Fish or Die Season 2 Will Coming Soon!


Is Fish or Die on Animal Planet getting a second season? Fish or Die‘s future has been up in the air. The second season of this serise will premiere on Animal Planet when? How many episodes have been aired of this serise so far? Find out if it will be renewed or cancelled by visiting Animal Planet’s official website.

fish or die season 2

If it is renewed for another season, a release date for the next season is announced, or the show is cancelled, we may let you know. To save “Fish or Die” as a favourite, select “TRACK.” Thus, it is possible for you to monitor the current status of your favourite television shows in one place. it’s status will be updated as soon as it’s renewed or cancelled.

You can watch the first episode of it on Animal Planet starting April 21, 2019. Sundays at 22:00, Animal Planet broadcasts Fish or Die.

Season 1 Recap

Four friends set out on a gruelling jungle expedition to verify a rumour of a giant golden dorado in an uncharted area of the Pacific Ocean. I, A Fish Called Wanda – Wikipe, Finding Nemo | Official Site | Disney Mov, 3D Video: Virtual Fish Tank – YouT, Fish Tank (2009) – I, Finding Nemo | Official Site | Disney Mov, Fish Tank (2010) – Rotten Tomatoes [Download] You can now watch “Fish Tank” in HD on Netflix.

When Will the Second Season of Fish or Die Air?

officially renewed Fish or Die for a second season at this time There is no release date for the new season as of May 2022. As a result, this does not necessarily mean that the series has been put on ice.

fish or die season 2

It is possible that the show is taking a break and the next season has not yet been announced. If new information comes to light, we’ll be sure to include it here. Please sign up for updates below and join the discussion in our forums if you want to be notified of the season 2 premiere.

Plot Synopsis and Series Overview

It is the goal of these four fishermen that they will be the first to fish the world’s most remote waters. They’ll have to fight the elements, avoid drug cartels, and endure hell on their way to fulfilling their lifelong ambition.

Fishermen from around the world are vying to be the first to set foot in the world’s most inhospitable waters. They will have to battle the elements, avoid drug cartels, and endure hell as they risk their lives in order to pursue their dreams.


Fishing can be a solitary pursuit for some, but for Chris Owens, Brian Jill, Thad Robison, and Jay Johnson, four extreme fishermen and best friends, it’s a passion that propels them to venture to some of the world’s most remote and dangerous locations in search of fish they’ve never seen before.

fish or die season 2

This team of adventurers travels the world in search of rumours of giant fish in unexplored waters, from glacial streams in Greenland to raging rapids in Borneo. While they may lack the expertise of survivalists, these close friends are determined to work together and boldly pursue their dreams of fishing the most uncharted waters on the planet.

Season 2 Trailer

There is not yet any other trailer for season second, however, you can watch first season trailer down below:

 “Fish or Die” Rating

This game may not be suitable for children under the age of 13 due to its content. Many parents enjoy watching it with their children, especially those who are younger. There may be some suggestive dialogue, occasional coarse language, or sexual situations in the show that necessitate parental supervision on a broad scale.


If so, what is the status of Fish or Die?

It is not true that this  has been postponed at this time.

Is there a Netflix version of Fish or Die?

We don’t keep track of Netflix release dates, but you can do so at Netflix Schedule to see if it is available on the service.

It’s unclear how many seasons Fish or Die has had.

it has aired one season as of May 2022.

What is Fish or Die’s air time?

Fisherman or Die airs at 10pm ET/7:00pm PST on and is streamed live online at The start time of this series can also be found in various time zones.

Is there going to be a second season of the show Fish or Die?

No word yet on the upcoming season. As soon as we get any new information, we’ll post it here.

How long ago was Fish or Die first released?

It was first released on April 21st, 2019.

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