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Desiserials App is for individuals who enjoy watching TV serials, and if you miss any of your favourite show’s episodes, you can use this App to stream them straight on your phone at any time.

What exactly is the Desiserials App?

We are all living in the age of the Internet. The Internet has evolved into more than just a means of communication. It is a rapidly growing culture that will undoubtedly affect most other cultural characteristics. The Internet moulds the personalities of many of us in India—we use it to speak, work, play games, watch movies, listen to music, bank, shop, and do so much more.

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Because most of them are based on family serials, TV dramas are particularly popular among females of all periods. Many TV stations, including as Star Plus, Zee TV, and Sony Entertainment, are achieving high TRP. In reality, serials are the only way this is conceivable. These shows are so compelling that viewers seldom forget a single episode. These dramas have substantially higher TRPs than many other educational television series. There is a separate business that only produces TV dramas, and the characters are well-known throughout the country. The majority of these dramas are based on Indian cultural values.

All of your troubles can be solved with the Desi Serial app. If you’ve come across this app and want to install it on your phone, you’ll find everything you need right here. You may watch anything in full HD live on this app. This app is ideal for those who want to watch movies and web series. Several apps are available to watch Indian live movies and plays. However, these apps and websites are no longer functional. So, if you’re missing any of your serial numbers, you can look them up for free in this programme.

This software has a number of unique features that you won’t find in other apps. This application comes with its own built-in Video Player, which allows you to watch any video in HD. Additionally, if you wish to save videos and watch them later, you can do so using this application. Install this software on your mobile phone if you want to see any of your dramas or movies first, without any advertising.

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APK of Desi Serials

Desi Serials is a large website with a well-designed app that you can use on your Android device to watch Indian live serials. This app allows you to watch live shows on any channel and download serials, among other things. This programme provides you with a comprehensive catalogue of movies, including both current and old releases. Only $9.99 for Netflix’s replacement and even superior app, which allows you to watch all types of movies and serials. APK Desi Serial


  • Complete Original Web Series: There are over 100 complete web series and TV shows to watch online, with new shows added every week.
  • The Most Comprehensive Collection of Bengali Films: If you watched a movie every day, it would take you a few of years to finish our movie collection. We’ll keep adding to it!
  • Everything can be downloaded offline: You may watch movies at any time by downloading whole Bengali films and unique web series and watching them offline.
  • Advertisement This website provides you with content that is free of advertisements.
  • Free Song Streaming: You may now listen to and download your favourite Bengali songs for free.
  • Capacity for Multiple Devices: See, we don’t care about size — whether it’s a 4-inch phone, a 15-inch laptop, or a 50-inch television, we’ve got you covered.

How do you get the Desi TV APK?

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You may find a variety of mobile apps for watching Desi online TV dramas on networks such as Sony TV, Star Plus, and Zee TV. Snap tube is here to work with all of them in a variety of resolutions, so there’s no need to install a lot of apps. With a premier registration, Snap Tube also allows you to watch various videos in 4K resolution. All popular video streaming sites are accessible from the home page, and you can customise it according to your preferences.


This is a live-streaming and movie-downloading programme that allows you to watch and download movies of any genre. In this software, you may browse a database of legal films and dramas, which you can easily stream. The software is for Android users who are unable to access Netflix or other websites. You get a basic free subscription to this app, which allows you to view anything live for free. Furthermore, if you wish to download something, you will need to use a different component.

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