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What Is the Stars Align Season 2 Release Date?

stars align season 2 release date

The original anime series “Stars Align” aired its final episode in December 2019, bringing the total number of episodes to twelve.

A short while later, director Kazuki Akane made the announcement that the series, which had initially been planned as Two-Cour, would receive a Stars Align Season 2; he has now released an update regarding the current status of the project.

Kazuki Akane at Studio 8bit (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Season 3, Knights and Magic Season 2 & Absolute Duo Season 2) has written and directed a Japanese original anime television series called “Stars Align” (Hoshiai no Sora). The show broadcast from October 10 through December 26 of this year

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Many worldwide fans of the series have contacted Kazuki Akane via his Twitter account to inquire about the status of the sequel. As a precautionary measure, he conveyed the current situation in English for individuals who may have missed it the first time around.

To develop a “Stars Align Season 2” after the end of the original anime’s TV broadcast, he couldn’t find anyone eager to take on the project. The effect has been an inability to find animators.

A sequel, which is supposed to tell the original 24-episode plot, isn’t good right now, but Kazuki Akane plans to one day produce episodes 13 to 24 and then deliver them to the audience.

On Funimation between October and December 2019, “Stars Align” aired in the simulcast with English subtitles. This is a two-minute fan film that takes place two years after the release of the TV series in 2020. He has been unable to locate a business willing to take over the project since the end of the original anime’s television broadcast in order to develop “Stars Align Season 2.” The effect has been an inability to find animators.

For a sequel, Kazuki Akane has decided that despite the fact that it isn’t ideal right now, she intends to one day produce episodes 13 through 24 and then deliver them to her followers.

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Funimation aired the simulcast with English subtitles of “Stars Align,” which aired in Japan from October to December of 2019. Set in May 2020, two years after the show premieres, this is a two-minute fan-made short film.

The release date for Season 2 of Stars Align

The director of Stars Align turned to Twitter to answer fan queries from around the world. There were originally 24 episodes planned for the show. Akane confirmed that they have no more plans for episodes after the 13th, which was cancelled.

Reversing his earlier statement, he tweeted an apology that he couldn’t locate any production company or sponsors for the second season of Stars Align. The next 13 to 24 episodes of the show are also in his sights. To keep this sports drama alive, Kazuki Akane has promised to continue the series once he locates another filming location for the sequel.


Tsubasa can be a little too chilly with other people at times, and if pushed too far, he doesn’t hold back. However, unlike Itsuki, he is able to cool down quickly.

Storyline of the Stars in Alignment for Season 2

Although the concept is somewhat conventional, and the setting is a regular high school, the persons that populate the story are what give it its impetus and make it into a compelling narrative. The only thing I remember about “Prince of Tennis” is that it was a very good animation with a tennis-related premise. Therefore, in contrast to many other sports-themed anime series, this one concentrates on activities other than basketball and volleyball.

These kinds of events are not just for people who are interested in athletics; rather, they are also a wonderful source of motivation for everyone who appreciates hearing a compelling story about an underdog. As a consequence of this, “Hoshiai no Sora” is an absolute requirement for anyone who enjoy watching anime.

The first season of the programme has ended, and you may be wondering if it will be renewed for a second season. To find out more about it, click on any of the following links:

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As a result of a lack of student participation, the junior high school soft tennis club is on the verge of being shut down. That’s why Touma Shinjou is so desperate for Maki Katsuragi, a talented classmate and fellow member of his club, to join him.

He agrees, but he wants to be paid for the time he’s spent playing. The two of them come to an agreement in order to save their school’s tennis team and become the next state champions.


Stars Align’ premiered on October 11th, 2019 and ran for 12 episodes before wrapping up on December 27th, 2019. “Stars Align” has been well-received and many fans are eagerly expecting the show’s second season in comparison to other recent sports anime.”

Kazuki Akane, the show’s director, recently tweeted that the first season of the anime was initially supposed to have 24 episodes but was trimmed to 12 due to scheduling constraints. He also reminded fans to keep up their support for the show till it returns in some form.

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