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Which Are the Top 10 Shows on Netflix?

top 10 shows on netflix

It is common knowledge that Netflix is famously miserly with their data. Even producers and those in charge of running shows have had a difficult time determining whether or not the people who were supposed to see what they put out into the world actually did.

However, now that there is something called the Netflix Top 10, we are able to get at least a little bit of a glimpse behind the scenes.

The fact that reality shows, prestige television, animated children’s shows, and docuseries of every stripe are all represented on the list of Netflix’s daily Top 10 Most Popular illustrates that Netflix subscribers have a voracious taste for a wide variety of programming.

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1.Love on the Spectrum U.S.

The docu-reality series Love on the Spectrum is both informative and heartwarming. It follows people on the autistic spectrum as they negotiate the world of dating and relationships.

In the wake of the success of the Australian series that went on to win multiple awards, this new series from the United States explores the story of a group of individuals that is both unique and different as they look for something that we all want to find: love.

2. Stranger Things

The fourth season of the Netflix original series Stranger Things returns with a substantial amount of ambition and cinematic aesthetics, all of which continue to elevate the overall scale and scope of the show.

It is possible that there is an excessive amount of nostalgia for horror films from the 1980s; nevertheless, this does not take away from the fact that there are genuine shocks and that there is an appreciated push toward a more mature tone for the year. The middle episodes of Volume I are drawn out and drawn out, which hampers the momentum coming out of the fourth episode.

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This is because the writers were trying to give everyone in the extremely big ensemble a good tale. Fortunately, the writing and directing get more concentrated and pick up the pace again in the last two episodes, with some huge discoveries, unexpected twists, and a cliffhanger that will have viewers impatiently waiting for the finish on July 1.

3.All American

All American is a shining spot of deliberately diversified near-realism in a predominantly white network sea of superheroes, the supernatural, and humorously exaggerated shows. All American tells the story of Spencer James (Daniel Ezra), a star football player from South L.A. who’s recruited by a coach (Taye Diggs), an expat of the same neighbourhood, to come play for him in Beverly Hills.

To get around the school’s strict zip code requirements, Spencer must move in with the coach and his family. The drama in Beverly Hills and South L.A. is predictable: The privileged kids have pricey medication addictions or are depressed after being left alone in their homes for months by their jet-setting parents, while the kids in South L.A. are imprisoned in an underfunded and over-policed school and at risk for gang life.

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All American’s compassion and grace, combined with the young actors’ realistic performances, allow it to transcend primetime melodrama.

As the lead, Ezra is excellent, as compelling in tender moments of private vulnerability as he is in athletic feats on the field, but equally arresting are Bre-Z as Spencer’s fast-talking, bar-spouting queer best friend Coop and Samantha Logan as Coach’s daughter and Spencer’s first friend and confidante in Beverly Hills.

All American hasn’t made much of a splash during its first two seasons, but given how quickly it rose to the Top 10 in Netflix’s new internal ranking system once its third season was added, and how long it stayed there, it’s clear that teens streaming at home know where the good shit is—and now you do, too.

4.The Lincoln Lawyer

Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer follows the emotional and literal tribulations of L.A.’s top criminal defence attorney, Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo). If not Bosch, at least the Connelly playbook. Expect a different aesthetic. The Lincoln Lawyer was created by Ally McBeal’s David E. Kelley and The Good Wife’s Ted Humphrey.

Mickey Haller’s narrative is more sun-soaked than Harry Bosch’s sun-soaked noir. This balancing works mostly. The Lincoln Lawyer is unabashedly primetime. Between four big criminal arcs and 4,000 interpersonal ones, it stretches itself thin. Casting is creative, performances are solid, and moral (and musical) comparisons with Bosch are precise. This is fun for Connelly fans and newcomers.


When a white-collar, middle-class family gets engaged with a drug cartel, Breaking Bad and Weeds analogies are practically hand-written invitations. Ozark’s premise sets us up for another precipitous drop; we anticipate to see a desperate man’s latent darkness awaken.

Several variables protect the drug-dealing anti-hero archetype from feeling overdone. All these themes revolve on Martin Byrde’s ethics in Ozark (Jason Bateman). Bateman’s sudden transformation is reminiscent of Michael Bluth from Arrested Development.

Martin is an honest man who will lie for the greater good. (His family’s survival is the larger good.) Marty, a financial planner, stumbles into an opportunity to launder money for the second most powerful organisation of Mexican drug smugglers. His devotion to “the statistics” and realistic, stoic ingenuity make him a “special” candidate to the cartel’s charismatic Chicago liaison, Del. (Esai Morales).

Ozark suggests that the proper individual can go a little bit wrong without withering completely. Maybe playing keep-away keeps Marty’s hands clean (and his head, for now, intact). So far, the story is about a man who fights for what he believes in. Ozark transcends the anti-hero genre by making its main a nice bad man to root for.


In this new Netflix original action thriller, one lady stands between terrorists and a nuclear assault on American territory.

Elsa Pataky, who starred in Fast and Furious, plays an American officer who is responsible for holding down a missile defense base on her own as the bad guys try to capture control and fire stolen missiles when the US defenses are down.

7.the amazing spider-man

Marc Webb’s film illustrates restarting a series is risky. First, reboots function best with stale, contradictory, or overexposed attributes. Ten years after the first picture (and five after the third), Raimi’s trilogy wasn’t a distant memory.

It’s hard to refute declining interest when the films rank #1 through #3 for Sony/Columbia. Spider-origin Man’s narrative is a crucial aspect of his Big Screen saga, unlike Star Trek, whose characters’ early days have stayed undisturbed on film.

Webb had to retell a narrative that was just told (and told brilliantly) a few years previously, without changing the origin. The Amazing Spider-Man feels less like a reboot than a paraphrase of the original two Raimi/Maguire flicks. Webb’s relaunch shows how quickly a Hollywood studio may forget the lessons its own films have taught it.

8.We Die Young

In the 2019 action movie We Die Young, Jean-Claude Van Damme plays a war veteran who is mute and plays a role in which he assists a member of a gang and his younger brother in escaping the life of a criminal.

9.Money Heist

Check out the greatest heists since Danny Ocean if you’re searching for a gripping and exciting criminal series to watch on television. This stunningly photographed series follows the crews headed by The Professor as they work toward their goal of robbing the Royal Mint of Spain and the Bank of Spain.

This show is presented entirely in Spanish, and it leaps back in time and forward in time quite a bit, as well as uses flashbacks, all in an effort to keep you on your toes.

Even more interest is added by the use of the tried-and-true device of a “unreliable narrator,” which you are required to take into consideration. You may now catch up on all of the episodes of the series since they have just concluded.

10.Formula 1: Drive to Survive

The chaotic world of Formula One racing may frequently take place at hours that make it unavailable to those in America. This is where the Drive to Survive show comes in to play: it fills the void left by the lack of access to the racing action. This riveting documentary series, which is part of one of the most compelling shows now available on Netflix, puts you face to face with some of the best drivers in the world, including its most famous participant, Lewis Hamilton.

The third and most recent series demonstrated how Covid-19 completely turned Formula One racing on its head as Hamilton climbed to the top of the standings.

And as a result of the extremely dramatic conclusion to the most recent Formula One season, DtS fans are more than excited to hear what Hamilton has to say throughout the upcoming season. The Formula 1: Drive to Survive season 4 release date on Netflix is getting close to being here, which is a positive development.


These are the top ten shows on Netflix, which are currently streaming.

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