Love Tyrant Season 2 Release Date: Latest Updates


After an absence of more than three years, Renai Boukun’s Love Tyrant followers are clamouring for a second season.

The first season of the anime was well received by everyone. Despite this, fans can’t wait for the show’s second season to premiere. So, when can fans look forward to the release of the upcoming second season of their favourite show? In this section, you will find the most recent updates.

love tyrant season 2 release date

Renai Boukun, also known as Love Tyrant in Japan, is an anime series. Megane Mihoshi’s hilarious manga series with the same name was made into a film adaptation. On April 6, 2017, an anime series consisting of a total of twelve episodes aired.

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The show’s final episode aired on June 22nd, 2017, and viewers have seen it all. Since then, they’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the upcoming instalment in the series.

Season One

Book and story of Cupid’s charming tale. Guri is our version of Cupid, here to make people fall head over heels in love with one another. Everyone who gets their names put together in a kiss note, also known as a magic book, will fall in love with the other person instantly if they kiss. To comprehend the actual meaning of cupid, Guri must create a love for every person on the planet.

One morning, Guri mistakenly writes down the name of Seiji Aino, an ordinary high school student. Seiji has a long-standing connection with the school’s most popular female, Akane Hiyama, just like every other senior.

love tyrant season 2 release date The Note states that the cupid, also known as Guri, will die if the lad is unable to find a romantic partner or kiss another person.

This rule is wrong, don’t you think? Akane could also cause another problem that turns out to be annoying or crazy. After that, Akane and Seiji fell in love and were together. But Guri also caused another problem. The one who brought us together was starting to like Guri. Seiji is available with two pretty girls who are jealous of each other. One is well-known One of them is a cupid

Renewal of Love Tyrant for a Second Season

The first volume of the harem comedy manga series written and illustrated by Megane Mihoshi was initially released by Flex Comix on Comic Meteor. In this fourteen-volume manga series, the main character, Seiji Aino, is a high school student who has love relationships with four of his fellow classmates.

There are four different women depicted in this image. Their names are Shikimi Shiramine, Guri, Akane Hiyama, and Yuzu Kichougasaki. Guri, who is timid and guarded, is grating, and Akane, who has a severe case of obsessive-compulsive disorder, is both of them (OCD).

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Despite the fact that they all share a close connection, it is necessary for Seiji to instruct Guri on the right use of her Kiss Note. This manga series was broadcast on several different television networks in Japan. The first season of Love Tyrant aired on Netflix from April 6 to June 22, 2017, and consisted of a total of twelve episodes.

EMT2, commonly known as EMT Squared, is the company that was responsible for producing the first season of Love Tyrant. It was such a big success that EMT2 became the highest-rated anime series in the franchise’s history. Despite this, EMT2 did not provide any insight into the future of the anime. Following the first show, there was no more interaction with the audience in any subsequent episodes.

A confirmation from the network about the airing of Love Tyrant Season 2 has not yet been made. There has been no announcement made by the producers of the show regarding whether or not they intend to air the second season.

Release Date

The production firm behind the first episode of Love Tyrant was EMT Squared or EMT2 (Assassins Pride and I’m Quitting Heroic). The release of Love Tyrant in 2017 was a huge triumph for the studio. – It’s no surprise that Love Tyrant has one of the top overall anime ratings. The love, appreciation, and support of fans from all across the world helped make this possible.

love tyrant season 2 release date

However, till now, fans of Love Tyrant Season 2 have been eagerly awaiting the next episode. The existence of EMT2 was never made public, and as a result, we have no idea how the anime will end. For the time being, supporters will have to sit tight and wait for an official statement. In the case that the show’s creators haven’t cancelled it, it’s still feasible to the hype or awaits the second season of Love Tyrant or Renai Boukun.

Season 2 of Love Tyrant is expected to follow a similar plot.

Many of you can’t wait for the second season of Love Tyrant to come out. Despite this, the information we’ve received indicates that we have no idea when it will be available. Don’t let Renai Bokun bother you anymore.

In light of our prior knowledge, we may make some educated guesses as to what will transpire in Season 2. Seiji is likely to pick one of the four-woman he’s dated thus far.

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Other girls will be enraged and make mistakes as a result. An unsuitable female for Aino Hiyama will likely become violent and refuse to allow Seiji to have the girl of his dreams with her.

There is a risk that Shikimi’s crazy and vicious inclinations will come out if she is not Seiji’s girlfriend.


Finally, we know that everyone who is an anime fan has been waiting for the second season of Love Tyrant for a long time, and we hope that soon there will be an official announcement. Whether or not the show is renewed, we’ll keep you updated on all the latest news here.

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