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The 26th Season of South Park Will Focus on What the Show Could Potentially Parody

south park season 26

Season 25 of South Park has come and gone as quickly as a visit from Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo. (Flush?) The most recent season of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s cartoon series has only six episodes, making it the show’s second-shortest season ever.

Regular-length episodes appear to be in short supply these days, but fans have no reason to throw a Cartman-style tantrum because there will be plenty more to come.

Season 26 of South Park is on the way, along with four more seasons and 14 specials/TV movies that will take the Comedy Central series all the way to 2027. It’s worth noting, however, that at least one of those specials will almost certainly air before the show returns to its regular, episodic format.

So, what’s the deal with Season 26, how will we get it, and how many episodes will there be? Before it’s released, here’s everything you need to know.

South Park Season 25 End

Yes, that’s the simplest response. Only six episodes of season 25 have been ordered by Paramount+, South Park’s new global streaming home. Given that a standard season typically has 10 episodes, this is a fairly short run.

This suggests that the upcoming specials and TV movies will be part of season 26, rather than a continuation of season 25.

South Park Season 26 Episodes

In theory, we could be in for another short-lived run if season 26 is all specials as season 24 was.

It’s hard to say, given the length of some of these specials/movies on TV, that we’re being cheated.

A computer game based on a fictional character
On the other hand, given how short this season was, there’s a good likelihood that season 26 will include both regular episodes and specials, making it one of the longest seasons in recent memory.

South Park Season 26 Release Date

There is not yet an official release date for the product at this time. The fact that we can’t accurately predict when it will happen is another vexing aspect. The premieres of new seasons used to take place at the same time every year, but ever since South Park began airing its extra-long specials and TV movies, the annual schedule has been somewhat thrown off.

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The launch of Season 24, which was made up entirely of four specials (The Pandemic Special, South ParQ Vaccination Special, South Park: Post Covid, and South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid), took place in September 2020. The arrival of season 25 wasn’t until February 2022 because of the staggered release of these specials as well as some kind of global pandemic that occurred at that time.

It seems quite improbable that we will have to wait an entire year for more South Park content to surface, particularly since one of their new specials is already in the process of being developed. Keeping this in mind, we should definitely anticipate that some portion of season 26 will debut before the end of 2022 in some way.

South Park Season 26 Trailer

Nope. It’s possible that the new season’s trailer won’t be released for another few months, as the release date for the new season hasn’t been revealed yet. In addition, due to the fact that the show is now comprised of both regular episodes and specials, it is still unknown whether or not we will even receive a traditional teaser.

If season 26 is going to include more extra-long episodes, then perhaps what we will get instead is a collection of trailers for each of the specials that will be featured.

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Alternately, we might be given the opportunity to participate in a variety of imaginative promotional activities. During the 25th season of South Park, a 30-piece orchestra was assembled in order to sing a variety of iconic songs from the show. These songs included the program’s theme song, as well as “Chocolate Salty Balls” and “Kyle’s Mom‘s a Bitch.”

We are quite interested in engaging in further discussions along these lines.

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In the meantime, if we learn any new information on the timing of the premiere of season 26, we will be sure to relay that information to you as soon as possible.

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