When the Hockey Girls Season 2 Is Coming Out?


Las del hockey, often known as the “Hockey Girls,” is a Spanish television series that airs on the Catalan TV3 cable channel. Ona Anglada, Laura Azemar, Natalia Blades, and Marta Vivet worked with TV3 and Brutal Media to produce the show.

the hockey girls season 2

It centres around a group of seven young roller hockey players and a new coach who are trying to save their school’s female section of Club Pati Minerva. While they’re at school, the girls also have to deal with challenges related to adolescent romance.

Date of the release of The Hockey Girls Season 2

The television programme has an equal probability of being cancelled as it has of being renewed, which means that it might be revived in the years to come. After making its debut in Spain, the show is very certainly going to be made available on Netflix.

Is there any chance that The Hockey Girls will be renewed for a third season?

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Netflix has not yet disclosed when it will release a new season. One interview provides further insight into the show’s origins, despite the fact that the show’s future cannot be predicted. They talked about the role that Netflix will play in bringing the show back to life. In addition to that, it mentioned that the programme was one of TV3’s primary contributors to its high ratings.

About 241,000 people tuned into the show’s official Twitter account to watch the live broadcast of the conference.

According to Lavanguardia.com, the show’s creators have already come up with ideas for the show’s future. In the article, the following is one of the quotes:

As the scriptwriters of Les de l’Hoquei put it, “Our biggest accomplishment has been to reach the audience we set out to reach.” They’re also contemplating fresh ideas for the future, including the possibility of a second season.

the hockey girls season 2

Netflix is only responsible for the show’s distribution and does not contribute to its creation; therefore, it is up to TV3 in Spain to determine whether or not to order a second season of the programme. Despite this, Netflix has purchased a few Spanish episodes that were originally aired in Spain before they became Netflix Originals.

Who’s in the cast of The Hockey Girls?

Its cast includes Iria del Ro in the role of Anna Ricou, Natalia Barrientos as Berta Figuera, Delia Brufau as Emma Ricou, Yasmina Drissi as Laila Bakri, Clàudia Riera as Gina Riera, Asia Ortega in the role of Vilamayor Flower and Mireia Oriol in the role Lorena Sánchez. Laia Fontàn plays the role of Janina, Guillermo Lasheras plays Putxi, Xlio Abonjo plays The Pela, Mireia Aixalà plays Slvia, Nil Cardoner plays Oscar, Marc Clotet plays German, Juli Fàbregas plays Santi, Hamid Krim plays Youssef, Josep Linuesa plays Enric, Jan Mediavilla plays Bernat, Nora Navas plays J.

What exactly is going on with this plot involving hockey players?

The story of “The Hockey Girls” revolves around seven young girls who are skilled roller-skaters and players of ice hockey. In spite of the fact that they all go to the same school, each of them has a distinctive personality and comes from an entirely different background. Hockey is the only thing they have in common besides each other.

This Netflix original series focuses on female friendships, family histories, and strength, and it explores the lives of these ladies beyond the grind of daily competitions. There are a total of thirteen episodes in the series.

They get together with their new coach in order to salvage the female division of Club Pat Minerva and battle for its survival. “The Hockey Girls” are Emma, Laila, Rachel, Vilamayor, Lorraine, Berta, and Gina. They come to the conclusion that they should band together and fight against the choice that president Enric has made.

He believes that the club does nothing but rack up additional costs and that it is a hangout for just the most accomplished students, thus he wants to dissolve it. The next character we meet is Anna, a renowned hockey player from around the world who has returned to her hometown to recuperate from a terrible injury.

the hockey girls season 2

She will be taking over as the head coach of the ice hockey team at the school, and she brings with her innovative ideas for taking the sport to the next level. In addition, she is keeping a dark mystery to herself. And the inventive way that she plays the game eventually leads to a clash between the strategies used by the former trainer of the Terreness and the one used by the current trainer of the male team.

However, this determined all-female squad will not back down from a challenge in order to demonstrate that women can do anything when they work together toward a shared objective. They are also making an effort to promote the significance of women’s sport and bring attention to the fact that it should also be taken into consideration.

As the episodes progress, we acquire a clearer understanding of the family problems that the girls are dealing with. The relationship between Emma and Anna’s parents, Santi and Nria, is experiencing some difficulties at this time. Enric, Santi’s brother, begins an unusual romance while at the same time working to keep his position as president of the organisation.

On the other side, La Terrats’s goal is to take care of a single child while juggling the responsibilities of coaching a boys’ team. On the other hand, he has the backing of his two closest pals, Youseff and Santi. The strong bond that Terrats has with her daughter Anna is not something that Nuria looks favourably upon.

The movie ‘The Hockey Girls’ is a day-by-day account of the lives of the members of Club Pat Minerva. These young women are forced to contend with the challenges of their everyday lives, including conflicts with their parents and the male members of their hockey team, all while living in a world where adults do not always comprehend what they are going through.

This sports-focused show offers a fresh perspective from a younger age and a more feminine point of view on the complexities of sports and life in general.

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