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When Will Jumper 2 Release Date Coming Out?

In 2008, the science fiction movie Jumper was brought into theatres, and although it did not fare well with reviewers, there were always plans for a sequel to the picture.

Given this, what ended up happening with Jumper 2? David Rice, played by Hayden Christensen and based on the novel of the same name written by Steven Gould, is a man with the ability to teleport, and he is pursued by a secret club that targets “jumpers” with the purpose of exterminating them.

jumper 2 release date

Doug Liman, who was already an experienced filmmaker in the action genre, helmed the picture Jumper, but the response to the movie was not as positive as the director had hoped.

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The vast majority of reviewers pointed out how different it was from the original source material, how the plot was rushed (or nonexistent, according to the opinions of some viewers), and how little sense it made – whatever that may mean for a movie that focuses on teleportation. New Regency Productions had indicated their intention to make additional Jumper films prior to the beginning of filming, however those plans were forced to undergo some revisions.

The Release Date of Jumper 2

There’s a blushing face here! So, who’s that? Doug Liman is the film’s director. Once again, he appears to be blocking the strobe light. The movie has a Facebook poster up.

The J2 poster is eagerly anticipated by fans. A new Jumper film hasn’t even crossed their minds. Even the target demographic depicted on the advertisement is a fictitious construct. They didn’t expect to hear such wonderful news. A Facebook page called ‘Last Friday Official’ was the source of the information.

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For the first time in a long time, the Jumper sequel will be welcomed by fans. The project is, however, still a work in progress. That can only mean one thing: Jumper 2 is coming back. Soon enough, there will be a sequel to the sci-fi film that was released in 2008.

Cast of Jumper 2

  • David Rice, played by Hayden Christensen, is a young man who discovers the hereditary spatial capacity to “jump” over short and vast distances while surrounded by a thin, dark smoke. He also possesses a dormant form of telekinesis, which is an additional inherited ability that manifests itself anytime he is under pressure and unable to jump.
  • The 15-year-old version of Max Thieriot David
  • The young Ryan Grantham, at 5 years old David
  • Millie Harris, David’s potential love interest, is portrayed by Rachel Bilson.
  • Anna
  • Millie Harris when she was younger, portrayed by Sophia Robb
  • Roland Cox, the current head of the Paladins gang, is portrayed here by Samuel L. Jackson.
  • Griffin O’Connor, a rogue Jumper, is portrayed by Jamie Bell.
  • Mary Rice, David’s long-lost mother, is portrayed by Diane Lane.
  • Teddy Dunn portrays David’s childhood tormentor, Mark Kobold, in the role.
  • A younger version of Jesse James as Mark
  • Michael Rooker portrays William Rice, David’s controlling father, in the role of William Rice.
  • Kristen Stewart as Sophie, David’s younger half-sister.
  • Tom Hulce in the role of Mr. Bowker.
  • Barbara Garrick as Ellen

Plot of Jumper 2

David Rice has the power to “jump” into and out of bank vaults, and he uses this to fund his extravagant lifestyle. As a result of his alleged omnipresence, the Paladins, a hidden club of religious extremists, have pledged to track him down and kill him.

jumper 2 release date

When Mark, the former school bully who taunted Roland Cox for years, tells Roland that David is who he claims to be, Roland learns the truth. David and Millie, his high school crush, travel to Rome, where he hides his abilities from Millie and the rest of the tourists. Griffin casually kills two Paladins when David and Griffin meet at the Colosseum, where they are met by two Jumpers.

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While in Italian custody, David is questioned about the deaths and escaped thanks to the intervention of his mother, Mary, who abandoned him when he was just five years old. Millie, frightened and concerned, demands to know the truth as David tries to avoid the topic. As a result of her refusal, David places her on an aircraft back to the United States.

David meets up with Griffin once more and decides to track him down to his secret cave lair. As Griffin confesses, he’s been hunting down and killing Paladins for years, and he intends on killing Cox to revenge his parents’ deaths. To lure David out, Griffin warns him that the Paladins will take aim at his loved ones.

When David returns home, he discovers his father bleeding on the floor. He takes his father by helicopter to a medical facility and then comes to Griffin to beg for assistance. Griffin accepts after seeing that Cox has a personal interest in David.

jumper 2 release date

There is no Millie at the airport when they arrive to pick her up. To restock his arsenal, Griffin heads back to his lair. Millie becomes enraged when David breaks into her apartment. David decides to tell Cox the truth when he sees her.

He has her transported to Griffin’s lair. The Paladins, led by Cox, break inside David’s lair with the use of a device that keeps his “jump scar” wide open.

Most of them are subdued by David and Griffin. His mother’s picture on the wall reveals that she is a Paladin as well. Millie is snatched by Cox as he makes his way back through the jump scar. He waits for David to return to Millie’s flat and sets up a trap for him.

Where Can I Watch Jumper 2 ?

So, it’s safe to assume that Jumper 2 has received formal confirmation for its release. ScreenRant informed us that this time the movie would be recorded on a new platform and not on the huge screen. It seems like the sequel has a new twist.

What city will serve as the setting for the sequel’s premiere? In all likelihood, a sequel will be released on YouTube Red, the streaming subscription for the video-sharing website. A completely new experience awaits.

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