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Top 10 Thriller Movies on Netflix Right Now!

top 10 thriller movies on netflixme series

Even if all films are wonderful in their own right, let’s face it: thrillers rule the film world. They’re the greatest of all worlds. A tinge of dread, but not enough to send you over the edge. The same fast-paced action, but with a deeper story. There are also smatterings of humour and drama. Because everything is condensed into a single film, the results demand your whole attention.

Uncut Gems by the Safdie Brothers is a challenge to your attention span. It’s impossible for you to pull it off! It’s quite acceptable to watch Yorgos Lanthimos’s The Killing of the Sacred Deer while doomscrolling. You are still unable to accomplish this! If you’re planning on watching any of the terrific thrillers listed below, you might as well put your phone away in a different room and forget about it.

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If you’re in the mood for a suspenseful movie, Netflix has a wide variety of options. For this reason, the following list of the top shows on Netflix includes a variety of genres such as real crime, thrillers, and comedies. When you’re done with that, have a look at our list of the greatest movies of all time.

In preparation for their roles in this American gothic story about a town that is haunted by its mistakes, British actors Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland have been working on perfecting their Ohio accents.

The Evangelical preacher who sprinkles spiders all over his head to demonstrate his confidence in God is played brilliantly by Harry Melling, who is best known for his portrayal as Professor Snape in the Harry Potter film series.

In its opening five minutes, Okja takes more creative risks than most films do in their whole runtime, and it doesn’t let up from there. Some critics and audiences, particularly in the West, seem to have issues with the film’s somewhat unpredictable tone, which ranges from pathos to suspense to joyful action to whimsy to horror to whatever Jake Gyllenhaal is doing.

However, this is a characteristic that distinguishes Bong Joon-ho films from other filmmakers’ work: They’re deep and nuanced, yet they’re not restricted or delicate at all. They pay close attention to the smallest of details, but their handling is everything but delicate. When they jam, they combine their various motives into one.

Okja is possibly the best illustration yet of the wild pendulum swing of a Bong film’s rhythmic tone, which is crafted using part-counterpart alternations.

Although it doesn’t directly address the issue of animal rights or veganism, Okja is an exploration of our capacity for moral integrity and, more importantly, our capacity for humane treatment of all living things. In order to get to the solutions Okja reaches, the film asks all the proper questions, and it asks them in a way that is so engrossing that you hear the answers for yourself.

When it comes to Babak Anvari’s filmmaking, the majority of the time it’s a slow-burning historical drama, but one that’s also a horror movie in its own right. As a memorial to his own mother, Anvari has created Under the Shadow, which he says is a statement of disobedience and a respect to his own mother’s memory.

For Shideh (Narges Rashidi), who is played by Narges Rashidi, the brave heroine who fights back against greater hostile forces, it’s a clearly feminist film: Just as inspiring as Shideh’s triumph over her own personal issues by securing her child’s safety from a more direct threat was to witness how she chose to defy the Khomeini dictatorship by watching an officially outlawed Jane Fonda workout video.

Calling The Nightingale a revenge picture implies triumph in unfair justice done. Jennifer Kent’s sequel to The Babadook lacks catharsis. In movies, revenge is often offered with fist-pumping vigour or soul-corroding seriousness. The Nightingale follows the latter. This movie is neither pleasant nor appealing, but it has excellent aesthetic value to offset its cruelty.

It’s fastidiously constructed, as one would expect from Kent, and ferociously acted by Aisling Franciosi, Baykali Ganambarr, and Sam Claflin as Clare, an Irish convict driven by rage, Billy, an Aboriginal tracker driven by vengeance, and Hawkins, Clare’s master and rapist. In 1820s Tasmania, English colonists killed Aboriginal Tasmanians to near extinction during the Black War.

It’s a sad period in American history. The Nightingale is a grim film, but Kent is too savvy to compare Clare’s suffering to Billy’s. She knows Clare’s and Billy’s roles in the plot. That she can do both is amazing. The Nightingale is a different genre and style from The Babadook, but it has plenty of horrors.

