Season 3 of Love (including Marriage and Divorce): Recap and Conclusion


Season 3’s ending is a little confusing, and it’s arguably the oddest ending ever.

When Hye-Kyung returns home from the hospital, she encounters a young child spirit. She inquires as to its name. Only she can see the child. “They’ll take the old man,” I told the family. Dong-ma is awakened by a cruel reaper who tells her who they are.

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The conclusion will leave you feeling angry, befuddled, and startled that the plot has progressed this far.

When the movie ends, a grim reaper appears near Seo Ban and Dong-house ma’s house. As a result, Ban informed his father that he wants to live with Si-eun since he believes his father favours Pi-young. His father has caused him pain. That’s how he feels. The father then reveals that Pi-young is pregnant, explaining why he has been so cautious with her. Is it reasonable for Seo Ban to believe this? I’m sure that’s what he was thinking. When she asks who they’re taking from this life, they won’t tell her.

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Season 3

He overfed his father to the point where he died of a heart attack. A-mi informs Yu-sin of Dong-treatment mi’s of his father. After all these years, how could Yu-sin be duped? A-mi tells Dong-mi that she can no longer live with him and gathers her belongings.

Yu-sin tries to clear things up when Dong-mi asks about the day his father suffered a heart attack. She refuses to answer the questions and retreats to her room. Dong-mi is enraged because Yu-sin wants her to be taken away by the mental health department.

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Si-eun informs Pi-young that she is expecting a child, and the two ladies are thrilled to be able to share this experience. Si-Eun and Seo Ban go out to lunch in the future. Seo Ban learns that Si-eun is five weeks pregnant. Seo Ban is taken aback. When she tells her father, he is taken aback. He is presently the grandfather of two grandchildren. The family is going through a difficult time, so they decide to throw a party as the grim reapers keep an eye on them.

At the end of the episode, Hye-ryung is still in the hospital. Hyeon of the Sa family is unsure on what to do next. The doctor informs Sa-Hyeon that Hye-problem ryung’s is a neurological condition that she must address to improve. When Pi-young and Si-eun visit her, Hye-ryung believes she is dying when she isn’t.

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Season 3

Last night, tvN’s “Our Blues” and JTBC’s “My Liberation Notes” both hit new highs in terms of ratings. “Our Blues” received a 9.6 percent average nationwide rating for its most recent episode, while “My Liberation Notes” received a 3.9 percent average nationwide rating, both of which are new all-time highs for both dramas.

The series finale of KBS’s “The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won” finished first in its time slot with an average nationwide rating of 11.5 percent, a considerable increase in viewership over the previous night’s penultimate episode.

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Meanwhile, OCN’s “A Superior Day” had a rather quiet series finale, climbing only slightly to a statewide average of 0.9 percent.

For its fourth episode, MBC’s new drama “From Now on, Showtime” climbed to a 3.3 percent average nationwide rating, while KBS 2TV’s “It’s Beautiful Now” maintained its lead as the most-watched program of the day with a 25.0 percent average nationwide rating.

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