Season 2 God Eater Release Date, Cast, Storyline, and Trailer


The second season of Bandai Namco’s “God Eater” anime adaptation will premiere on October 7th in Japan. After the events depicted in the first season, the new season will be titled “God Eater -Break-,” and it will focus on the subsequent events.

These young people have been selected by their countries to join an organization called Fenrir and fight against monsters known as Aragami, using weapons known as God Arcs, which are made from Oracle Cells recovered after Aragami have been defeated. Lenka Utsugi is portrayed by a voice actor.

season 2 god eater

Anime fans will love God Eater, one of the best games available today. You may notice that God Eater’s narrative style is similar to that of other fantasy anime. Then again, it’s a unique piece of art!

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There are a lot of exciting events in this anime, so it’s well worth your time to watch it. Season 2 of God Eater has been announced, and we can’t keep quiet any longer! Anime director Takayuki Hirao and animators from Ufotable Studio worked together to make this a hit.

Fans of this Japanese anime are eagerly awaiting the upcoming second season, which premieres in 2017. The first season had 12 episodes, each lasting a total of twenty-four minutes.

No date has been set for God Eater Season 2 yet. Read on to learn more about this intriguing anime series! While you’re here, you can find out more about the show’s trailer, release date, story, and characters.

New Day Rising ran for 50 episodes on television in its original form before it was canceled. In 2016, Yuki Higuri’s manga series was turned into an anime series that aired from January to December of that year.

season 2 god eater

Release Date

The sequel hasn’t been officially announced yet. The second season of ‘God Eater,’ according to some reports, would premiere at the end of 2019. However, this was clearly not the case. As of this update, there is no word on the upcoming second season. Since God Eater is such a popular video game brand, we can’t give up hope for the second season’s arrival completely, as the first season premiered on July 12, 2015. After the release of God Eater 3 in 2018, the show had access to the additional source material.

The cast of God Eater 2

  • The most sought-after allies are god arcs.
  • Robbie Daymond is played by Lenka Utsugi in Season 2 of God Eater.
  • Hibari Takeda will portray Erika Harlacher in the film.
  • Soma Schicksa will portray Crispin Freeman.
  • This is the character Licca Kusunoki is based on.
  • Sakuya Tachibbana (Michelle Ruff) is her name.
  • Kota Fujiki portrays Lucien Dodge in the film.
  • Alisa lynching Amiella will portray Cherami Leigh.


According to what was predicted, the sequel’s narrative will be similar to the video game’s storyline. According to the study, manufacturers have no plans to deviate from these paths. During the first season of this anime, Lindow’s limb was amputated.

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If you’ve been following the God Eater manga, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect from the second season. The story of God Eater 2 could take an unexpected turn, but no one can say for sure.

For the second season, here are a few possibilities. You noticed that Lindow was the leader in the first season. However, he had to have his arm amputated, which increased the likelihood that Lenka would play the lead role in season 2.

After a successful first season, there is a good chance that Lenka’s dominance will continue to grow in the second. The Ancient Magus’ Bride’s second season will premiere in January 2020, and Shio will play a significant role.

In addition to her Aragami aura, Shio has a human side as well as the God Arc’s highest form! Aragami, on the other hand, has no known origin. According to the mythology, Mira shares a connection with Arc, the Goddess of Light, who is also known as the “Goddess of the New Moon”.

season 2 god eater

It’s fascinating to see how these two goddesses interact. In God Eater Season 2, it plays a crucial role in the revelation of important details about the world and characters that have thus far been revealed. The second season of God Eater has a lot of intriguing characters.


Season 2’s trailer has not been released. Because there have been no official announcements, this is the reason. However, you can watch the season 1 trailer here:

Is Netflix Going to Air the Second Season of God Eater?

According to reports, ‘God Eater’s second season could premiere as early as the end of 2019. However, this did not happen. As of the time of this update, nothing has been said about Season 2.

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Sales and Profits

Three categories are included here: game, anime, and a combination of the three. Around 5345 copies of the combo DVD were sold. The off-shot bundle was also included in the package. The most popular bundles were the one-two-three-packs. God Eater anime has been released in 2000 copies, according to this estimate.

Because it was based on a video game, the potential for merchandise was enormous. Mobile phone cases, charms, straps, and garage kits were among the products made. In comparison to anime or video games, these products were not as popular. There’s no way to tell how much money they made.


Don’t expect the new season to solve all your problems from last year’s one! There would, however, be some unanticipated consequences down the road! God Earth Season 2 is said to have a gripping storyline that will hold your attention from beginning to end. The first season of Game of Thrones was thrilling, and fans are eagerly awaiting the second!

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