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Some Interesting Insights About Selling Sunset’ Season 6

selling sunset season 6

Real estate deals and family feuds can be heard all over the hills. This season’s season 6 of Selling Sunset is expected to return to Netflix with new listings for the Oppenheim Group’s Drama and lux listings.

Season 5 recently premiered, allowing fans to finally see the beginning and end of Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim’s relationship. The episode ended with Christine Quinn facing accusations of sabotaging Emma Hernan’s life (and later accusing Selling Sunset of making fake storylines). There should be a lot of juicy tidbits from the first season’s reunion special, which should set the stage for the next season and beyond.

As a high-end real estate brokerage firm in Los Angeles, the Oppenheim Group, sells some of the most expensive properties in the city, Selling Sunset follows the personal and professional lives of its female agents. To start things off, new agent Chrishell was brought into the office and promptly ostracised by his former coworker and friend Christine. Weddings, births, and the sale of multimillion-dollar homes have all occurred since then.

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Netflix has had a huge success with the show, making the cast celebrities in the tabloids. Selling the OC, a spin-off series is also being launched.

Selling release date rumors for Sunset season 6

As long as Netflix hasn’t officially renewed Selling Sunset for season 6, another season of the popular reality series is almost a certainty. The news that Selling Sunset would be returning for seasons 6 and 7 was first reported by Us Weekly in January.

Filming on season 6 will not begin right away so that the cast can have “a bit of a break,” according to a source who told the magazine “everyone is very excited”.

When it comes to the sixth and seventh seasons, they could follow in the footsteps of seasons 4 and 5. In March 2021, they were both announced, filmed simultaneously, and premiered five months apart. There is a chance that Netflix will space out the return of The Originals by premiering the spinoff and Selling the OC first.

According to our best guess, season 6 will premiere in early 2023.

Sunset Season 6 Cast For Sale

Season 6 of Selling Sunset is expected to feature most of the show’s major cast members. Agent Chrishell Stause, who was married to actor Justin Hartley and competed on Dancing With the Stars, is at the top of the list. Her boss and agency co-founder Jason Oppenheim had a brief but serious relationship in season 5. Over her desire for children and his refusal to have any, they broke up in the final episode of the series

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Christine Quinn, Chrishell’s arch-nemesis, faces a bleaker future on the show after being implicated in sabotage by Emma Hernan, a fellow agent. Mary Fitzgerald, the newly promoted manager, and Heather Rae Young are expected to return. Tarek El Moussa, a married HGTV star, appeared in the season 5 finale.

Amanda Smith, Davina Potratz, Vanessa Villela, and newcomer Chelsea Lazkani are also expected to return. Maya Vander, an agent who has decided to spend more time with her family in Miami, may not appear at all.

the plot and storylines of Sunset’s sixth season

Fans may not see the immediate effects of season 5’s end because season 6 is reportedly not filming for some time to give the cast a break. Chrishell and Jason’s relationship ended, and Christine was accused of bribing a client to drop Emma in her favor, two major developments.

The end of Chrishell and Jason’s relationship has already been announced by both parties in statements made to the media (which occurred in December 2021).

When asked about the experience, Chrishell remarked, “I think that we entered and left it with so much respect and love for each other. This breakup hasn’t been easy at all — it’s been my most difficult for sure, and I’m still processing,” Jason recently told People.

Chrishell may decide to use one of her frozen eggs to try to conceive a child on her own in Season 6. “I feel like I can do it on my own,” she said in an interview with People. The thought of not being bound by the notion that I only have a limited amount of time to figure it out is both frightening and liberating at the same time.

The reunion special may reveal if Christine was fired from the Oppenheim Group because of the allegations against her. Christine was absent from the April 24 reunion taping, so that information will have to come from Jason and Mary. In her testimony, she claimed to have been COVID-19 positive (which Chrishell has suggested is a lie)

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Christine’s future in Selling Sunset season 6 is still up in the air. The agency’s website still lists her as a broker. The crypto-real estate venture she started with her husband Christian Dumontet is another project she promotes heavily, as is her upcoming book How to Be a Boss Bitch. Her new BFF Chelsea, who now has a place at the table in the office, should make waves even if she appears infrequently.

Some of the cast members’ lives may be featured in season 6, based on what has been reported in the media.

Mary has received advice from a fellow agent about freezing her eggs and is moving forward with the procedure.

In an interview with Distractify, Heather explained that she’s been given advice on what to expect during the process and whether or not she should do it while filming. “I think viewers would like to follow along with that process,” she said, adding, “We’re doing an initial part right now, but if it lines up with filming, I’ll probably go ahead and let the cameras follow.”

A few weeks ago, Heather said she wasn’t ready to start a family with her husband Tarek (he has two kids with ex-wife Christina Haack). I don’t want to go into it pregnant,” she told Us magazine. “I have a crazy, busy next few months coming up.”

What are your thoughts on the upcoming OC spinoff?

One scene in Season 5 took place at the Oppenheim Group’s new Newport Beach headquarters, a reminder that another Selling spinoff is in the works. Netflix has yet to announce an official premiere date for Selling the OC, but Variety reported that filming began in November of last year, with the show set to air in 2022 at the earliest.

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