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Super Lover Season 2 Overall Review

super lover season 2

The second season of Super Lovers opens off with Ren and Haru pretty much where the first season left off with them. The future of their relationship is uncertain. Having said that, throughout this season, Ren’s search for a romantic partnership has become noticeably more forceful and direct.

My episode thoughts for season two of Super Lovers may be found here, but I did a week-by-week review of the show over on my Patreon page. Since those pages are public, you are welcome to read them.

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As you probably guessed from my review of Season 1, I’m not a huge fan of this series, so it was with much procrastination that I finally decided to sit down and binge through all of the episodes. And, I have to say, my opinion hasn’t changed that much. I was kind of hoping that season two would at least be a little better, but I’m still seeing a lot of the same problems as I saw in the last season.

The major problem is that Haru, one of the major characters, is boring and flat. This does not mean, however, that the show doesn’t touch on some interesting subjects and display some pretty good animation, but these good points seem only skin-deep to me. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the first season yet, I highly recommend watching it or at least reading my season one review before continuing.

There was a huge point of contention among anime and yaoi fandom with this series that I touch on there that I won’t be returning to in this review. For those who need a refresher on the plot, Super Lovers follows the life of Haru who goes to visit his mother in Canada only to find that he has a new adopted brother named Ren. While he prefers the company of dogs over people, Ren quickly becomes attached to Haru, vowing to follow him to Japan once he is older.

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However, when Haru returns to Japan, he is involved in a serious accident that takes the lives of his father and step-mother as well as wipes all his memories of Ren. So when Ren shows up at his door, he must figure out how to live and relate to his family again.


Since he is the eldest brother in the Kaidou family, Haru understands that it is his responsibility to look out for his three younger brothers. Following the passing of both of his parents, he entered the hospitality industry to earn money to put the twins through college. Because of his past as a host and his exotic appearance, Haru is almost always surrounded by women, which is something that Ren finds very frustrating.


At the age of eight, Kaidou Haru relocated to Japan to live with his father, stepmother, and his stepfather’s twins. Kaidou‘s father is a well-known novelist, and Kaidou is the son of this author. After being duped into believing that his original mother wants him to return to Canada, he comes into contact with Ren, a little child who was taken in by his adoptive parents from an orphanage. Haru and Ren spend the summer getting to know one another better, and at the end of the season, Haru makes Ren a promise that they will move in together in Japan once Ren graduates from high school.

Haru’s parents pick him up at the airport, but on the way home, they are involved in a terrible automobile accident that results in both of their deaths and places Haru in a coma for the next thirty days. Haru forgets all he experienced during his time in Canada, and as a result, he also forgets Ren. The plot of the second season centers on Ren’s efforts to prove that he is more than just his younger brother’s plaything and that he is worthy of being a romantic interest. Ren does this by becoming more self-reliant.

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Haru is adamant about playing the role of a father figure toward Ren, supplying him with all he requires but at the same time making fun of him whenever he makes an advance. Prepare yourself to feel indignant about a fully grown adult interfering with the feelings of a young adult.

Sound, Visualization, and Animation

It’s pretty standard practice for a love story to exaggerate the emotional impact of a particular scene, and Super Lovers 2 doesn’t miss out on the opportunity to do so. As will be seen in the following section, there are certain scenes in which a touch more glitz and glamour is added to denote a special moment for that shojo feel.

In addition, sound effects have been included for added dramatics, which is something that the creators should be commended for doing because it helps to make the moment feel even more significant. I have to admit that this particular feature is utilized quite frequently throughout the show, but given the genre that this show belongs to, I can’t say that I have a problem with it.

In terms of the use of sound effects and music, the background tracks will always complement the mood of the current situation and include the appropriate tune for the feeling that the audience is meant to be prompted to experience. Even though the opening and closing songs might be cute and catchy, they are not memorable enough to make it onto my playlist of anime music.

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