Super Modal Hailey Bieber Just Had A Heart Surgery: Here Are Some Contributing Factors of (Mini Stroke)


Bieber was born in Tucson, Arizona, to actors Stephen Baldwin and Kennya Deodato Baldwin, the youngest of the Baldwin brothers. Her mother is of Italian and Portuguese heritage from Brazil, while her father is of English, Irish, Scottish, French, and German ancestry. Eumir Deodato, a Brazilian musician, is Bieber’s maternal grandpa. Bieber was educated at home as a child. She spent her adolescent years in New York, where she studied ballet at the American Ballet Theatre. Halley’s Comet inspired Bieber’s name.

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Hailey Bieber said on social media last month that she had recovered from a small stroke she suffered on March 10. Now, the model has spoken up about her recent hospitalization in a candid new video, revealing what her doctors feel contributed to her health concern.

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Hailey gave more details about the “extremely traumatic incident” and an overall update on her health in a nearly 13-minute video posted to her YouTube website titled “Telling My Story.” Hailey recounted feeling a “strange sensation” down her entire right arm to her fingertips while eating breakfast with her husband, Justin. She noticed she was having trouble speaking as she sat trying to figure out what she was experiencing.

In the video, Hailey says, “The right half of my face started sagging, and I couldn’t get a sentence out.” “I believed I was having a stroke right away.”

Fortunately, Hailey was able to see a doctor immediately after the symptoms began. “Definitely the worst moment of my life,” Hailey remarked, expressing a variety of thoughts and anxieties that were running through her mind, one of which being the possibility of severe or long-term damage as a result of the stroke.

Even though Hailey was able to go into the ambulance on her own, she was still having trouble speaking. Fortunately, by the time she arrived at the emergency department, her symptoms had begun to fade. “I was almost back to normal,” Hailey added. “I could talk, and neither my face nor my arm was bothering me.”

hailey bieber

Following a series of tests and scans, physicians found that she had “suffered a small blood clot” in her brain, a condition known as a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA), often known as a “mini-stroke.” The blood clot also caused a temporary loss of oxygen to a portion of Hailey’s brain, according to the testing.

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The physicians discovered that three separate causes contributed to Hailey’s mini-stroke, one of which was that she had recently started using birth control pills without seeing her doctor.

What Hailey Said About the Situation

“I had only recently started birth control pills, which I should never have started because I suffer from migraines,” Hailey explained.

Oral contraceptives can be a tiny stroke risk factor, according to a study conducted by Loyola Medicine stroke specialists and shared by People, although the risk increases in individuals who have additional stroke risk factors, such as cigarette smoking, and high blood pressure, and migraine headaches.

Long flights — “I had traveled to Paris and returned in a very short amount of time,” Hailey said — and a recent episode of COVID-19 were two other variables the doctors suspected contributed to Hailey’s mini-stroke.

After Recovery

Although Hailey’s doctors believed these three circumstances merely formed a “perfect storm” for the blood clot to form, Hailey sought a second opinion and more testing from a different team of experts. Hailey was quickly diagnosed with a Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO), a heart hole that usually resolves on its own after birth.

“They discovered that I had a Grade 5 PFO, which is the highest grade possible, so mine was quite significant,” says the patient “In the video, Hailey shows a snapshot of her PFO, which measures approximately 13 millimeters. “But, at this point, I was just grateful that they had located it and knew it was there.”

hailey bieber

Hailey had a blood clot that migrated to her heart, exited via her PFO, and then proceeded to her brain, causing a minor stroke, according to the final medical findings. Hailey’s doctors advised her to have surgery to close the PFO, which she did through a vein in her groin and in which a “tiny little button” was implanted in the PFO to close it.

“Your heart tissue will eventually grow back over the closure device, and that’s it!” Then you have it indefinitely and go on with your life as usual “Hailey remarked. “I recently had my PFO closed, and everything went extremely easily; I’m recuperating quite quickly… “I’m in terrific shape.”

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“I just feel incredibly grateful that we were able to work everything out,” Hailey said, admitting that her anxiousness made the ordeal even more difficult to handle. “That we were able to shut it, and that I will be able to move on from this extremely frightening scenario and simply live my life.”

Hailey said it was “essential” for her to convey her tale publicly and in detail after thanking the doctors who cared for her throughout her ordeal.

“I also wanted to wait until my treatment was finished and everything had gone smoothly and was okay before I explained everything,” Hailey said. “If anyone watching this has gone through something similar or the same event, I completely empathize with you and understand how life-altering and terrifying it is.”

Hailey expressed her gratitude to individuals who listened to her experience in the description of her YouTube video, which also featured a list of resources for awareness and assistance, such as stroke warning signs and a mental health hotline.

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