When Kitz Season 2 Will Coming on Air?


Kitz has been available on Netflix for just over a month now, and viewers of the mystery thriller have already devoured all six episodes of the first season. As a result, they are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the second season on the streaming service. However, will there be a second season of Kitz? We discuss all we know to be true on the possibility of a second installment.

kitz season 2

It should come as no surprise that people are ready to watch a second

nd season of Kitz given that the first season left off on such a dramatic cliffhanger. After the conclusion of the first season, viewers were kept on the edge of their seats and were given a plethora of unanswered questions.

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They require an update immediately in the form of the next part of the story. No worries! Here is what we know about a possible second season, including any new information regarding the release date, actors, or synopsis, as well as other details.

Is a second season of Kitz in the works?

At this point, it is not known what will happen with the mystery thriller. Netflix has not yet disclosed whether or not it will renew the show for a second season. About a month and a half following a show’s initial airing, the streaming service will normally make a choice regarding the show’s future. Since the premiere of the first season was on December 30, 2021, there has not yet been a complete month since its release.

When Netflix has finished tallying up the audience data, we should find out if the show will be renewed or not

When will the second season of Kitz be released, and when can viewers expect to see the new episodes?
The new season will also consist of six episodes, all of which will be made available to watch online on Netflix. The pilot episode will start on December 29, 2022. A list of episodes with more specific information can be found in the table that follows.

kitz season 2

The cast of Kitz season 2

In the event that there is a second season, we anticipate that the majority of the main cast will return to their respective roles. Due to the fact that Vanessa (Valerie Huber) passes away at the end of the first season, it is highly unlikely that she will return for the second season. On the other hand, she might appear in scenes set in the past.

The following actors are expected to appear in season 2:

You can anticipate that supporting characters from the first season will return, and there is a possibility that some new characters will be introduced in the second season.


Even though there isn’t an official synopsis, we have a pretty good idea of what the second season will be about. At the conclusion of the first season, Lisi learns that Vanessa was not to blame for the death of her brother. Instead, she learns that her potential romantic interest, Dominik, is the one who is at fault.

kitz season 2

In season 2, there is a possibility that Lisi will exact her vengeance on Dominik, or perhaps there will be a fresh mystery for the cast of characters to unravel. However, until Netflix renews the teen series and makes the plot summary available, we won’t be able to find out what will happen in the upcoming second season.

The number of episodes in Kitz season 2

Similar to the first season, we anticipate that the potential second season will have a total of six episodes. On the other hand, there is a chance that the second season will consist of a total of eight or ten episodes. However, given that the story of the first season was able to be conveyed in a span of only six episodes, it is most likely that the second season will also consist of only six episodes.

It is imperative that you keep watching Kitz on Netflix so that a second season can be produced. Additionally, stay tuned to Netflix Life for additional news and coverage on the upcoming second season of Kitz.

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