Which Are the Top 10 Drama Movies on Amazon Prime in 2022?

  • Emergency

The buddy comedy “Plan B” follows best friends Sunny (played by Kuhoo Verma) and Lupe (Victoria Moroles) as they travel to a Planned Parenthood clinic in search of emergency birth control options. Sunny, a model student with perfect grades, is thrown into a state of panic when her first high school party results in an embarrassing first sexual encounter and the loss of a condom.

Since she is unable to obtain Plan B from their neighbourhood pharmacy as a result of South Dakota’s “conscious clause,” she asks her sex-positive, open-to-anything best friend Lupe to accompany her to the nearest Planned Parenthood in Rapid City. Lupe is willing to do anything.

Not only do the pals have to deal with the fact that the window of opportunity for using the pill is rapidly closing, but they also have to race against the clock to get back to their house before Sunny’s overprotective mother arrives.

Even though this raucous comedy was definitely written by and for women, the journey that Sunny and Lupe take has something to offer practically everyone. Plan B strikes an effortless mix between hilarious and emotional moments, with both of these emotions having the potential to leave you in tears.

  • Arrival

Dr. Louise Banks, played by Amy Adams, is going about her normal life as a professor of linguistics when the planet Earth is visited by a number of gigantic, terrifying floating alien spacecraft that have set up shop in locations all over the world. In an effort to figure out why the aliens have come to this planet, the United States government has requested Louise’s assistance in deciphering their language.

Louise develops a deep connection with the extraterrestrials, and with the help of physicist Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner), she must make the world understand as well before it’s too late. As panic spreads around the world and world leaders begin to splinter from their united effort to understand if the visitors are friendly or hostile, Louise develops a deep connection with the extraterrestrials.

Arrival is a gorgeous visual masterpiece that also delivers nail-biting drama with outstanding performances by both Renner and Adams. In fact, Adams won the Screen Actors Guild award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role for her work in the film.

  • All the Old Knives

This action-packed thriller about two CIA operatives who meet again years after the events of a task they completed together in Vienna, where they were not only colleagues but also lovers, features Chris Pine and Thandie Newton, who bring a significant amount of heat to the proceedings.

Henry (Pine) and Celia (Newton) are put in the position of having to rehash both the operation and their love affair in order to get to the bottom of the new information that has surfaced regarding the possibility of a mole working within the operation, which centres on the events surrounding a terrorist hijacking.

We are taken along for the ride as we try to figure out for ourselves who the mole is and whether or not it is Celia. The story is told in flashback scenes and is filled with all of the intense spy stuff you would expect from bestselling espionage novelist Olen Steinhauer (The Tourist, Berlin Station). Is that Henry’s name? Were they joking about with one another the whole time, or was what they were doing genuine? Laurence Fishburne and Jonathan Pryce, both of whom are great actors, also star in All the Old Knives.

  • Inside Llewyn Davis

Oscar Isaac gives a crooning performance as folk singer Llewyn Davis, who sings in the dim lighting of The Gaslight Cafe that he “wouldn’t mind the hanging.” It will be up to the Coen Brothers to satisfy his request. The Coen brothers are widely regarded as two of the most unpredictable directors working in Hollywood today.

The tone of their movies has ranged from dark comedy to absurd tragedy, and sometimes both at the same time. Inside Llewyn Davis is a film that is on the darker end of the spectrum. The film follows Llewyn Davis as he tries to get his music career back on track in the wake of the suicide of his musical partner.

His finances aren’t the only aspect of his life that are falling apart; his ex-lover, Jean (played by Carey Mulligan), who is pregnant with a child who is most likely his, wants nothing to do with him. He has no contact with her. The battle that Davis fights, which takes place against the icy landscape of New York, is a tragic one.

top 10 drama movies on amazon prime

Despite the dark subject matter, there are a few humorous moments throughout the movie. The people who surround Llewyn are just as colourful as he is icy, especially Justin Timberlake in his role as Jane’s new boyfriend (although Isaac’s future adversary in Star Wars also has a memorable musical cameo).

  • Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine

Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine is a documentary that was written and directed by Alex Gibney, who won an Academy Award for his work on Taxi to the Dark Side and Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Disbelief.

