Dark Tourist Season 2:Date of Release, Trailer


Documentary series about New Zealand’s tourism called “Dark Tourist.” It explores a variety of topics and contains comedic moments, both of which appeal to a large number of viewers. It is one of the best series for travellers to watch in order to get experience, and it is also beneficial for those who are curious about historical places in order to learn more.

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The story of dark tourism was used as the basis for the documentary titled “Dark Tourist,” which was produced in New Zealand by journalist David Farrier. Back in 2018, it made its debut on an over-the-top (OTT) platform. The first season consisted of eight episodes, during which the presenter and his coworkers visited a variety of locations all around the world.

dark tourist season 2

According to the information, there is a very small likelihood that the series will be renewed considering the harsh criticism that has been levelled against it. On the other hand, according to a recent report, David is showing a lot of enthusiasm about the revival of the season. He also mentioned that there are a great number of locations that have not yet been explored. He is only holding out hope that Netflix will give it the approval it needs.

Date of Release for the Second Season of Dark Tourist

On July 20, 2018, Netflix made the first season of Dark tourist available to its subscribers. It was broken up into a total of 8 episodes. Every episode includes a wide variety of new content and tales from a variety of locales. After only a short period of time, it skyrocketed to new heights of popularity. After the conclusion of its first season, viewers are curious about when the second season of Dark Tourist will be made available to them. Some websites claim that there is a strong possibility that the new update for the second season of this show will be released in July of 2022.

dark tourist season 2

Cast of the Second Season of Dark Tourist

All of the cast members that have been mentioned so far rolled their own in the series. The show’s creator, David Farrier, is right here in front of us. His wonderful coworkers Dan Bulter, Daley Catherine, Michel Channels, Martine de Souza, Andy Drury, Claudia Escarrang, Kieran GearyPat, Hall Ricardo Hernandez, Andy Jones, and Deanna Little were there to support him. If there be a season 2, it is anticipated that the team will continue on with the same members.


The subject of this documentary is a journalist who travels to a number of unexpected locations in order to investigate life and death firsthand on film. He was the one who presented the material himself.

David Farrier has garnered praise not only domestically, but also globally, for the quality of his work. If there is a season 2, we may anticipate seeing more new locations, the legacies of the wounds those locations bring with them, and how those scars have affected the lives of people both in the past and in the present.

dark tourist season 2

The dark tourist that was hidden inside of Farrier was brought to the surface when he journeyed to many locations throughout the world that still bear the scars and traumas of horrific events that occurred in the past.

His first destination was in Colombia, which is notably well-known for being Pablo Escobar’s home country. Throughout the entirety of the broadcast, he was seen bending down to investigate various locations. Despite this, every location has a narrative to tell, some of which are more tragic than others.

The Dark Tourist Season 2 trailer

Currently, this trailer is the most accurate for the future season of travel adventure, having been created at the time of this writing. One month before to the release date, Netflix will release an official teaser.

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