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What Will Be the Day I Became a God Season 2 Release Date?

the day i became a god season 2 release date

An immensely popular anime series based on the fantasy subgenre, The Day I Became a God premiered in the fall of 2020. Although the story is based on a fictional world, it could also be considered a slice of life, even though it began as a fantasy. For a change, this anime series wasn’t adapted from a manga or light novel like you might expect.

The original script was written by Jun Maeda. The anime was created by PA works, better known as Irozuku Sekai No Ashita Kara. Between October 11, 2020 and December 27, 2020, the first season of the anime was originally scheduled to air on Tokyo MX and GTV. Fans from around the world started tuning in after Funimation licenced the series. Fans began to wonder if there would be a second season after the show’s debut. Is there going to be a second season of the show?

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What was the overarching message of the movie “The Day I Become God”?

Youta Narukami meets a young lady by the name of Hina during the end of the final summer vacation of high school. At the same time, he is spending his days preparing for college entrance examinations. She asserts that she is the “god of all knowledge.”

Hina had warned him the world would come to an end in thirty days, but he would be perplexed and unlikely to trust her. After seeing Hina have her divine vision, Youta starts to have doubts about whether or not Hina’s powers are real.

In spite of the fact that she possesses supernatural powers, Hina retains a childlike innocence, and she makes the decision to stay at Youta’s residence. Before the end of the world, this is how they will begin their summer that will never be forgotten.

Is There Going to Be a Second Season?

PA Works and broadcasters have yet to commit to a second season of the anime. To see a new season or a renewal of an anime can take some time. After all, it’s only been a year since the series debuted. Is there a chance that the show will get a second season? For the time being, we can only speculate about this.

The manga status of an anime series is one of the most important criteria for its continuation. The Day I Became a God, on the other hand, isn’t a manga adaptation. As a manga by Jun Maeda, it is an adaptation of the anime.

The show has a 66.8% popularity rating. Even though this is a mediocre grade, there is great hope for this team moving forward. However, what the show can tell in the second season is what is most important. The final episode was a final episode without a clear point, if we look at the series as a whole. There wasn’t much to look forward to in the second season, and it was a typical anime finale. The majority of viewers were aware that they were watching the finale of an episode.

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According to other PA Works productions, there was no second season of anime made by the studio. It appears that the animators don’t use this method of working. Due to the conclusion of the story, we regret to inform you that we do not anticipate a new season. In the unlikely event of a surprise, we estimate that production will take a year on average. We could see a new season in early 2022 if an extension is approved.

Plot Description

After Yota’s relationship with Hina came to an end in the first season, Shiba made it clear that he wanted him to leave. His request was to spend more time with Hina, however. Shiba recalled the names of her family members while conversing with Yota.

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She called his name and confessed her love for him as he was about to leave. As a result, despite Yota’s knowledge that every day would be a struggle, he brought Hina home with him. However, if Hina was by his side, he was prepared to go through anything.

Fans can expect to see what happened after the events of the first season in The Day I Became a God Season 2. Due to her current condition, Hina may lose all of her memories. However, Yota and his family may be able to help her and give her a happy life. Yota’s grandfather was a researcher, and he aspires to follow in his footsteps so that he can assist Hina. Consequently, his journey to becoming a researcher could be a major plot point for the sequel.

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