Love in Chains Season 3: Key Facts About This Season


In the eyes of the world, Peter Chervinsky was the only owner of Katerina Verbitskaya, the daughter of Anna Chervinskaya, her godmother. She falls in love with Alexey Kosach, a nobleman who has no idea where she comes from. The serf maid’s journey to freedom and love will require her to overcome many obstacles.

As a result of her godmother’s wishes, Kateryna was brought up to think of herself as a lady of noble descent. Although she is the property of Chervinskyi, the richest landowner in Nizhyn, she is viewed as a bondmaid by the rest of the world.

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Fighting for her life and happiness, she will have to endure the deaths of those closest to her, become the property of a woman who despises her and wants to kill her, survive the uprising of the populace, flee while being pursued by a maniac, and flee from the one who wants nothing more than to kill her.

STB channel in Ukraine aired the series to great acclaim. In the spring of 2017, the first season aired, and in September of 2018, the second season aired. In addition, ‘Love In Chains’ was a huge hit in Poland as well. Previously, the TVP1 channel aired both seasons of the show simultaneously. In Poland, the project had broken numerous records and amassed tens of thousands of ardent supporters.

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Season-by-season Data

Filming for the third season lasted seven months and eleven days and included 120 shifts, including night shifts.

Plot of Love in Chains Season 3

Whether Katya Verbytska, Andriy Zhadan, Petro and Larysa Chervinsky, Nazar the blacksmith and Orysya, Pavlusa the cook, the shrew Galya, cruel Yakov, and other familiar characters will survive the trials of fate in the sequel to the beloved series is up for debate. New and intriguing characters have also been cast, thanks to Love in Chains’ nationwide casting efforts.

Season three of Love in Chains will be filmed through the spring in Ukraine’s most beautiful historical locations, including the Mariinsky Palace, Vydubychi and St. Michael’s monasteries, the St. Sophia’s Cathedral and Kachanivka mansion.

In the third season of Love in Chains, Stanislav Boklan, Natalka Denysenko, Anna Sahaydachna, Mark Drobot, Taras Tsymbaluk, Olesya Zhurakivska, Viktor Zhdanov, Maksym Radugin and others will star.

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Cast of Love in Chains Season 3

  • She is Katerina Kovalchuk. Kateryna Verbytska
  • He was Mikhail Gavrilov. He is Hryhori Chervinskyi.
  • Maximilian Radugin. In the words of Andrii Zhadan,
  • Kseniya Mishyna is the name of the character. Shefer Lidiia
  • Aliaksiej Jaravienka. Oleksii Kosach
  • Stanley Boklan, Olha Sumska, and others.
  • Hanna Sahaidachna is the author’s pen name.

Over a thousand actors, including those playing minor roles, were involved in filming. More than 100 actors are on-call at all times, with over 30 of them serving as the show’s stars.

Astounding location

As in the previous two seasons, this season was shot in some of Ukraine’s best known locations, including the Pechersk Lavra, the Uvarova mansions, the Ivan Honchar Museum, the Kachanivka historical and cultural reserve, the Pyrohovo museum of Ukrainian folk architecture and households, Pereyaslav, and the Radomysl Castle historical and cultural complex.

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The majority of the third season takes place in the homes and mansions of the characters. In FILM.UA pavilions, art directors re-created the fashionable and wealthy interiors of the second half of the 19th century for about 70 percent of the living rooms. Different sets were being built in two pavilions at the same time.

Trailer of love in chains season 3

It is not offical provided by the production by here is unofficall trailer of this seris here blow:

Outfits: Length and Cost in Metres

Some puff dresses with a crinoline required as much as 15 metres of fabric to make. All of the costumes were made of velvet, silk, taffeta and other fine fabrics. These costumes start at $15,000 and go up from there. In addition, a dress with a crinoline and corset is at least ten kilogrammes in weight. ‘ (and more).

The costumes of the female protagonists are all embellished by hand. Another interesting tidbit: The protagonist, Kateryna, was outfitted with lace and beads by a craftswoman for over two weeks.

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The Seven-veil Twirl

The dance of the seven veils is performed by actress Maria Mashkova, based on the biblical story of Salome and her performance for King Herod. The actress hired a choreographer to help her perform it. Aside from that, she was required to wear a costume made up of numerous chains, metal components, precious stones, and pearls.

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I’m talking about the ball here.
Filming of the ball and auction was done at night so that no windows would be obscured. After that, the actors performed a dance four nights in a row, and the group documented this process. There were approximately 100 actors, both in the lead and supporting roles.

As an added bonus to their involvement, members of the historical reconstruction club choreographed and actively participated in the ball scenes during filming.

Bottom line of season 3

Lidiya Shefer hosts a party in honour of the fallen soldiers. Grigoriy Chervinsky becomes Natalie Doroshenko’s new love interest, and she is delighted to hear that Kosach has found a new partner. A date with Aleksey leads Katerina to fall in love, but she is unable to tell him that she is a bondmaid and not his equal.

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