Neverskip a Parent App: Download, Teacher Login, PC Portal, and School Information


Here’s how to get the Neverskip Parent App for Android, iOS, and PC/Laptop. We will not only go over this, but also the Neverskip teacher App and how to log in on the official portal.

You no longer need to use your computer to access the features; almost all of them are now available on your phone.

Continue reading if you want to learn more about this topic than what this post has to offer.

Never Ignore Portal App Evaluation

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Never skimp on portal App Evaluation.

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The Neverskip Parent App mobile application is a mobile version of the parent-focused website

You can gain access to various services available to parents through the portal.

You can use this App if you are already a registered user. Instead of logging in on your computer every time, you can use this from anywhere, at any time, on your mobile phone.


  • It gives you information on your child’s academics and attendance record with a single click.
  • You can view photos and videos of events and programmes held at the school.
  • The portal keeps a detailed record of the fees and the fees you paid. This app also allows you to pay your fees online directly from your phone.
  • There is no longer any need for a computer because the Android App contains almost all of the portal’s features.
  • It has real-time tracking of school buses, so your children will never miss the bus again.


  • This App’s efforts to provide it are commendable. However, it can be improved.

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NeverSkip Parental Control App

Neverskip Parent App is a mobile application version of the official portal designed for parents at

If you want to download it on your Android smartphone, look for The School Parent App in the Google Play store.

If you want to Download Parent App, you must follow the steps outlined below in accordance with your operating system.

Android Parent App Download

Follow the steps below to download the Neverskip parent app for your Android phone.

  • First, on your Android phone, This link will take you to the Download page.
  • The Download button will take you to the Download page of the Google Play Store mobile application.
  • To install the parent portal app on your mobile phone, click the install button there.
  • To make this app work on their phone, the user must also have an Android OS version higher than 6.0.
  • You can proceed with Parent login once the Mobile App has been installed on your phone.

iOS Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch download

The School Parent app for iOS devices is now officially available.

You can also access the official web portal directly from your computer or mobile browser if you prefer.

You have visited the Apple iTunes App store if you want to Download School Parent App for iOS.

Use this link, which will take you to the Apple iTunes App Store’s Download page.

That being said, you can Download Neverskip Parent portal App for iOS Apple iPhone, iPod, or any other Apple device such as iPod Touch in this manner.

Download the NeverSkip Parent App for PC.

If you use a PC or a laptop, you should download the Neverskip parent app for PC or your laptop.

You don’t need to download the Neverskip parent app download for Laptop or Pc because the portal is available online, just one click away in your web browser.

To access the Web App, simply navigate to Parent.

To access the Web App, simply go to Parent.

Login to as a parent.

The Parent App Login User ID, which can be either a registered mobile number or the parent’s registered email ID, can be used to log in.

To log in, enter the mobile number that you provided to the school during registration.

This login is applicable to both mobile phone applications and the online web portal.

If you are unsure about which email address or mobile number you provided to the school, you can contact the school to verify your user id.

If their children forget their password, their parents can easily reset it.

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How to Save Videos from the NeverSkip Parent App

The app is available in both mobile and web formats.

You can download it on a mobile phone, whether you have an Android or an iOS device.

The Mobile App includes the following features:

  • You can gather information about the school’s activities.
  • All fee information, including the option to pay school fees online.
  • Parents can also track the school bus in real time.
  • Give you access to all available photos and videos of school functions in one location.
  • As a result, once a user logs into their account, they can access their photos and videos directly through the application interface.

There is currently no way for an App user to download videos from the neverskip parent app.

NeverSkip Educator App

The Neverkip portal app is not only available in Parent app format, but it is also available for school teachers.

Download the NeverSkip Teacher App

This application is available for Android/iOS as a mobile app, which can be downloaded from the official app store and Google Play.

Download the Android Teacher App

Here’s How to Download the NeverSkip Teacher App for Android-

  • To download the NeverSkip Teacher App, first go to the Google Play Store by clicking on this link.
  • Install the Teachers app on your Android phone.
  • You can now proceed to log in with your Teacher Login.

Download the Android Teacher App.

Here’s How to Get the NeverSkip Teacher App for Android-

To get the NeverSkip Teacher App, go to the Google Play Store and follow this link.
Install the Teachers app on your Android device.
You can now proceed to Login with your Teacher Login.

School Teacher App for Laptop or Windows 7/8/10 PC

The Teacher App is not available for Windows computers or laptops, nor is it available for any other PC operating system.

For the PC What teachers can do is log in to the Web Version with their Web credentials.

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