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Iron Protector Cast & Crew Members

iron protector cast

Iron Protector is an action-packed martial arts film. It doesn’t necessarily reinvent the genre, but it does so admirably. Traditional martial arts fights and a few chase sequences keep the movie from becoming overbearing, despite some technical overexposure and illogical sequences.

It’s refreshing to see a film that doesn’t rely on endless explosions and car chases in the style of Die Hard or The Fast and the Furious franchises instead of a more traditional martial arts film.

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Superheroes and action-packed Kung Fu flicks collide in “The bodyguard”. Wu-Lin, the protagonist, took the law into his own hands in order to seek revenge. “Iron Feet” Wu-Lin is not just a man from a rural village; he is the heir to an ancient, once powerful Chinese clan. In search of his fellow apprentice Jiang Li, Wu-Lin traveled to the City of Stone-cold after learning of the death of the clan master.

He ended up being Fei-bodyguard, Fei’s the daughter of the richest family in the city, Jia-Shan Li. An encounter between an obnoxious rich girl and a ruggedly masculine bodyguard ignites the embers of true love. A group of mobsters led by Jiang Li attempted to kidnap Fei-Fei. Wu-Lin soon discovered this. Wu-Lin was forced to fight them alone to protect his beloved.

A brutally injured Wu-Lin managed to pull through, removing his iron shoes to feel the rush of adrenaline once more. Once again, Wu-Lin decided to confront the gang of mobsters, and he knows who is behind the evil plot is much larger and more powerful than Jiang Li.


Lingchen Kong Producer
Tingting Guo Producer
Chengguo Liu Producer
Xingzhe Ku Editor
Jingfang Chen Cinematographer
Xing Gu Cinematographer
Derek Zhao Composer
Haibo Gu Art Director
Yujie Wu Sound/Sound Designer
Yue Song Director
Yue Song Screenwriter
Dai Yan Producer

movie highlights

This is a martial arts film that recalls a lot of the Hong Kong martial arts films that I used to watch as a child. Star even though I’ve never heard of Yue Song before, I’m hopeful that this isn’t the last time I watch him take down so many hapless thugs. Iron Protector is just the right length for a film that isn’t going to blow you away with plot twists or clever dialogue.

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The direction of Yue Song needs work, and the music at times feels odd, but the movie as a whole was a blast to see. Song and his stunt team pulled off some incredible stunts, and the action sequences were some of the greatest I’ve seen in a while. I was reminded of a scene from a Jackie Chan film during the closing credits. Every time an actor or crew member was injured or nearly died while filming a scene, it’s documented in this book.

When I see how committed the actors and staff were to the project, it only makes me more envious of the Hollywood action stars we get. You’ll enjoy it if you’re a lover of action films with martial arts themes.

In terms of directing, Yue Song doesn’t have a lot of talent. Clearly, Iron Protector’s non-fight scenes are the worst part of the show. There is also a problem with the dialogue and plot.

It’s the final third of Iron Protector in which Wu-Lin shows up to save his sweetheart that’s truly breathtaking. It’s a shambles between Song and at least 40 other men. One of my favorite scenes in martial arts is when Yue Song takes on a large group of men at once.

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I can’t think of anything more stunning than seeing Bruce Lee or Jet Li or Donnie Yen or Tony Jaa take on a large group at once. It doesn’t matter what you think of the rest of the movie; this scene alone is worth seeing.

Almighty God, good God: There are a few minor sequences in the first half of the film, but you will know when the action begins. Wu-Lin is ambushed by a swarm of henchmen of various sizes and shapes. Wu-legs Lin’s are shackled together and pounded into a pulp.

He’s only left for dead after being run over by a car, thrown through a brick wall, battered with shovels, and buried alive. They should’ve expected a man in a leather trench coat to not stay down for long.

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