Maria Victoria Henao: the True Tale of the Wife of Pablo Escobar


Pablo Escobar married Maria Victoria Henao, a Colombian woman, and raised their children together. Maria, who wed Pablo Escobar when she was just 15 years old, continued to be in a relationship with him until he passed away 17 years later.

maria victoria henao

It is claimed that Pablo Escobar had amassed a massive fortune of $30 billion before he was slain, which is equivalent to $64 billion in purchasing power as of 2022. Even though Escobar is known as a criminal by the rest of the world, Maria remembers him as her prince charming, the man who adored her and treated her like a princess.

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Everything There Is to Know Regarding Maria Victoria Henao

Maria Victoria was born in a small village, Palmira in Colombia in the year 1961. She had two siblings and used to enjoy dancing.

Carlos, Maria’s brother, was a drug trafficker who worked for Pablo Escobar. he was killed by Pablo Escobar. It was in the year 1974 when she was only 13 years old when she had her first encounter with Pablo Escobar.


Her brother Carlos was the one who introduced them. In later years, she found herself falling in love with Pablo, who was 11 years her senior.

Maria claimed that the man who would become her husband put a lot of effort into trying to woo her. When they would get together, he would surprise her with presents, like a bright yellow bicycle or anything else unusual, and he would also serenade her with romantic tunes.

Because her family was aware of Pablo’s history of criminal behaviour, they expressed their disapproval of their relationship. As a result, the couple agreed to elope and get married behind her family’s back. She was only 16 years old when she gave birth just one year after getting married and becoming a mother.

In her book titled “My Life with Pablo,” she referred to her relationship with Pablo Escobar and stated, “He made me feel like a fairy princess and I was certain he was my Prince Charming.” She used the adjectives “affectionate” and “gentleman” to characterise Pablo Escobar.

maria victoria henao

After an interval of seven years, in 1984, she gives birth to her second child. Despite the fact that Maria and Pablo were having a good time after they got married, Pablo was having extramarital affairs with a number of women. His affair with the Colombian author and journalist Virginia Vallejo was particularly well known because she was the first television journalist to interview Pablo.

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When he was arrested in 1977, she found out about his involvement in drug distribution and other criminal conduct, and she was astonished. Maria did not end her connection with Pablo and they remained together until his violent death in 1993.

Initially, she had no desire to participate in the illegal activities that her husband was involved in, and she developed a developing hatred for anything that was connected to the world her husband inhabited. She was angry that her husband had been having affairs with a number of other women.

The Death of Pablo Escobar at the Hands of the Police

Because of the actions of her husband, she has been through a lot of suffering throughout the course of their 17-year marriage, along with the entirety of Colombia. This is all owing to the fact that her husband is a drug trafficker.

Due to the fact that she severed ties with her relatives in order to marry him, she was unable to get assistance from her family. Despite all of this, she did not desert him because she may have believed that it is difficult for her to make it without Pablo’s assistance.

Pablo was a participant in the murders of Rodrigo Lara Bonilla, the Minister of Justice, and Luis Carlos Galán, a presidential candidate. Maria, upon learning of this agreement, said in her book, “I realised that day we were in a major mess.

My life, as well as the lives of my children, are going to be challenging. She lived in continual terror that she would be murdered by someone who held ill will toward her spouse.

maria victoria henao

In 1993, Pablo Escobar realised that the writing was on the wall and that he may be killed at any time. As a result, he advised Maria to relocate to a secure location under the protection of the government together with their children. Pablo Escobar was killed by police in a gunfight that took place on a rooftop in Colombia.

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The Colombian electronic surveillance team assisted the police in tracing the transmission of his cell phone, which allowed the authorities to determine his precise location. However, Juan Escobar, Maria’s son, is convinced that his father took his own life by committing suicide and has this belief.

After Pablo’s passing, Maria Victoria’s life continued on

After Pablo’s passing, Maria and her children’s lives became fraught with difficulties on every front. Maria and her family were grieving Pablo Escobar’s passing in secrecy and fear even as the rest of Colombia and the rest of the globe celebrated the news that he had passed away.

She desired to find a place to call home and lead a quiet life, but the stigma associated with Pablo’s name prevented her from doing so.

Therefore, in order to provide a secure environment for her family, she was required to repeatedly relocate them. She even went so far as to use fake names for herself and her children, and she eventually relocated to Argentina.

In the year 1999, she and members of her family were taken into custody despite the fact that they had taken additional safety measures, such as keeping a low profile in order to conceal their identity. They are being investigated for both theft and money laundering by the police.

According to the findings of the investigation conducted by the police, Maria was allegedly aware of Pablo’s trade secret and was also participating in the distribution of illegal drugs. On the other hand, she disputed the charges, claiming that they were without foundation and that she was merely her husband’s wife and had no involvement in any of his criminal dealings.

After being detained for 15 months, Maria and her children were finally freed because the police were unable to produce sufficient evidence against them. They were caught once more at a later time for aiding a drug trafficker in his efforts to launder money.

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