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As a singer, social media celebrity, vlogger, and actor, Sham Idrees has a wide range of talents. He is a multi-talented individual with a wide range of abilities. This star has a devoted following due to his or her talents. It’s not just Sham Idrees admirers who want to know about his wife. I’ll go into great detail about him for you.

This well-known pop star was born on October 16th, 1988, in London, the United Kingdom to British parents.

The Idrees YouTube channel features a variety of amusing films. He currently has more than 15 million subscribers on YouTube, and that number is only going up.

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Wife of Sham Idrees

Idrees is also a talented singer in addition to her acting abilities. Songs like “Bolo Na,” “London 2 Paris,” “Pyar hoa,” and countless more have included him. In addition, this celebrity is well-versed in the business world. He is a businessman.

He’s got a terrific sense of humour. His height is 5’9″ and his weight is 68 kg.

If we’re talking about his stats, his chest measures 40 inches across, and his waist measures 32 inches. His 15-inch biceps are impressive.


From social media, Idrees launched his professional career. Following the release of “Bolo Na” in the year 2012, he had his first successful music video.

After that, he published a song called “Dil Di Pakistan” in 2013, which became a huge hit on the internet and in Pakistan 2013.

The video has received millions of views in Pakistan, which contributed to him being renowned in that country.

This causes a rise in the number of individuals who follow Idrees as a result. After that, in December of 2013, he released the album titled “London 2 Paris,” which went on to become an enormous hit.

There are some interesting aspects of Sham Idrees

  • Idrees’s parents were born and raised in Pakistan.
  • He gives away the majority of his wealth to various charitable organisations.
  • Idrees have a passion for automobiles. He adores the experience of driving brand-new vehicles. In addition to that, he has a collection of a few other branded cars.
  • His religious affiliation is with Islam.
  • Idrees enjoy travelling. Paris, Pakistan, and Dubai are some of his favourite places to travel.
  • Sham Idrees is related to the well-known artist Zayn Malik, who is also a relative.
  • Sham has struggled with inflammatory bowel illness throughout the entirety of his academic career. As a consequence of this, he spent more than four months in the medical facility.


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