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When Will Be the World Trigger Season 4 Release Date Officially Announced?

World Trigger Season 4 will wrap up the B-Rank Wars story arc before moving on to the Expedition Selection Exam story arc, which will be the focus of Season 5.

But how will this effect the future of the anime television series given that the manga writer Daisuke Ashihara is still being plagued by his health problems, which have caused repeated breaks in the airing ? When will the fourth season of World Trigger be available to watch online?

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The Japanese animation company Toei Animation, which is best known for producing shows such as One Piece, Dragon Ball Super, Digimon, and the Sailor Moon Crystal anime remake, will be responsible for the production of the World Trigger anime for Season 4 in Japan.

world trigger season 4 release date

As of this writing, no one has been named as the show’s core leadership team for Season 4. It’s possible that some of the original staff members will return in the fourth season.

The second and third seasons were directed by Morio Hatano, who took over for Kouji Ogawa. As the director of Dragon Ball Super episodes 33–76 and the first 51 episodes of Saint Seiya Omega, he is well-known in the anime community. Morio’s background as a director makes sense if the fourth season is already being planned.

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Staff from the first season returned for the second and third seasons, as well as the fourth. Hiroyuki Yoshino, who previously worked on Code Geass, Magi, and Strike The Blood, returned to compose the series’ score.

Toshihisa Kaiya (Ascension of a Bookworm, Haikyuu!!) was the character designer for the anime. It was composed by Mob Psycho 100 Season 3’s Kenji Kawai (also known for his work on Fate/stay night and No Guns Life).

When will World Trigger 4 be released? 2023 seems like a far shot.

The release date of World Trigger Season 4 has not been officially announced by Studio Toei Entertainment or any other entity involved in the production of the anime as of the last update. No World Trigger 4 sequel has yet been announced, despite promises at the end of the third season that it would be continued.

Who can be cast in the fourth season of World Trigger?

When it comes to World Trigger Season 4, we should expect nearly every character to return, even though there hasn’t been an official announcement of it yet. Also expected to appear in season 4 are a few well-known names. Some new recurring and side characters may join the cast in the upcoming season, in addition to the majority of the existing cast members.

  • Osamu Mikumo is portrayed by Yûki Kaji in this film.
  • Yuuma Kuga is the star of Tomo Muranaka.
  • Chika Amatori is performed by Nao Tamura.
  • The narration is provided by Hideyuki Tanaka.
  • Osamu Mikumo is represented by Brian Doe.
  • Yuichi Jin is introduced by Yûichi Nakamura.

Spoilers for World Trigger 4 (synopsis of events)

The big moment has arrived, and Chika Amatori’s fortitude has been tested following Hyuse’s withdrawal following a failed large-scale Meteor strike gambit.. Tamakoma-2 finally made it to the second slot in the rankings, defeating all odds and earning a spot on the away team.

Since the overall ranking is decided by a mid-tier match, the final battle isn’t really the finale. Defending their B-Rank title, Yuba Squad will put up a strong fight in their last encounter.v

Since senior shooter Akane Hiura’s final match is in the vertical Cityscape C combat, Chika is particularly curious. When Akane manages to be the last agent standing, she earns Nasu Squad one much-needed point that propels them into the B-Rank for the first time!.

world trigger season 4 release date

All eyes are now on selecting the agents who will join the away mission, now that the season has concluded. Agents who can safely leave their squads and not put Border HQ at risk must be selected for the away team, and this decision is based on cold-hearted calculations. In addition, if kidnapped by an enemy Neighbor, these agents will be unable to divulge any sensitive Border information.

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Reghi and Ratarykov, two Galopoula Neighbors, attempt to smuggle themselves into Meeden by not wearing Trion bodies, hoping that the sensors will not detect them. Since the Neighbors intend to interfere with Border’s forthcoming away expedition, Yuichi Jin utilises his foresight to contact the Galopoula, a subordinate state under Aftokrator.

Galopoula and Border will benefit from Jin’s side effect in the future, thus he wants to form an alliance with her. It’s not clear what Jin can offer the Neighbors that will persuade them to turn against their Aftokrators.

As if things weren’t hard enough already, Tamakoma-2 must pass a multi-phase away mission selection test in order to join the expeditionary team even though he is ranked number two.

For Osamu Mikumo, this test will be the most difficult he’s ever had to overcome, and even Jin recognises that the future may turn out either way.

It’s been a while since the Season 4 Trailer for World Trigger was released.

In light of the film’s subject matter, a trailer has not yet been produced. Season finale production is yet to begin because the show has yet to be renewed. According to our calculations, we won’t see the show until the end of 2022 at the earliest, with a teaser expected around a month before the release date. While you’re waiting for the season 4 trailer, you may view the season 3 trailer.


When it comes to quality, I can say with confidence that the series is excellent if you’ve never seen it before. In Myanimelist, the show has an average audience rating of 7.58/10, which is quite good. As a result, I highly recommend this programme. Consider what others thought of it after you see it if you’re still on the fence.

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