattle area.

The Palace

In “The Palace,” a young palace maid named Chen Xiang (played by Zhou Dong Yu) crosses paths with the 13th Prince (played by Chen Xiao) while covering night shifts for her best friend Liu Li (Zhao Li Ying).

When he falls in love with Chen Xiang because of her generosity and charm, he decides to find out who the royal maid who was pretending to be Chen Xiang was the night before. On the other side, Liu Li asserts that she was previously employed in that capacity as a maid.

In this movie, one of the villains is played by the actor Zhao Li Ying, who is widely regarded as one of the most acclaimed actors in the business. The life and love story of the 13th Prince takes center stage in this rendition of a historical event, even though this time has been the subject of previous movies in the past. You won’t want to miss out on the film’s extra bonus, which is a political power struggle that you won’t want to miss!


If you’re in the mood for some sweetness and whimsy, you should watch this high school fairytale directed by Taiwanese hottie Jay Chou and starring Taiwanese hunk Jay Chou.

Cinedigm Ye, a student who is majoring in piano, overheard Lu, a cute pianist, playing an entrancing song on the first day of school. Lu said, “It’s a secret that cannot be disclosed,” when she finished playing. He is unaware of the title of the song as he begins to develop romantic feelings for her.

As a result of a misunderstanding, Xianglun kisses another girl, and Xiaoyu disappears for nearly six months. He comes to the conclusion that Xiaoyu is not the person he believed she was and that he must make the decision to remain with her even when she is not present.

This is a charming narrative with gorgeous cinematography that speaks to the sentimental high school girl that is in all of us.

The Last Women Standing

In the movie “The Last Woman Standing,” the character Sheng Ru Xi, played by Shu Qi, has a successful career, but her parents are concerned about her as she gets older and stays single.

The following day, Ru Xi is at work when she meets a colleague named Ma Sai whom she does not recognize (Eddie Peng). Although she originally resisted the notion, in the end, Ru Xi gave in because of the pressure to be married as soon as possible.

The most unforgettable parts of this movie are the reflections that Ru Xi’s father makes on love and marriage. The heart is moved when a father acknowledges and accepts his daughter’s wish to have both of these things at the same time.

The relationship between Ru Xi and Ma Sai is a representation of the film’s overarching subject, which is that getting married and finding a companion before the age of 30 is an exception to the rule.

Tuhao 520

What if you wanted something that was even more extravagant, ridiculous, and outrageous?

Tuhao 520 is the perfect vehicle for telling the story of a freshly minted Chinese billionaire’s love affair with a fashion designer who came from humble circumstances.

For those of you who are unaware, the Tuhao is China’s “new money,” and they are well known for their ridiculously extravagant spending habits. On the other side, the number 520 can be pronounced as “Wo ai ni,” which is a Mandarin phrase that signifies “I love you.”

Tuhao 520 never fails to make us laugh, whether we’re reuniting with old friends or celebrating one of his wild birthday parties with tanks.

Just Get Married

As far as comedies go, this one falls somewhere in the middle. There are three men in “Just Get Married” who aren’t married for a variety of reasons: Peter, a non-committal playboy; Rex, who is satisfied with just cohabiting with his fiancée rather than marrying her; and Jie Sheng, who has OCD that drives his partners away When they meet the proper ladies, things begin to change for the better.

In truth, this film is a heartwarming tale that demonstrates a great deal of progress and understanding amongst the characters. Every romantic story has its own twists and turns.

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A good illustration of this is Jie Sheng’s love for a dancer with a child, Bing Bing. It takes a while for them to come to terms with one another’s lifestyle choices, but eventually, they do. Despite their widely different backgrounds and occupations, they were able to form a friendship.


Here are our top picks for the best Chinese romance films. We’ll let you know as soon as we discover anything new.

Keep up with us until then…

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