Will Tomozaki Return With Season 2?


Tomozaki, the Low-Ranking Individual In the second season of the anime TV series, the protagonist Fumiya Tomozaki will take on the seemingly unbeatable high school ‘boss queen’. However, when will the second season of Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun be released?

A new trailer for an upcoming anime series debuted on January 14, 2022, confirming the show’s existence. There was no mention of a new season of television, OVA episodes, or even a this movie in the announcement.

However, in the year 2021, two episodes of the OVA Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki were already released. (For more information, see the section below.)

tomozaki season 2

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A Japanese animation studio, Project No. 9, is also responsible for the 2019 CHOYOYU!: High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World! and the Didn’t I Suggest a Change in the Future Life? anime. The I Shaved was released in 2021. Then I watched the anime version of Brought a High School Girl Home.

Shinsuke Yanagi, whose resume as a leading director is largely tied to Project No. 9, directed the film. He has directed Tenshi no 3P!, Momo Kyun Sword, and CHOYOYU! for the studio.

The series was created by author Fumihiko Shimo. Characters were created by artist Akane Yano. The music was composed by Hiromi Mizutani.

The OP (opening) and ED (ending) theme song music for Tomozaki Season 2 has not yet been revealed.

DIALOGUE+ performed the OP and ED for it’s Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki for the first season.

The English Dub of Funimation’s Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki

FUNimation Now and Netflix Japan offered the first season of the anime series for streaming (not Netflix U.S.). FUNimation’s SimulDub schedule finally included it’s Bottom-Tier Character dub.

Adam Gibbs in the role of Tomozaki
Faye Mata portrays Aoi
Mimimi is played by Christina Kelly.
Mizusawa is played by Stephen Fu.
Ms. Kawamura is played by Katelyn Gault.
Natsumi Nakamura, played by Chris Hackney
Takei is played by Matt Shipman.
It’s Little Sister: Brittany Lauda

When Will the Second Season of Jaku-chara Tomozaki-kun Air?

There has been no official confirmation from Shogakukan, Square Enix, Project 9, or any other company involved in the production of the anime about the release date of Season 2. A sequel to it’s Bottom Tier was announced on January 14, 2022.

This article will be updated with any new information as soon as it is made public.

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Since there is still no official release date for Season 2, it is possible to speculate about when or if it will happen at all.

After the release of Episode 12, the official Twitter account asked, “(Do) you want to continue?” “Hope to continue,” voice actress Ryouko Maekawa wrote on Twitter.

tomozaki season 2

Early on, the editor for the book series discussed the possibility of a second season. Editor of Gagaga Bunko, Iwaasa-san, stated on Twitter that he “wants to see a second season”. “That’ll lead to a second season, really, really seriously” if fans send out a “scrapbook of your anime [Blu-Ray disc] purchases as a birthday present,” he said.

Unfortunately, sales of Blu-ray/DVD discs in Japan’s first week were disappointing. Only 726 copies of the first volume were sold in its first week, while Volume 2 only sold 540 copies. Because Mimimi was the cover girl for Volume 3, the number of pages in that volume increased slightly to 565.

What’s the best way to explain these figures? There were some negative reviews of the anime, while others praised the character-driven plot and how it evolved over time. Due to this, the overall review score initially fell to a level that was slightly below average, but it quickly rebounded to a respectable level by the end.

As a result of Project No. 9’s history, the studio is known for producing “one and done” anime that are not renewed. Its sole follow-up was the lewd comedy Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS, which took place in 2013 and featured an all-girls basketball team.

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Japanese Anime Season 2 Plot Summary

In the upcoming fall semester, Tomozaki will face a new challenge in the game of life after winning the summer round. Aoi Hinami challenges him to influence Erika Konno, the mean girl he confronted in Episode 4 when she belittled his TackFami.

However, the school’s self-proclaimed queen claims that the school sports tournament isn’t “cool” enough and is lowering school spirit ahead of the start of the new semester. A “weapon” that can use against Erika in this new boss battle can be found by observing the students in the class.

tomozaki season 2

Yuzu Izumi and Shuuji Nakamura finally become a couple after a long time of dating.

The next step is to provide Tama with guidance on how to deal with a bully. This A-tier character suddenly becomes it master after an unplanned incident in the classroom. However, Tomozaki’s own approach to solving problems differs from hers. A bigger problem is that Tama is being rebuffed by his own master, Hinami, who believes he shouldn’t be forced to adapt.

Things have mostly returned to normal now that the fall cultural festival and a school play are just around the corner. When Hinami genuinely inquires, “Who do you like?” the curtain rises on a new chapter in his personal life.

His long-term goal is to have a girlfriend by the third year of college, but he’s been avoiding thinking about it. Choosing someone else as a girlfriend feels awkward to Tomozaki because he still feels like he’s a weak character who isn’t supposed to be chosen.

Trailer of Tomozaki Season 2

Here is the some highlights of season 2 trailer:

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