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Human Discoveries Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast and Recap of First Season

If you enjoy adult animation, Facebook Watch is the place to go. In 2019, the platform debuted numerous new series to draw more people to its video streaming platform. ‘Human Discoveries,’ a prehistoric-themed animated series, is one of them. ‘Human Discoveries,’ an animated comedy series, introduces us to the dawn of human civilisation.

human discoveries season 2

It was created by Chris Bruno and David Howard Lee and co-produced by ShadowMachine (‘BoJack Horseman,’ ‘Pinocchio,’ and ‘Robot Chicken’). The show joins a growing list of animated shows on Facebook Watch, including ‘Liverspots and Astronots’ and ‘Human Kind Of.’

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Details on Human Discoveries

Human Discoveries was given the green light by Facebook in February, and now features a full voice cast led by Zac Efron and Anna Kendrick.

ShadowMachine (of BoJack Horseman and Robot Chicken fame) and star Efron’s Ninja’s Runnin’ Wild are producing the sitcom, which was created by credited executive producers Chris Bruno and David Howard Lee. Efron and Kendrick, the headliners, will also serve as EPs, alongside Kirk J. Rudell, Corey Campodonico, Alex Bulkley, Jason Barrett, and Mike Simkin.

SKAM Austin, Sorry for Your Loss, Sacred Lies, Five Points and Turnt, as well as comedies Queen America and Strangers, will join a lineup of original content on Facebook Watch that currently includes fellow animated offerings Human discoveries Kind Of and Liverspots and Astronauts, dramas SKAM Austin, Sorry for Your Loss, Sacred Lies, Five Points and Turnt, and comedies Queen America and Strangers On June 13, the platform will also debut a revival of MTV’s groundbreaking reality series The Real World.

Season 1 Recap

Gary is a person who you should get to know. Gary is a man trapped in the centre of the food chain, voiced like Efron but without his noticeable physique. He’s not powerful, violent, or even big enough to be a fearsome warrior, and his sensitive disposition isn’t befitting of someone who loves hurling spears to plucking daisies.

human discoveries season 2

Gary stands there watching while Ugg (Paul Scheer), the group’s leader, rips through the jungle, chasing tigers to protect the camp and killing elk for the sheer pleasure of it. He has neither desire nor aptitude to imitate Ugg, but he still wants Jane’s affections (Kendrick).

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Jane is a gatherer who is unfulfilled. In Human discoveries Spending her days gathering berries with her companion Minerva (Jillian Bell) isn’t enough for her, and she yearns to do more, defying their small society’s accepted norms. Her rebellious nature isn’t exactly welcomed by the camp, but it’s clearly welcomed by Gary, and the two find common ground in the basic yearning for more – they both want more from life than just survival, but they don’t know what that “more” is.

Who is in Human Discoveries?

Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick, Lamorne Morris, Jillian Bell, Paul Scheer, and Lisa Kudrow star in ‘Human Discoveries,’ which has a brilliant and star-studded cast. Two of the primary protagonists are voiced by Efron and Kendrick, respectively. The team has prior experience working in the voice-acting industry.

While Efron portrays the character of The Lorax in Universal’s animated rendition of Dr Seuss’s ‘The Lorax,’ Kendrick plays Princess Poppy in DreamWorks Animation’s ‘Trolls franchise. Scheer plays a muscular hunting figure.

If Facebook agrees to renew the programme, all of the voice actors are anticipated to return.

What is the plot of Human Discoveries?

The plot centres on a group of buddies who make a living before the dawn of human civilisation. We see how they find fundamental essentials like fire and the wheel as the episodes progress. They also excavate humanity’s best and worst inventions, including art, drink, fashion, racism, gossip, and monogamy, for the first time in history.

human discoveries season 2

We observe how these fictitious characters endure their first hangover after drinking sour grape juice as we witness some of the modern peculiarities from a primordial perspective. It’s also fascinating to observe they’re perplexed expressions when they come upon the concept of monogamy!

Set 10,000 years ago, the show depicts how our forefathers attempted to comprehend the first-established society’s conventions and handle its varied problems in their own funny way.

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The situations they find themselves in somehow resemble present scenarios. For example, allowing others to be envious of their trip, getting completely wasted at crazy parties, and spending more than anticipated the next day. There are additional concerns about gender equality to consider. Overall, it sounds like societal commentary, albeit with a less serious tone.

Because the show is set in the prehistoric age, it can depict humanity’s evolution into civilization. That implies there are a lot of new options if it is revived for a second season.


There is no official trailer for human discoveries season 2 but you can watch the season 1 trailer here

When will the second season of Human Discoveries premiere?

After gaining huge ground in the world of Anime. It is a big question when will be the second will be released. As soon as we get the information of release date we will update you. So stay tuned….

Although the platform’s development is sluggish, we are confident that it will soon be large enough to compete with Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon.

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