Assassin Pride Season 2- Renew or Cancaled: Will Kufa and Melida Marry?


Fantasy is a popular genre that many anime creators are interested in these days. However, there are several shows in the realm that fail to wow audiences, and Assassins Pride is one of them. Despite the widespread criticism, many people have appreciated the show, and they are eagerly anticipating a sequel to their favorite series assassin pride season 2.

Assassins Pride began as a light novel series authored by Kei Amagi and illustrated by Nino Ninomoto in Japan. Fujimi Shobo’s Fujimi Fantasia Bunko imprint has been published since January 20, 2016. There have been thirteen volumes published as of this writing, as well as two short stories of assassin pride season 2  published on February 20, 2018, and December 20, 2019, respectively.

assassin pride season 2

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Yoshie Kato’s illustrations were later transformed into a manga series based on the ongoing light novel series. Since May 2017, it has been serialized in Shueisha’s seinen manga magazine Ultra Jump. There have been about eight volumes issued thus far, with the ninth volume slated to be released on February 18, 2022.

Renewal Status for Assassins Pride Season 2?

EMT Squared translated Kei Amagi’s light novel series not only into a manga but also into an anime series assassin pride season 2. On October 21, 2018, it was originally unveiled at the Fantasia Bunko Dai Kanshasai 2018 event.

EMT Squared may not have a stellar name in the industry, but they have a number of notable anime titles under their belt, like Love Tyrant, The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar, and Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear.

The anime series Assassins Pride premiered on October 10, 2019, and lasted for twelve episodes before ending on December 26, 2019. Many fans who fell in love with the series after the first season finished wish to see a sequel. So, what is the status of Season 2 of Assassins Pride?

We have yet to hear anything about Assassins Pride Season 2 from either the studio or the author. We don’t know if the series will be renewed or cancelled, but it hasn’t been cancelled yet, so there’s a chance it will return.

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Season 2 of ‘Assassins Pride’: When Will It Be Released?

Production on anime series takes a long time, and with the renewal of ‘Assasins Pride‘ still up in the air, we’ll have to wait even longer.

We’re looking at 2022 as the earliest possible date right now. That is, if the show is renewed within the next month and production begins immediately.

assassin pride season 2

Don’t feel bad; this is very natural. Even popular anime series like ‘Attack On Titan’ and ‘One-Punch Man’ have extended gaps between seasons.

We’ll keep an eye on the series for any new developments and keep you updated.

What Is the Plot of ‘Assassins Pride’ Season 2?

‘Assassins Pride’ follows Melida Angel, a girl without mana who was born into an affluent household.

She’s sent to an academy to polish her non-existent skills in the hopes of gaining magical abilities in assassin pride season 2

Kufa Vampir takes over as her Mana teacher. He was given the responsibility of teaching Melida these powers, but there was one catch. He’ll have to murder her if she doesn’t develop any.

Kufa, desperate to save Melida, proposes an extreme solution that will reveal her full hidden ability. However, keeping this secret from her family has serious consequences.

The first five volumes of the light novel series were covered in Season 1 and assassin pride season 2. Thankfully, author Kei Amagi continued to write, and a total of 12 volumes has been released as of June 2020.

This provides plenty of material for the anime adaptation if it is renewed for a second season.

In the following volumes, there will be more about Melida and Kufa’s relationship.

‘Assassins Pride’ Season 2 Trailer?

Because the renewal has not been guaranteed, we cannot expect to see the assassin pride season 2 trailer anytime soon. We’ll keep an eye on the anime series for more information.

While you wait, enjoy the first season trailer. Crunchyroll still has all of the ‘Assasins Pride’ episodes available.

Will Kufa and Melida Marry?

As a result, Kufa decides not to erase her memories, and he asks Melida to keep his ancestry a secret, making her the only person with whom he shares his identity outside of his guild. The two became formally lovers by the conclusion of Volume 9 (Light Novel), although they kept their relationship a secret. Which can be seen in assassin pride season 2

assassin pride season 2

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Action Assassins Pride

On the verge of extinction, humanity has shrunk to a single city-state, Flandore, where people live in glass-encased cities. There are savage lycanthropes that flourish in the darkness beyond the domes, and there is a definite division between nobility and commoners among the residents inside in assassin pride season 2 . Noble blood allows them to use mana, giving them abilities that are beyond human bounds and assisting them in overcoming lycanthropes.

Noble Melida Angel, who is already 13 years old, has yet to display her mana and is harassed in an elite academy because of it. The Angel family orders Kufa Vampir to become Melida’s instructor in order to assist her. While Kufa appears to be merely a tutor, his employment has a hidden agenda: he is to assassinate her if he confirms that she lacks mana.

Kufa’s study led him to the conclusion that he must eliminate Melida. When Kufa sees her fighting, he is struck by her unwavering tenacity, spirit, and belief in herself, and instead offers her a chance to express her power. Kufa abandons his goal and risks everything to keep his discovery of Melida hidden from the Angel family and his own guild as Melida learns to manipulate mana with the help of Kufa’s lessons. Kufa and Melida, on the other hand, will quickly find that keeping their secret will not be their only problem, as unforeseen trouble is just around the corner.

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