Is Spiderman 4 on the way: Here Is Everything We Know So Far


Tom Holland’s first MCU trilogy as Spider-Man came to a stunning and emotional finish with Spider-Man: No Way Home. After Doctor Strange’s magic wiped everyone’s memory of Peter Parker, the threequel revealed that he was given a clean slate. As a result, Peter’s comeback in Spider-Man 4, which has already been confirmed, is expected to be drastically different.

Amy Pascal, a Sony producer, recently stated that the threequel will not be “the last Spider-Man movie,” and that three more MCU Spider-Man films are in the works. More details on Spider-MCU Man’s future were revealed by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, who stated that the producers are “actively beginning to develop where the plot heads” for Spider-Man 4.

spiderman 4

More intriguing details about the upcoming sequel to No Way Home have surfaced recently.

Is there going to be a Spider-Man 4?

That appears to be the case! A fourth Spider-Man picture is in the works, according to a New York Times interview with longtime Spider-Man producers Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal.

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“Amy and I, as well as Disney and Sony,” Feige stated, “are talking about — sure, we’re actively beginning to build where the story goes next.”

“At the end of the film we just completed, you see Spider-Man make a significant decision, one you’ve never seen him make before,” Pascal continued. It’s a price to pay. And that offers us a lot of material to work with in the future.”

But that wasn’t the first time someone mentioned a trilogy of sequels. Pascal opened the subject in an interview with Fandango on November 29.

“This isn’t the last Marvel movie we’re going to create,” she stated. “With Tom Holland and Marvel, we’re getting ready to make the next Spider-Man film.” We’re thinking of this as three movies, and we’ll move on to the next three now. “This isn’t the final of our Marvel Cinematic Universe films.”

However, neither Sony nor Marvel have issued an official statement.

Is Tom Holland set to reprise his role as Spider-Man in Spider-Man 4?

We still don’t know. Tom stated in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly that his future as the webslinger is still up in the air.

“We’ve had conversations about Spider-potential Man’s future, but they’re just conversations for now,” he remarked. “We have no idea what the future holds.”


“I’m still riding the wave of the film’s success and enjoying it,” Tom continued, adding that he is “not really thinking about the future.” Instead, he is pleased with celebrating No Way Home’s enormous achievements: “I’m still riding the wave of the film’s success and loving it.”

He did tell fans, though, that producers Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige, as well as Sony Pictures CEO Tom Rothman, are working on a sequel trilogy. “But at the moment, I have no idea what that is,” he explained.

In December, Tom discussed the next Spidey and stated that he would want to see a new lead actor take over the role, preferably one who is more diverse.

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In an interview with People, he said, “I’d love to see a future of Spider-Man that’s more diversified — maybe you have a Spider-Gwen or a Spider-Woman.” “It’s been three Spider-Mans in a row, and they’ve all been the same. Something different would be wonderful.”

Pascal, as previously stated, hopes for a different outcome. She revealed her eagerness to work with Tom again during the No Way Home premiere in December, telling Variety, “As long as he wants to do Spider-Man movies, we will produce Spider-Man movies.” “However, I’m a producer, and I always believe everything will work out.” When asked specifically if we’ll see Tom as Spider-Man again, Pascal said, “If I have my way, we will.”

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Tom has previously been reticent to confirm or deny his involvement in the Spider-Man franchise.

“To be honest, I don’t have an answer.” There have been discussions over Spider-future. Man’s “I’m not sure if it will be with me,” he told The Hollywood Reporter in December. “I don’t know, maybe I’ll be a producer or something.” But I do know that I adore this character and would be sad to see him go, but I’ve accomplished almost everything I set out to do with him.”

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Is Zendaya planning a return to the franchise?

If you’ve seen No Way Home, you’ll know that by the end of the movie, everyone — even Zendaya’s character, MJ — has forgotten who Peter Parker is. She and Ned go to MIT, and Peter decides not to divulge his true identity to her.


The plot is left rather open-ended, leaving viewers to wonder if we’ll see MJ (or Ned) in future episodes.

Zendaya hasn’t said anything about returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but she did recognise rumours that she might portray Spider-Woman.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned so far, it’s that being a superhero isn’t always simple.” “So I’m good,” she stated during a Jimmy Kimmel Live! appearance.

Spider-Woman will feature in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, an animated film slated for release in October 2022, according to Screen Rant. However, the character is spoken by Issa Rae, and in any event, in the comic book series, MJ does not become Spider-Woman.

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