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Ghosts of Morgan City Season 2: Cast, Plot , Release Date and Trailer

Ghosts of Morgan City's season 2

The documentary titled “ghosts of morgan city” follows a group of paranormal investigators as they look into possible hauntings in Morgan City, which is located in the state of Louisiana.

It was developed as a sequel to “Ghosts of Shepherdstown,” and Travel Channel has said that it will premiere in May 2019 as planned. Mark Kadin, Will Ehbrecht, Lucia Lyman, and Elaine White are the producers serving in an executive capacity.

When Will the Second Season of Ghosts of Morgan City Be Available to Watch?

Ghosts of Morgan City’s formal renewal for season 2 on Travel Channel is still pending at this time. As of May 2022, there has been no announcement made regarding a release date for the new season. This in no way indicates that the series will continue as planned. It is possible that the show is taking a pause, and the release date for the next season has not been determined or publicized. As soon as we have access to further information, we will add it to this post and update it accordingly.

Please sign up for updates below if you would want to be notified when the second season begins, and feel free to join the discourse taking place in our forums.

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Who All Is a Part of the Cast for Ghosts of Morgan City?

In the television show ‘Ghosts of Morgan City,’ the leading roles are played by actors Ben Hansen, Jereme Leonard, and Sarah Lemos. Hansen has already established a strong reputation for himself as a result of his participation in the television shows Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files’ and ‘Paranormal Lockdown.’

In addition to that, he has appeared in the episodes “Paranormal Lockdown” and “Ghosts of Shepherdstown.” He was a member of the FBI in the past and had great investigative skills. Demonologist Leonard has shared his knowledge on a wide variety of topics via podcasts. The third member of the three is Lemos, the team’s psychic.

As someone who was born and raised in Salem, Oregon, she had previously participated as a special guest on Banner Travel’s “Ghost Hunter Cruise.”

They are joined by Diane Wiltz, a local historian and archivist; James Blair, the Chief of Police for Morgan City; and Mayor Grizzaffi, who maintains a vigilant eye on the entire process.

What Exactly Happens in the Story of Ghosts of Morgan City?

James “Bo” Blair, the police chief of Morgan City, Louisiana, makes a solemn promise to conduct an investigation when the city is rocked by a string of unexplainable occurrences and an increase in the number of 911 calls said to be associated with paranormal activity. He gets in touch with Mike King, the police chief in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, who has experience dealing with situations quite similar to this one.

After completing his consultation, Blair decides to bring on three new specialists: Jereme Leonard, Ben Hansen, and Sarah Lemos. The investigation of the peculiar occurrences is carried out in concert by the three individuals.

In each episode, the members are depicted working toward the goal of deciphering the mysteries that lie behind the strange happenings in Morgan City. To arrive at solutions that are trustworthy, they make an effort to recognize patterns and discover evidence.

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After conducting additional research, the investigators discovered that the paranormal activity is not unique to the city of Morgan City but rather occurs all around the St. Mary Parish region.

The storyline of the documentary series kicks off with a woman stating that she was traveling through a foggy area close to Lake Palourde when she came face to face with a spirit.

The team begins their investigation into the incident once they have been informed about it by the police. If you’ve watched other shows about ghost hunting, like ‘Ghost Adventures,’ you already know that each episode stands on its own as a complete story.

On the other hand, the first episode focuses most of its attention on a mysterious mist that seems to be hiding something inhuman. The decision as to whether or not it gives a conclusive response is completely up to the individual who is watching it.

Each episode is tense and features reenactments of the supernatural occurrences that have taken place. Between these two locations, the specialists discuss a wide range of phenomena and the various explanations for them.

The perfect combination of murder mysteries, supernatural occurrences, and CSI procedures can be found in historical novels and investigations because they feature a combination of murder mysteries, supernatural occurrences, and CSI processes.

The documentary ‘Ghosts of Morgan City‘ does, in fact, provide some fascinating insights into the troubled past of the city, which are illuminated by the work of the local historian Diane Wiltz. It is thought that Ada LeBoeuf, who was hanged in 1927 and was the first woman to be executed in the state of Louisiana, is the spirit of the ghost who haunts the mist.

The investigators are led to interview her great-great-granddaughter as a result of further research, which results in the discovery of various clues. After that, the group investigates the situation by carrying out studies utilizing various devices in an effort to identify any indications of aberrant behavior.

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Near the end of the story, there is a surprising turn of events about Ada’s murder conviction, and the narrative concludes with her family being given a resolution.

As the proceedings for this case come to a close, other calls from Morgan City start coming in. Now since they have no other choice, the members of the group are going to have to scour the entire parish for answers.

Another example is a plantation that has a history of voodoo and was involved in a deadly war during the Civil War. In addition, the group has some dealings with the spectral occupant of a haunted family home, which is the ghost of a little girl.

Watch the Ghosts of Morgan Season 2 Trailer Here!

The official trailer for the show has not been released by Travel yet. You are, however, able to access all of the show’s extras by visiting its official website. These extras may include photographs, videos, updates, and exclusive information. Watch the trailer for the first season right here:

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