Vinland Saga Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer!


Makoto Yukimura made the long-awaited and highly anticipated announcement that production has begun on Vinland Saga Season 2. On the day that marked the second anniversary of the anime’s release, the announcement was made, and the excitement among the audience is palpable.

On Wednesday, Yukimura made the announcement on Twitter, and he also shared a preview clip for the upcoming season. The teaser for the second season of The Vinland Saga featured several short clips from the episodes that would air later. In addition to this, he mentioned that the illness and the pandemic had taken up a lot of his time, but that he is happy to be able to make this return.

vinland saga season 3 release date

The fans have not been kept informed of the significant progress that has been made over the past almost year. However, there has been an update from the character designer Takahiko Aburu, who tweeted an appeal to supporters to have a little bit more patience.

Season One Recap of the Vinland Saga

The events of the Vinland Saga, which take place in the 11th century, are based on legends and myths that have been passed down through the ages. It appears to be based only tangentially on actual historical happenings and centers on the rule of Vikings and Kings

. As the death of King Sweyn Forkbeard of Denmark draws near, his sons engage in a power struggle to determine who will succeed their father on the throne. The Danish King has occupied the majority of the land in England. Thors, Helga, and Thorfinn are a happy family who has made their home in Iceland.

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What they don’t expect is for Thors’ former buddy Floki, a Jomsviking, to show up to enroll Thors in the war once more, this time with a true intention to murder him for deserting the battle years before.

vinland saga season 3 release date

Thorfinn has the travel bug and wants to go to Vinland. The plot to eliminate Thors has gradually uncovered onboard the ship. To exact revenge on his father, Thorfinn becomes a member of the Askeladd, which is a fellow conspirator with the Jomsvikings.

This marks the beginning of his journey along the path of vengeance, during which he will engage in warfare among the Vikings but will ultimately seek to settle down in peace. The Vinland Chronicle is a saga of bravery, myths, and development that makes a captivating story that is masterfully designed for all of its admirers.

Release Date of the Vinland Saga Season 2

Vinland Saga Season 2 is expected to premiere in the second half of 2022, assuming the same delays as The Great Pretender Season 2 by the same studio. The assumption is based on the lifespan of an anime in production. Once a new season is announced, it typically takes between 12 and 18 months for it to be released.

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Given this, Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 1 may air in the Summer Calendar 2022, potentially as early as the third week of July in that year.

The Cast of the Vinland Saga Season 2

While we don’t know much about the new Voice cast, it’s safe to assume that the key characters from the anime’s first season will return. The only verified information is that Wit Studios, together with director Shohei Yabuta and character designer Takahiko Abiru, will be working on the Vinland Saga Season 2 animation. If this is correct, the Vinland Saga Season 2 voice cast will include:

  1. Thorfinn is Yuuto Uemura.
  2. Askeladd, Naoya Uchida
  3. Bjorn is played by Hiroki Yasumoto.
  4. Kensho Ono in the role of King Canute
  5. Thorkell is played by Akio Otsuka.
  6. Leif is played by Youji Ueda.

For the time being, instead of waiting for Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 1 to air on Crunchyroll and Netflix, we may enjoy the latest key visual.

The Plot of the Vinland Saga 2

The story takes place in the 11th century AD, during a time of war in northern Europe. Thorfinn, an Icelandic youngster, joins the company of Askeladd, a Viking and military commander, after the latter murders his father. Thorfinn continues to compete against Askeladd and loses every time.

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He desires vengeance, but he and Askeladd develop an awkward, intimate father-son connection. Vinland Saga is a story about heartbreak, vengeance, feeling, peace, and relationships in general.

vinland saga season 3 release date

The second season’s trailer doesn’t give anything away about what to expect. It does, however, hint that Thorfinn is looking for more than revenge to give his life meaning.

Trailer of the season 2

Vinland Saga Dub: Where Can I Find It?

For a long time, the audio and subtitles for Vinland Saga were accessible in Japanese only. Vinland Saga will be released on Blu-ray in both Japanese and English, according to a recent statement. On August 31, 2021, Sentai Filmworks has announced the arrival of the English dub for Summer 2021.

Season 1 of Amazon Prime’s Prime Video is presently available for viewing. In the United States, the show is expected to return for a second season on Prime Video. There are no definite release dates at this time.

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