Questionnaire, Associate Login And More About The Home Depot Health Check App


To use the Home Depot Health Check app, you must first log in as a Home Depot associate. As with the CPS Health Screener App and the NYC Doe Health Screening App, you must complete a brief questionnaire. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for information about the cohomehealthcheck questionnaire, check time details, pay stubs, and more.

Official Medical Examination. Home Depot created the HomeDepot.Com web application to keep their employees and customers secure.

This health check application was developed to determine whether or not the associated should be permitted to work.

It will be determined by the employee’s response to a brief questionnaire given to them when they report for work.

All of the information gathered from associates will be used for analytics and may be shared with health professionals or the government if they request it.

This measure is being made to keep personnel safe during the Covid-19 period.

In basic terms, the goal of this test is to establish whether or not you (the individual filling out the questionnaire) have been exposed to or have been in contact with a Corona virus-infected person.

How to Login to Home Depot as an Associate

Employees must sign in using their location, user id, and password on the sso Employee sign-on page to participate in this cohomehealthcheck questionnaire.

Here’s how you may log in to the third. co/home health check questionnaire online:

  1. To begin, go to, which is the official web application’s home page.
  2. You will now be given two login options on the home page.
  3. Associate and SSC Non-Associate are the two login choices.
  4. If you are an Associate, select Associate. If you wish to enter Atlanta SSC as a Contractor, Vendor, or Visitor, select SSC Non-Associate.
  5. You will be forwarded to the next page after selecting a login method.
  6. On the following page, you’ll see a Notice, as well as an “OK” button.
  7. Select the OK button.

SSC Non-associates Login Process

  • Go to and select the SSC non-associates option.
  • Fill in the “First and last name” fields.
  • “Mobile number” should be added.
  • If you have one, the fourth one is optional (you can put The Home Depot Contact Name).
  • Fill in the “Badge ID” field (Required for a Badged contractor only)
  • Fill in the “Company Name” field.

After you’ve entered all of your information, click the “submit button” and wait for the next step. The form will be provided via the Home Depot Health Check App.

How to Reset the Health Check Password at Home Depot

You have followed the instructions provided by the official Home Depot Health check app administration if you have forgotten your password and need to reset it.

  • If you forget your password, you can request a password reset. You can reset your password by clicking on “Forgot Password” (Mentioned below the Sign-in option).
  • If you have an RSA token, or if you would like a text message delivered to the phone number on your Workday or Beeline profile, please click here.
  • If you do not have an RSA token and/or a mobile phone number listed in Workday/Beeline, please click here.

Home Depot’s Health Check App’s Benefits and Features

There are numerous advantages and conveniences to using this software. Associates and their families alike can take advantage of these perks. The Health Check app from Home Depot allows employees to make health care decisions for themselves and their families. Listed below are a few examples of these advantages:

  • They provide associates with a wide range of health insurance options, as well as car insurance.
  • Leave of Absence, Holiday, and Remembrance Day can also be mentioned by employees.
  • Financial incentives, like as stock purchases and bank loans, are also available to associates

With the help of a search box at the top of the Health Check app, you may search for any product in Home Depot’s web-based system. You can scan a product to see a list of its attributes if you want to learn more about it. It also saves time and effort.

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