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A young woman’s body is discovered in a ditch in the woods of San Benito, a small California coastal town. A persistent homicide detective (Sandra Bullock) and her new partner (Ben Chaplin) unearth a trail of cleverly hidden evidence that connects two brilliant young men (Ryan Gosling) and (Michael Pitt) to a murder.

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Richard Haywood, the coolest kid in his California high school, secretly teams up with another rich kid in his class, brilliant nerd Justin ‘Bonaparte’ Pendleton, whose erudition, particularly in forensic matters, allows them to plan elaborately perfect murders for the thrill, for which they set up Richard’s marijuana supplier, their school’s janitor Ray Feathers, as a psychotic serial killer.

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The case is assigned to detectives Cassie ‘the hyena,’ who has a sequoia-sized chip on her shoulder from a previous life, and her brilliant new partner, Sam Kennedy, who recently transferred from the vice squad; they can work well together, and even fit romantically, but they fall out over different professional attitudes toward the investigation, which Captain Rod Cody and her understandably vindictive abused ex, Assistant D.A. Al Swanson, soon ban her.

murders by numbers cast

When the plotting lads both dig up Lisa Mills, their strange bond is put to the test—will it shatter, allowing the authorities to apprehend them.


Sandra Bullock Cassie Mayweather, Jessica Marie Hudson
Ryan Gosling Richard Haywood
Ben Chaplin Sam Kennedy
Michael Pitt Justin Pendleton
Agnes Bruckner Lisa Mills
Chris Penn Ray Feathers
R.D. Call Captain Rod Cody
Tom Verica Asst. D.A. Al Swanson
John Vickery Restaurant Manager
Michael Canavan Mr. Chechi
Neal Matarazzo Male Officer in Flashback
Adilah Barnes Lab Technician
Jim Jansen Lawyer
Brian Stepanek Parole Board Marshall
Sharon Madden Nurse
Dennis Cockrum Criminalist #1 at Ray’s House
Eric Saiet Criminalist #2 at Ray’s House
Ralph Seymour Paramedic
Christine Healy Justin’s Mother


Richard Haywood, portrayed by Ryan Gosling, and Justin Pendleton, portrayed by Michael Pitt, are both students at the same high school. Richard is wealthy and well-liked, while Justin is an intelligent recluse. After spending several months plotting the “ideal crime,” they finally carried it out by kidnapping a woman at random, killing her by strangling her, and planting evidence that implicated Richard’s marijuana supplier, the janitor Ray Feathers.

murders by numbers cast

Investigations are carried out by Detective Cassie Mayweather, played byk Sandra Bulloc, and her new partner, Sam Kennedy, played by Ben Chaplin. Cassie had sex with Sam early on, similar to how she did with her past lovers; however, she does not allow Sam to see her chest and abruptly sends him home after the encounter.

Richard’s prints were found at the scene of the crime, and there was vomit found nearby, which points the finger at Justin. Cassie is sure that Richard is the murderer and that Justin is connected, despite the fact that both of them have alibis and deny ever having met each other.

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Sam is critical of her decision not to investigate any other possible culprits, pointing out that the majority of the physical evidence points in the other direction of the two lads. Fearful of Richard’s influential parents, Cassie’s supervisor, Captain Rod Cody, and her ex-boyfriend, Assistant District Attorney Al Swanson, remove Cassie from the investigation. Richard is the one who ends Ray’s life and makes it look like he did it himself.

Sam locates Ray by following the trail of evidence that was planted. The murder of the woman looks to be solved when he discovers that Ray has been killed; nonetheless, Sam concludes that Cassie may have been right and decides to continue the inquiry.

In spite of the fact that Lisa Mills is a fellow student, Justin musters up the guts to ask her out on a date. After Richard has successfully seduced Lisa, he shows Justin a video footage of the two of them engaging in sexual activity.

murders by numbers cast

Justin loses control of his anger but is able to regain it since he knows Sam is still observing them. Cassie starts getting phone calls from her ex-husband Carl Hudson, who is currently serving time for stabbing her 17 times in the chest. Carl is currently incarcerated. The day of his parole hearing is approaching, and he wants her to represent him in the hearing.

Sam learns from Cassie that despite the fact that she joined the police force in order to prove to herself that she wasn’t a victim, she is absolutely petrified at the possibility of seeing Carl again. She also admits that Richard reminds her of Carl, which is another reason why she is sure of Richard’s guilt and concerned with proving it. She believes that Richard is responsible for Carl’s death.

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Sam and Cassie try to get Richard and Justin to say bad things about each other by questioning them separately. Neither of them will talk, so they are both let go. At the home of the victim, Cassie figures out how the boys did the kidnapping and how they changed the physical evidence. Justin and Richard know that Cassie is getting closer to them, so they run away to an abandoned house.

There, Richard pulls out two revolvers and suggests that they kill themselves together. On the count of three, Richard doesn’t shoot up, but Justin does. Justin orders Richard to show him his gun, which is empty. Cassie shows up just as Justin is about to shoot Richard out of anger. Richard takes Justin’s gun and shoots at Cassie, but instead hits Justin.

Cassie tries to catch Richard, but he ties her up on a rickety balcony on the edge of a cliff. Richard dies when Cassie wins the fight and knocks him off the balcony. Cassie is hanging off the edge of the balcony, and Justin grabs her and pulls her back into the house.

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