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Season 6 Izombie: Will Peyton make a comeback on iZombie?

season 6 izombie

There is a possibility that iZombie will return for a sixth season, and the show is well-known for being a supernatural investigation crime drama broadcast on The CW. Rose McIver, who plays the role of Liv Moore on the show, is a medical assistant who undergoes a transformation into the undead.

The show is seen through the perspective of Liv Moore. Her ability to perceive the ideas that linger in the minds of the deceased despite her dependence on the consumption of human brains for sustenance sets her apart from other beings. She offered the assistance of her one-of-a-kind ability to the authorities so that she could contribute to the investigation of crimes.

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It is highly recommended that you check out the comic book that served as the basis for this series, which was written by Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright in collaboration. The first episode of the show aired on March 17, 2015, and the last episode, which featured a very satisfying conclusion, aired on August 1, 2019, prompting the question of whether or not iZombie Season 6 will be produced.

Season 5 of iZombie Recap

iZombie has a history of going all-in with its season finales, and “All’s Well That Ends Well” was the pinnacle of that tradition. But that doesn’t imply that the series finale was not cheesy or odd in any way.

With its cake and eat it, this finale wanted to heighten the stakes of its zombie-fied world without ever following through on any of those consequences for its primary characters, which was frustrating for the audience. Although it was a wild, crazy ending, it was still a lot of fun to see how it all came together…

What happened at the end of the iZombie series? Reader, thank you. Shakespearean in the amount of instances where characters mistook one another for dead.

During the Battle for Seattle, no one answered their cell phones. After Blaine’s minion shot Peyton while she was saving the Freylich kids from Blaine’s greedy hands, Ravi and Liv assumed she was dead (understandably—so did I). For me, she and Clive have always been the show’s heroes.

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When she was about to go to sleep, Blaine snatched her hand and revived her, ensuring that she would live to see another day. There were several instances in this episode in which the iZombie finale undercut its own stakes.

Unfortunately, we don’t learn much about Blaine’s motivations for doing what he did. Is he still madly in love with her? He doesn’t appear to be able to love at all. What does he hope to achieve here? Plot was determining character here, and that just didn’t work for me in this case.”


Cast of iZombie Season 6: See who is scheduled to appear in the upcoming season 6 of the series iZombie below. It would appear that the cast members from prior seasons will return for the upcoming sixth season of the television show iZombie.

What Topics Might Have Been Explored During the Sixth Season of iZombie?

Despite the fact that the fifth and final season of iZombie did a good job of wrapping up the tale, it also left the door open for the possibility of a sequel to the series.

They succeeded in finding a treatment for the zombie pandemic. In the final moments of the series, we are treated to a flash-forward in which Ravi (now the head of the CDC), Peyton (now a DA), and Clive (co-captain of the SFPD with Dale) discuss the final days of the outbreak while appearing on a talk show.

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The world believed that (also known as Renegade) had been killed in the conflict that brought an end to the viral pandemic. The reality, however, is that Liv is still considered to be “living.” She and Major have brought their ideas to fruition by creating a zombie island where infected people who do not wish to be cured can live in peace.

If the show were to be brought back for a sixth season, we would have the opportunity to learn more about the lives of the people who dwell on the zombie island, in addition to the other characters. After the disease had spread, it would have been interesting to observe how the folks lived their lives.

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