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The Fix Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot

the fix season 2

The Fix is a 2018 American talk show in its first season. Jimmy Carr, D.L Hughley, and Katherine Ryan make up the core cast of The Fix’s Season 1. The “drama” appears to be staged – as if they’re attempting to be exciting too hard. I know it’s based on the OJ trial, but the whole thing feels a little stale and uninteresting. My prayers are being answered.

The storyline is weak and clumsy. There are so many unnecessary scenes that don’t add anything to the story. Surely this can’t go on for another year. Jimmy Carr, D.L. Hughley, and Katherine Ryan are among the stars of season one’s The Fix. It’s these kinds of shows that need to be axed right away.

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It’s brisk, gritty, and perceptive all at the same time. The Fix has ten episodes in its first season. You feel as if you’re right there in the middle of the action. It’s wonderful to have a show we both enjoy and can watch together that’s so clever and unpredictable. The premiere episode was fantastic! A well-crafted plot is complemented by strong performances.

Season 1 Recap

if any of this sounds familiar. When Los Angeles District Attorney Maya Travis (Robin Tunney) failed to convict black actor Sevvy Johnson (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) of the murders of his wife and her friend eight years prior, she went to live in the country to farm organically. Matthew Collier (Adam Rayner), her ex-boyfriend and fellow attorney entice her back into the present-day case by claiming that the same suspect has killed again; this time his much younger girlfriend.

You’re thinking it, too. The prosecution gets another chance to convict a black celebrity murderer after he reoffends, despite overwhelming evidence of his guilt. Even if the specifics differ, this is unmistakably the O.J. Simpson case. Since the show’s executive producer is Marcia Clark, who served as the state’s lead prosecutor during Simpson’s trial, it should come as no surprise. The story revolves around a fictitious opportunity for justice to be served.

That’s a problem because The Fix‘s suspense is built on the uncertainty of whether or not Sevvy is guilty. Aside from switching back and forth between a criminal mastermind and an entirely innocent victim in just the pilot episode, several other suspects are already in place. No, obviously, but if The Fix is Clark’s long-overdue catharsis, will audiences believe the red herrings?

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Time will tell. Then there’s the issue of race, which The Fix seems only interested in cursorily acknowledging, despite its prominence in the Simpson case. (Voting polls showed a clear racial divide.) Because of these considerations, you can’t retell this story without taking into account today’s political and social climate when you’re implying Sevvy’s eight-years-previous non-guilty verdict was basically an attempt to make up for historic racial injustice.

When will the second season of The Fix be released?

The Fix has been formally canceled by ABC. There will be no more episodes of The Fix after this season. ABC may have no plans for the upcoming season. Season two has not yet been planned or scheduled as of May 2022. Please sign up for updates below and join the discussion in our forums if you’d like to be notified of any changes. IMDb has information on The Fix.

The Cast  of the Fixed Season 2


Plot summary and series overview for “The Fix”
After losing a high-profile double-murder case in Los Angeles, a prosecutor relocates to Washington, D.C., to pursue justice on her own terms.

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A high-profile district attorney in Los Angeles, Maya Travis left the city after losing a high-profile murder trial against an A-list actor. Maya returns to the DA’s office eight years later, when the same celebrity is being investigated for another murder.

Fix’s an Age Category

The Fix is rated TV-14, indicating that some of the content is too mature for children as young as 14. Parents are strongly advised to keep a closer eye on their children under the age of 14 while they watch this program. Intensely suggestive dialogue, strong coarse language, sexual situations, or intense violence may be present in this program.

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