Clare dances with Aidan, Hawkins, and other attackers in her nightmares. Kent’s interest in women’s experiences is expanded by narrating Billy’s story alongside Clare’s, showcasing her ability to make familiar genre tropes feel fresh. The Nightingale rejects vengeance movie conventions but finds new ones.

In a horrifying scenario, residents of a peculiar facility known as “the Pit” are fed by means of a platform that is stocked with food on the upper levels and progressively descends until the scraps reach those who are in poor favour toward the bottom of the facility.

This Spanish film is equally disgusting and intriguing; it is a statement on the unequal distribution of riches.

While 2013’s broad release of Mike Flanagan’s Oculus was a nice surprise for horror lovers, one has to ask whether the director is taking a step back with his new Netflix exclusive Hush, a very traditional home invasion thriller with a limited cast and locations. Our protagonist, who is deaf, is one of the few changes on this very trope-laden subgenre.

She has one limitation, which is compounded by her remote location in the woods and the masked visitor that comes calling. Hush, despite its obvious homages to films like The Strangers and Funny Games, succeeds in its own right. Her emotions to each new fright ring true, and her intelligence and resourcefulness are unique for this type of scenario.

There is no need to resort to extra gimmickry or a third-act twist in order to raise the stakes and tension. It’s a fight for survival with a character that, despite the fact that she never “says” a word, is amazingly well formed.

Army of Thieves is a prequel to the zombie thriller Army of the Dead. It follows Matthias Schweighofer’s character, an excellent safe-cracker, as he embarks on a huge robbery with Nathalie Emmanuel (Game of Thrones), all while the living dead are taking over the world.

Avengement is as crystalline and empirically exact as micro-budget VOD martial arts action can get. With such prolificacy, a journeyman director is compelled to get something right which would be true if Johnson’s work wasn’t so solid. Vicious Beefcake was Johnson’s muse.

Scott Adkins fits so perfectly in Johnson’s sweet spot melodramatic, archly violent action filmmaking with enough humour and heart to leave a bruise—that a Johnson film without him as the lead doesn’t feel complete. Triple Threat, Avengement’s 2019 precursor, has a sequence where Adkins body slams a 40 mph vehicle.

Triple Threat boasts three writers and a cavalcade of international action stars, from Iko Uwais and Tony Jaa to Tiger Chen and Michael Jai White (still in decent shape, but so outclassed by Adkins and his peers’ athleticism he seems immobile), while in Avengement Johnson works from his own script, winnowing the plot to a series of increasingly high stakes brawls as wronged nobody Cain (Adkins) makes his bloody way through As with Savage Dog and The Debt Collector (both on Netflix), Avengement hinges on the supernatural chemistry between director and star.

The camera is astonishingly quiet as it captures every magnificent inch of Adkins in action, pounding the living shit out of each chump he sees. Charming character actors cheer from the sidelines; the plot is so basic we hardly care about these characters until we achieve a satisfactory finale with them. Scott Adkins may be a better dramatist than our dynamic stars. Maybe we’re overly pessimistic.

In The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, you get the distinct impression that something terrible is going to occur in each and every one of the film’s 142 minutes, which, if you’ve found yourself on this list, is most likely exactly what you’re looking for.

After the adaptation of the dark Swedish mystery about vanished girls and badass computer hackers, Rooney Mara’s career took off like a rocket.

One of the most tense and exciting movies of 2021 was provided by Netflix, and it starred Jake Gyllenhaal sitting in a chair while responding to a single 911 caller.

In order to make it through the night despite the additional strain of the stressful chat, Gyllenhaal, who suffers from asthma, is using his inhaler to its maximum capacity.


These are the top 10 thriller movies, which are currently streaming on Netflix. Trend of thrill movies keep changing everyday because of release of new movies. Therefore keep in touch with us for upcoming updates….

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