Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 2 Release Date In The Uk: Where Can Watch 2nd Season


The Duke and Miss Scarlet is a British-Irish crime drama television series. Rachael New wrote the script and Declan O’Dwyer directed the film. Crime, thriller, drama, and mystery are the series’ genres. A+E Networks UK, Element 8 Entertainment, and Shinawil Productions are the producing firms behind it. The sitcom has only one season, which consists of six 60-minute episodes. Here’s everything we know about Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 2 Release Date thus far.

What is the story about Miss Scarlet and the Duke?

Miss Scarlet and the Duke is a film about the feisty Miss Scarlet (Kate Phillips), who decides to become the first female private detective after her father passes away unexpectedly. She snoops on the cases her childhood buddy, William “The Duke” Wellington, a police investigator, is working on to locate cases and clients.

miss scarlet and the duke season 2 release date uk

Eliza Scarlet, like Remington Steele, knows that changing the sign on her father’s detective firm from Mr. to Miss will result in a slew of new clients, so she keeps her father’s name on the door.

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Recap of Season 1

Eliza Scarlet, the daughter of a renowned investigator named Henry Scarlet, is left alone in Victorian London after her father’s death. She had run out of money and decided to restart her father’s detective agency. She enlists the services of William Wellington, better known as The Duke, a boyhood acquaintance, to provide her with certain cases. He is Scotland Yard’s Detective Inspector. She used to take cases from his office since she didn’t get enough.

Wiliam’s late father reared her while he was a homeless kid. He put him through police academy training. Willaim and Eliza used to kiss each other as kids. Though William was oblivious to her ambitions and wants, he genuinely cares about her. Eliza has a combative personality, but only a few individuals are aware of this. Because she was not very good at solving puzzles, William and Moses assisted her.

The programme will be renewed for a second season, according to Masterpiece PBS.

The show first aired on A+E Networks International. The project was cancelled by A+E after the first season, but fans need not worry. Masterpiece confirmed the show’s renewal in March 2021, and they revealed on Wednesday that filming has begun. Production will now be shared by Masterpiece and Element 8 Entertainment.

miss scarlet and the duke season 2 release date uk

In a news release issued Wednesday, Kate Phillips noted, “It’s as if no time has passed at all.” “We’ve gone back to the old Duke and Eliza dynamic.” It feels more colourful and enjoyable than ever before. I’m excited to present it to our MASTERPIECE audience.”

Stuart Martin said in a statement, “I’m happy to be back in Duke’s bowler hat and boots, parading through the streets of London alongside Kate.”

The Duke And Miss Scarlet Release Date for Season 2

The first season of the show premiered on March 30, 2020. In Ireland and the United Kingdom, the series is available. It aired on Alibi internationally and on PBS in the United States. IMDb gave it an 8 out of 10 ratings, and Rotten Tomatoes gave it an 86 percent rating. Approximately 93 percent of people enjoy it.

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Fans are looking forward to the upcoming season after witnessing so many mysteries and thrills. As a result, we will inform you that the release date for the next season has been confirmed, as well as the formal announcement. Season 2 is expected to premiere before the end of 2022, according to rumours .,

Season 2 Cast of Miss Scarlet And The Duke

Eliza Scarlet, played by Kate Phillips, is the first female investigator in London in the nineteenth century. Inspector William “The Duke” Wellington, a boyhood friend and now business partner, is her boyfriend. Stuart Martin, who plays William Wellington a.k.a. ‘The Duke,’ is a Scotland Yard detective inspector and Eliza’s childhood buddy.

Moses, played by Ansu Kabia, is a notorious Jamaican criminal who works as a minder for chorus girls. Rupert Parker is played by Andrew Gower, a mild-mannered and slightly apprehensive young rich man.

What Could the Second Season of Miss Scarlet and The Duke Be About?

Henry Scarlet’s death was revealed to be a homicide in the Season 1 finale. William is on the hunt for the killer, and Moses is one of his suspects. Later, Moses shows up at Eliza’s house and denies murdering Henry.

William unearths troubling evidence that leads him to Frank, who eventually confesses to the death of Eliza’s father. Both Eliza and William are kidnapped by Frank. They are eventually interrupted by Moses, who saves their lives in the end.


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Given that Moses has been established as a good guy, Season 2 may disclose more about him. His relationship with Eliza could blossom into friendship when he begins to actively assist her in solving crimes. Likewise, the forthcoming season will almost certainly include a variety of new activities.

Is there a trailer for Miss Scarlet and the Duke’s second season?

There is now an official trailer of miss scarlet and the duke season 2 ,still, fans are eagerly waiting for the season 2 trailer, however here you can watch the season one trailer.


How many Miss Scarlet and the Duke episodes are there?

Miss Scarlet and the Duke have six episodes in its first season. Though no official number has been announced, we expect the second season to have six episodes as well.

How will I be able to see Miss Scarlet and the Duke?

With a PBS Passport (as little as $5/month), you may watch season 1 of Miss Scarlet and the Duke on pbs.org. You can also buy a membership or individual episodes on Amazon Prime, YouTube TV, Vudu, Applet TV, and other platforms.

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Miss Scarlet and the Duke are on what channel?

PBS broadcasts Miss Scarlet and the Duke. With a PBS Passport, you may watch prior episodes online at pbs.org. Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, and other streaming platforms sell and rent episodes.

When will Miss Scarlet and the Duke season 2 premiere?

No date has been announced, but Miss Scarlet and the Duke season 2 will premiere in fall 2022. Check back here for updates! Masterpiece posted this on Instagram.

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