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Season 3 of Who Killed Sara Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

season 3 who killed sara release date

If you’d like to know who killed Sara, click here. For the third season, you’re in the right place.

Sara Guzmán’s fate is still a mystery, but we can’t wait to find out more about her in the upcoming third season of the show. Now that we know when it’s coming out, we’re all psyched up to watch the crime drama and come up with all kinds of crazy theories.

What Happened to Sara? premiered in late March 2021 and was quickly followed by season two in mid-May 2021 after an explosive conclusion (we’ve got the cheat sheet for the Who Killed Sara? season 1 ending if you need a reminder) (yes, with another cliffhanger finale).

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Approximately 55 million people have watched the Mexican show since it premiered thanks to the Who Killed Sara? cast, which is why we’re so excited for season 2.

Season 2 Recap

Who Killed SaraSeason ?’s 2 finale finally answered the titular question after 17 episodes — not that anyone was counting — but the soapy Netflix drama did so in a way that was mostly satisfying.

After Alex and Rodolfo left for the gym, Sara stayed behind to play around with Chema’s camcorder and was startled when a dripping wet and agitated-looking Abel broke into her house. An unrepentant Abel demanded that he be given some more money by his long-lost daughter so he could avoid being sent to a mental institution.

Sara, on the other hand, was having none of it and called Abel out for lying to her about Marifer being her sister. Sara’s mother was raped, which caused Sara’s conception, but Abel also killed Marifer’s mother, Cristina. In response to the confrontation, Abel yelled back and confessed to both acts of violence. It was Chema’s camcorder that accidentally recorded Cristina’s confession, which explains Cristina’s disappearance.

What Happened to Sara? Releasing Date

Netflix has officially announced that Who Killed Sara Season 3 will be released on May 18th, 2022, according to the most recent official notification. Fans will be able to watch the new season of the show in just a few days.


In a flashback, lex (Manolo Cardona) will reappear with his deceased sister Sara (Ximena Lamadrid).

Other characters in the film include Elisa Miranda (Carolina Miranda) and José Mara aka ‘Chema’ (Eugenio Siller), Sara’s best friend Marifer (Litzy) and her sister Clara (Fátima Molina), Rodolfo’s pal Nicandro, and the Lazcano children and their parents, César and Mariana (Ginés Garciá Millán and Claudia Ramrez).

The success of the series surprised Alejandro Nones, according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet: I had no idea this would happen,” he sighed. “While filming, I was convinced that ‘this is going to be something special.’ I’m working on an important project for my career at the moment. No one outside of the team knows what we’re up to.”

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“Because I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I’m still awestruck by it all. Rodolfo was one of my favourite characters because of how tense I found him to be. And he’s in a bad mood. It gives me the ‘Oh my God’s’ feeling. What a dope! He has my heart swooning.”


As previously stated, the identity of the assassin responsible for Sara’s death remains a mystery, so the story will proceed in much the same way.

As it turns out, the parachute harness was cut by Marifer, who is actually Sara’s half-sister. But Nicandro’s phone call with “Doctor” reveals that wasn’t the cause of her death. There is no doubt that they were the ones who killed her, but were they? Considering the numerous plot twists and turns that have dominated the first two seasons, we wouldn’t bet the farm on it at this point.

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According to an interview with Esquire, even the cast has no idea who the killer is. As soon as they see that I’m having a good time at a party, everyone asks, ‘By the way—who killed Sara?'”

“Moreover, it’s as if, come on, I have nothing to say. In the same way, my mother would tell me. ‘I’m your mother,’ or something like that. Because I’m your mother, you owe it to me to tell me.’ [Laughs]. The mother pleaded with her daughter to hurry up and finish her work, but the daughter insisted that it was her responsibility to do so.”

Also, she talked about what she’d like to see happen to her Elisa character in season three.

she said, “I want Elisa to go crazy and discover everything so that she can be the bad guy in the story and lose everything justice and truth and the good person that Elisa is.” she said. “That Elisa isn’t always a good person could be interesting to see. It’s possible that this is the bad guy from season three. Then again, I’m not sure! I am not the author.”


The month leading up to the premiere of a film usually sees the release of trailers. The more we learn about it, the better off we’ll be:

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