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Top 10 Tv Shows Amazon Prime of 2022: Which Are Currently in Trend!

Here’s the deal with the Golden Age of television: [insert decade here] How are you able to do anything else with your time? You could keep streaming shows all day long and never run out of good television to watch because there are so many shows that are either very good or good enough to be considered excellent.

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Keeping this in mind, I hope you weren’t intending to get anything else done with the rest of your day because we’ve compiled a list of the top television shows available through Amazon Prime Video.

The good news is that there is now a show for fans of Yellowstone who want a lot more science fiction in their Westerns. A new family is at the center of the film, this one led by a patriarch played by Josh Brolin, another acting powerhouse, who is striving to keep his family together in the aftermath of a catastrophic tragedy.

When a mystery hole opens on their property, one that appears to be endless and links to a possible alternate universe, the Abbotts may find themselves dealing with more than just their own realm.

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In his season review for Collider, Chase Hutchinson said, “It’s worth complimenting a show for embracing the weird parts of the cosmos and weaving them into everyday life as beautifully as Outer Range does. It’s both inventive and therapeutic, revealing much about the central family while reveling in the overpowering awe of the unknown.

Even though it is a competition show, Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls is not your typical reality show. Sure, drama can be entertaining (and this program isn’t without it  there are still plenty of high stakes and strong personalities to go around)

but this series concentrates on more positive themes like self-love, confidence, and friendship. Lizzo is a household name for a reason: she has a tremendous voice and moves to match. She’s a hoot to watch as she picks a bunch of great, diverse dancers to join her on tour. The participants have the incredible skill, and it’s tough not to root for them after hearing their incredible tales and goals. Taylor Gates is a writer.

Our hearts are going to be somewhat soothed by the presence of another diverse and lovable family in the Diazes, the unit at the heart of Gloria Calderón Kellett’s newest series for Prime Video called With Love.

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Those of us (and there are a lot of us!) who are still mourning the cancellation of One Day at a Time (again!) will have our hearts somewhat soothed by the presence of this family.

The series (which was just renewed for a second season!) follows a close-knit unit of relatives as they go through a series of holidays (the first season consists of five episodes titled after celebrations like “Valentine’s Day” and “Da De Los Muertos”), but it is also brimming over with delightful rom-com elements in addition to charmingly earnest characters.

Katims is making his return to television with his first series since NBC’s Rise, and this one has a slightly more personal angle for him; in a conversation with Collider’s own Christina Radish, the writer and showrunner said that he was inspired to approach a reAs We See Itmake of the original Israeli series because of his own son, who is on the autism spectrum.

Katims’s new series is called “The Path,” and it will premiere on HBO in the fall of 2018. As We See It, on the other hand, provides a narrative that is highly gripping and touching about people with autism and how they address many of the basic difficulties of everyday life, such as having a career, dating, and coping with adult roommates.

Even though Season 1 has already been completed, it appears as though the show has merely scratched the surface in terms of the various types of storylines that are capable of being told. Here’s hoping that As You See It will be given a lot more airtime in the future so that they can continue telling their stories.

These days, animated anthologies appear to be the way to go when it comes to the creation of supplementary stories. These stories not only help to flesh out an existing world, but they also allow a variety of storytellers and animators to show off their creative chops.

That being said, none of the other existing series out there are doing it quite like The Boys Presents: Diabolical, which is comprised of eight bite-sized animated shorts for the sole pleasure of our consumption. Not only that, but it will also more than adequately tide you over until the long-awaited Season 3 premiere of the main Prime Video series, which is coming up soon.

According to what Chase Hutchinson had to say about Diabolical in his review for Collider, “It is a show that revels in the squeamish yet hilarious, disemboweling the darker aspects of the superhero genre to reveal its blood and guts, which it then throws everywhere.

This show has a lot of fun with the gross-out factor. Even though you might be tempted to view this ambitious collection of films in a single sitting, these animated canapés are worth savoring because of how rich they are in creative potential.”

The Legend of Vox Machina is a crash course in the world of Critical Role without the need to catch up on hours and hours of tabletop gameplay for those of us who have always been fascinated but never managed to dip a toe.

Prime Video animated series gives voice actors a chance to show off their chops while reintroducing fans to the first CritRole campaign’s motley band of adventurers (or introducing them for the first time).

No matter if you’re an avid D&D player or just searching for a new fantasy show to watch, Vox Machina is sure to satisfy any and all of your TV viewing needs. If we get a Mighty Nein series in the future, I wouldn’t be surprised.

One of the most compelling aspects of Jack Reacher’s character is his exploration of human nature’s inherent duality. If something gets in his way, he has no problem slamming his head into it. On the other hand, he can stop what he’s doing to take care of a neglected puppy.

Despite his lack of social skills, he still manages to have a few flings with the ladies along the road. As a side note, have we mentioned how gigantic this guy is? Onscreen for the first time since Tom Cruise’s portrayal, Ritchson strikes the perfect mix between making Jack Reacher an alpha action hero and someone you’d rather have on your side than standing against you.

However, it’s not because he isn’t invested in the outcome of the investigation—he simply wants to keep going as long as it takes. There will be plenty more Reacher adventures (including watching the man struggle to fit into most clothing sizes) to come in the show’s second season, which premiered less than a week ago.

Before the Lord of the Rings adaptation hits our screens, The Wheel of Time serves as the perfect amuse-bouche to whet our appetites for even more epic stakes and enormous worldbuilding from Prime Video in the coming years. In the past, this series was labeled “unadaptable,” but what Judkins has done heralds an intriguing new turn in adaptation:

something that builds on what came before while making those minor modifications to help it transcend to a different media medium that much more effectively. With Season 2 on the horizon, there’s a lot more to look forward to in this series for anyone who was disappointed by how the last fantasy show ended.

Even though Saoirse Ronan played the titular adolescent super-soldier in the original film, Farr’s Prime Video rendition of Hanna’s story goes even further than the original film in its exploration of her backstory.

There are only three seasons of the show, which is a bummer, but it’s fun to see the relationship between Hanna and Marissa develop from one enemy to allies, and it’s always nice to have Enos and Kinnaman back on screen together after their fantastic performance in The Killing.

LulaRoe was a brand of trendy leggings with aggressive patterns that dominated social media in the 2010s. This documentary miniseries explores the rise and fall of LulaRoe as well as the thin line that separates Multi-level Marketing (MLM) from pyramid schemes.

It is highly recommended that viewers watch the entire series in one sitting. The documentary LulaRich examines, ovthroughoutour episodes, how Mark and DeAnne Stidham, the company’s founders, developed an empire by capitalizing on one of the most underappreciated and underestimated forces in America:

the ambition and ability of housewives and stay-at-home moms. LulaRich is a gripping look at excess, exploitation, and the staggering financial impact of social media.

It includes some truly jaw-dropping revelations along the way, and it also provides an insightful glimpse at how false dreams framed as empowerment snare are in so many families. The documentary was directed by the same person who directed the Hulu documentary about the Fyre Festival fraud.


These are the best top 10 tv shows amazon prime, which are currently streaming. As we find more we will let you know, So stay-up-to date with us…

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