Korean Version Of Pubg Mobile In Now Available For All Android And Ios Users-here How To Download


Please tell me how to download the Korean version of PUBG for Android and iOS devices. It’s time for you to download the PUBG Mobile Korea Apk.

PUBGM, or Player Unknown’s Battleground for Mobile, was the most played mobile game, at least among those who played online multiplayer games on their phones.

However, the Government of India imposed a ban on it in the middle of 2020. In other words, it was no longer available for download from the Google Play store for Indian users.

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The Indian version of this (if you installed other sources) is also unplayable because of the restriction.

This does not mean that you can no longer play this game.

Of course, you have the option.

However, to do so, you’ll need to download the PUBG version that was developed outside of India.

The PUBG mobile China version, for example, was always ahead of the Indian version when it came to updates.

You can also use the Korean-language PUBGM KR version of the course.

What is PUBG Mobile in Korea about?

This version of PUBG mobile is referred to as PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Exhilarating Battlefield (KR).

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However, you can sign up using your Facebook, Twitter, or Google Account just like you can in any other version of this game.

pubg kr version

So, if you download this Apk from a third-party App Download site, you can play it regardless of whether or not you are a Korean cities

What To Expact

This version is simply more visible. If you play the Indian version, you will have a slightly different experience, but you already know that it is the same game.

It is ahead of other versions in the update schedule. When you first download this app, it will be in Korean.

But don’t worry, you can change the language after logging in to this App using the language settings options.

Here are a few features of this version that you will enjoy.

  • Crates, Stuff, Lucky Spins, and much more can be found here.
  • Crates are a great place to get free items.
  • More features, weapons, and skins are available.
  • Play against players from other countries.

Download the Korean version of PUBG?

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There are multiple sources from where you can Download this Adventure/Action multiplayer game on your mobile phone.

However here I am Going to show you How to Download this from the site called UpToDown.

The advantage of using UpToDown over the other is that you only need to download one file. There is no need to install Apk and OBB separately and then merge them with a file manager.

Simply download the APK, double-tap to install, and you’re done.

After logging in, you can resume playing as if you were never banned.

Download Pubg Mobile Korean version apk and obb

At the time of updating this post, version 1.2.0 was available for download, and it required 1406.9MB XAPK to install.

Here’s how to get PUBG Mobile 1.2.0 Apk for Android.

  1. First, follow this link to install the UptoDown App Store.
  2. Downloading the UpToDown App is not only recommended, but also required for the XAPK file that you will be downloading.
  3. The top banner will display the PUBG mobile Banner.
  4. If you can’t find it, you can get the XAPK from here.
  5. Wait until the game is completely installed before attempting to log in.

PUBG Korea for iOS

You can also get PUBG Korea iOS for your Apple device.

To do so, simply follow these steps.

  • To begin, go to the App Store on the phone from which you want to download this game.
  • Navigate to your account and select Country/Region >> Alter the Country or Region
  • Set your country to the Republic of Korea.
  • You are now on the terms and conditions page. Just agree with them.
  • Choose any city, address, or type of address from that country.
  • Select City Busan and enter the Postcode 600-011.
  • Finally, tap Done to exit the App Store.
  • Now go back to the App Store and search for and install the Pubg game.


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