The film is a fascinating and in-depth look at the life of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple. It was released four years after Jobs passed away. The film explores the highs and lows of what it took to build one of the world’s most powerful companies,

including the toll it took on the lives of those caught up in Jobs’s “reality distortion field,” beginning with the company’s famously humble beginnings in the garage of Jobs’ parents’ home in Los Altos and continuing through the rise of Macintosh, the creation of the iMac, iPod, and iPhone, and everything in between. The film begins with the famously humble beginning.

  • Beasts of the Southern Wild

A six-year-old girl named Hushpuppy (Quvenzhané Wallis) struggles to survive in the flood-ravaged Louisiana bayou region known as The Bathtub in this four-time Oscar-nominated adventure drama from writer/director Benh Zeitlin and co-writer Lucy Alibar, adapted from Alibar’s one-act play Juicy and Delicious.

Hushpuppy’s father Wink (Dwight Henry) is ill, and he needs to educate her how to care for herself because her hyperactive imagination has her believing that the cosmos is collapsing and that mythological animals known as aurochs are on their way to terrify them.

Hushpuppy seeks to restore the balance between nature and the cosmos, as well as save her father and her home, as a violent storm approaches and the levees are threatened. Wallis is a revelation in the part, earning her an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress, making her the youngest woman ever to do so.

  • Master

Regine Hall (Nine Perfect Strangers, Insecure) plays a prestigious New England university that’s been there for centuries and has just as many dark secrets. Actress Hall portrays Gail Bishop, the school’s first black headmaster.

It turns out that the school was built on the site of several Salem-era witch trials, thus a black freshman named Jasmine Moore (Zoe Renee) is subjected to anonymous racist insults that she believes are the work of an ancient spirit from the institution’s past. It is only as Gail and Jasmine learn to negotiate the school’s exclusive politics and luxury that they discover just how entwined it is with the past.

  • Lucy and Desi

To convey the extraordinary story of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s meteoric rise to stardom, Amy Poehler went to great lengths, including acquiring access to previously unreleased film. It’s as if Lucy and Desi are narrating the film, thanks to the use of old home movies and cassette tapes they’d recorded themselves, as well as interviews with family members and friends including Desi Arnaz Jr., Carol Burnett, Charo, and Bette Midler.

Lucy and Desi is a timeline of an unique legacy that extends from their early days in show business and marriage, through the transfer from radio to TV, the invention and exploding popularity of I Love Lucy and their production company, Desilu, to their eventual divorce. You get a glimpse into the dark times that Lucy went through when she was accused of being a Communist.

Becoming the Ricardos, starring Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem, is another wonderful dramatised film by Aaron Sorkin on Amazon, if that’s not enough for you.

  • I Want You Back

A romantic comedy can be the perfect light entertainment for a lazy weekend night in. The new Amazon Original, I Want You Back, is a classic rom-com in every way. In the aftermath of being dumped by their respective partners, Peter (Charlie Day) and Emma (Jenny Slate) meet as heartbroken strangers.

Peter and Emma become friends and commiserate over drinks, which, in typical rom-com fashion, hatches a plan to infiltrate and break up their exes’ new relationships and win them back. “The love you’re looking for is right in front of your face” is a cliché, but Day and Slate have great on-screen chemistry, and the supporting cast, including Gina Rodriguez, Scott Eastwood, and Pete Davidson, add to the fun of I Want You Back. “

  • Hotel Transylvania: Transformania

If your kids liked the first three Hotel Transylvania movies, they’ll like the fourth, which has earned mixed reviews. Sony pulled the film from theatres amid growing COVID-19 cases and sold distribution rights to Amazon.

True to its lineage of colourful animation, a thumping music, and punny monster sight gags, Transformania sees its main character, Drac, preparing to retire and leave the hotel to his daughter Mavis (Selena Gomez) and her human wife Johnny (Andy Samberg). Johnny is turned into a fire-breathing monster, and Drac is turned into a human, therefore they must travel to South America to obtain a unique crystal. Transformania features themes of acceptance and forgiveness in a world where monsters and humans coexist despite their differences.


These are top ten drama movies which are currently streaming on amazon prime.

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