IRCTC Mobile App: How to File TDR; Check TDR Rules Irctc


These days, passengers who travel by train are likely familiar with the acronym “TDR,” which stands for “Ticket Deposit Receipt.” You may quickly ask for refunds for tickets that have already been ordered but have not been used thanks to the TDR process that Indian Railways has in place. Tickets are refunded no later than sixty days after the date on which the request was made.

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Cancellation of paper tickets must be done at the counter for the PRS reservation system, the counter for current booking, or the counter for the booking office.

  • Travelers who purchased their tickets at a counter can submit a TDS claim for those tickets by going to the train station from whence they purchased the ticket.
  • They are going to be required to hand in an application, a TDR filing form, and the original version of their ticket, which should still have the PNR on it.
  • Claims are required to be submitted to the Chief Claim Officer or the CCM Refund Officer.
  • It is also possible to use the postal services in order to file your TDR for counter tickets.
  • Despite this, if you want to cancel your e-tickets during the COVID epidemic, you can try to use the method online, and you can also check with the department to see if they will accept TDRs from individuals.

Have you recently installed the IRCTC app and want to learn how to file a TDR?

  • Launch the application for Google Play.
  • To see the Trains chart head, navigate to the Business area of this website.
  • To submit a TDR for the ticket you desire to view or cancel, you must first select one of those two options.
  • Follow the on-screen steps once you click the link to file a TDR.
  • Choose an explanation for why you are submitting the TDR from the available list of choices that are outlined in the dropdown.
  • Click the button now to send in your TDR request.

The filing rules for the TDR are included below;

  1. Those purchasing counter tickets have the option of going to a PRS counter to cancel their tickets.
  2. In the event that you have an e-ticket, you will be able to retrieve your refund from the boarding area. You may have the option of
  3. collecting the refund at any of the nearby satellite locations.
  4. The TDR form must be filed no more than four hours after the train has left the station.
  5. You have the option of filing a TDR if there were passengers on your ticket who were on the waiting list but did not board the train with
  6. you. You would require a certificate from the IRCTC ticket checkers in order to do this.

The fact that the train did not stop at your station or that it took a different route than normal is the most compelling justification for submitting a TDR.


When may we submit our TDR to the IRCT?

You can easily file a TDR by using the IRCTC app or by going to one of the physical counters. There is also the option of using a web browser to submit the TDRs.

What exactly is the EFT information for the IRCTC TDR filing?

A claim for a full refund can be submitted on your behalf if you have an excess fare ticket. In the event that the TT has requested excess payment, you may submit a TDR in order to receive your money back.

When is the TDR required to be filed?

Can a TDR Be Filed If the Traveler’s Rights Have Been Compromised in Some Way? refers to instances in which the rights of the traveller have been compromised in some way.

After the chart has been prepared, can I still file a TDR?

Yes, a TDR application can be submitted after the chart has been generated if a couple of the conditions that are outlined in the TDR rules are met.

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