Review : Zee5 App for Android, iOS, PC, and Smart TV


In this article, I’ll teach you how to get the G5 app. You might consider downloading the Zee5 App if you wish to watch tens of thousands of hours of Streaming Content online from the Zee network, including Movies, Hollywood Shows & Movies, and Music Videos in your own language.

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What is The Zee5 app

Just as Hotstar is the official representation of the Start tv network, Zee5 is the official network of the Zee5 network. This application allows you to stream all of the Zee Tv network’s content, as well as additional content in some cases.

They also provide Zee5 Originals as an added bonus, satisfying your quest for maximum pleasure. It features a large library of TV shows and movies, both Hollywood and Indian, in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, and Gujrati.

More than 100,000 hours of entertainment, 4,500 movies, and 80+ LIVE TV channels are all waiting to be discovered here. Stream whatever content you want; there’s something for everyone.

Whether you appreciate music or English television shows, simply want to keep up with the latest news, or simply want to spend a Saturday afternoon watching a good movie, this is the place to be. You’ll find everything you need there.

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Here are some of the features of this app that you will enjoy:

  • Are you unable to watch your favourite television show due to technical difficulties? there’s no problem You can watch any episode at any time, with no restrictions.
  • Enjoy the high-definition music videos. On your phone, listen to the Live Music channels.
  • TV shows, movies, original web series, international shows, music videos, kids shows, and news are among the more than 12 categories of content.
  • There are almost 80 live television channels available. Right from your phone, you may watch them in real time.
  • Thousands upon thousands of movies are available for viewing, with more being added on a daily basis.

Zee5 App is available for download.

On the Google Play store alone, it has been downloaded over 50,000,000 times. This app is free to download, however it does require an in-app subscription.

It simply means that if you want to access particular information or services, you must pay for a premium subscription.

However, if you wish to download the app, follow the steps below according to your operating system.

Download the app for Android.

This link will take you to the Google Playstore where you can download the G5 App for Android.

Simply tap on the Button to be taken to the Google Play store page. The Zee5 app for Android may be downloaded via the play store installation page.

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Install on Android TV

The downloading procedure is identical to that of an Android phone. However, if your Android TV has a built-in App store (rather than the Google Play Store), you can install the Zee5 Apk.

Download the app for iOS.

ZEE5 – Shows Live TV & Movies is a free app that works on Apple’s iOS devices. It works with iPhone, iPad, and iPad touch devices running iOS 9.0 or higher.

To be routed to the App Store, click the button above.

Download for your computer

Zee5 is not available for PC download. You can certainly install it using an Android emulator, but this is not the best or most efficient method.

Using your browser is the best way to enjoy Zee Online. Simply open your browser and go to www.Zee5.Com.

How to Watch Zee TV Online Live

If you wish to watch Zee TV online, you can do so via the official mobile app. You may get started by downloading the G5 App, which I described before.

However, if you wish to access it on a PC (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10), a Mac, or a Linux machine, you should use a browser.

Here’s how to watch live television online using your browser —

  1. To begin, go to www.Zee5.Com, the official website.
  2. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll find a wealth of content to watch.
  3. You can either start binge-watching right away or subscribe to the Premium service.
  4. If you already have a Premium Subscription, you may sign in to get started right away, or
  5. you can purchase one by clicking on the Crown.

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How to Get Your Zee5 App Subscription Started

Some of the content, such as movies, is only available to premium customers. You can subscribe for Premium plans if you wish to join the list of premium users.

Both the Mobile App and the Web version allow you to begin your Premium subscription. Don’t be concerned. You can use the same account for all of your devices once you’ve subscribed, whether it’s a Smart TV, a website, or a mobile application.

They currently offer four different plans.

  • The Rs. 999 Plan is a one-year plan.
  • The Rs 99 plan is a one-month package.
  • Rs 198 Package – This is a one-month plan that also includes a Gaana premium account subscription.
  • This 6-month plan costs Rs 599.
    You may notice those Plans after you open the App. If you missed any of the plans, you may find them on the Sidebar or by tapping on any of the Premium material.

Select the Plan that best suits your needs and click Continue.

The Premium Subscription will be activated on your Account once you have paid the subscription charge.

Review of the G5

In this application, you can watch all of your favourite Zee TV series in one place. It not only offers TV series, but also movies, news, and live television channels.

However, the app’s performance is poor, and it is slow. There are numerous bugs and issues that need to be addressed.

If this is the case, I recommend downloading the App and forming your own opinion.

You may also give your thoughts/feedback in the comments box.

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