Let’s Dissect the Season 1 Finale of ‘Heartstopper,’ Shall We?

Our goodbyes to Nick and Charlie had to be handled uniquely.


Despite everything, we’re still hoping for a second season of Heartstopper. That picture-perfect finale and everything that happened in the 29 minutes that saw Charlie and his friends all attempting to navigate their complicated relationships while participating in the Durham and Higgs Sports Day is something we can’t help but think about as we wait for some (hopefully) good news from Netflix.

The big question is, did everything go according to plan for our beloved couple? Elle and Tao haven’t been heard from since. For those who want to relive the final moments of the season one finale of Heartstopper, here is the complete breakdown.


While playing the drums at home, Charlie waits for Tao to message him after the fight at school (and Tao reveals that he had been heartbroken over the fact that his best friend didn’t tell him about his new relationship).

Tori walks in and tells him that he’s playing too loudly, and wonders why he’s so irritated by it. Because he feels responsible for everything that happened, Charlie thinks everyone would be better off without him. When Tori reassures him that “he’s not ruining my life,” he feels better. They hug each other tightly.

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Charlie sits between Isaac and Tao, who tells him that Tao does not want to talk to him. In the wake of their teacher’s announcement that sports day is upon them, Charlie discovers that he is no longer able to participate in the same event as his friends because he is a member of the rugby team.

what about nick

Walking down the hall, Charlie runs into Nick, who offers to take him out to lunch if he’d like. Nick is surprised when Charlie says he can’t and runs away. He goes to his coach’s office and says goodbye to the rugby team. Charlie leaves an impression on everyone. There is no mention of bullying when he tells her, “I don’t think rugby is for me.”

When Tao and Nick meet outside for lunch, neither of them expects to see Charlie. By not informing Tao about their relationship, Charlie made Tao feel like an outsider, Tao claims. Because Charlie hasn’t come out to the public yet, he believes it is unfair for Nick to be dating someone who is in the same sexual orientation as him.


But hold on, where has Elle been all of this time?

Elle, Tara, and Darcy all head to Truham and Higgs’ Sports Day at the boys’ school. Mr. Ajayi calls Charlie out for trying to isolate himself instead of confronting his problems head-on, and Charlie retreats to the art room in an attempt to avoid them all altogether.

Once Coach Singh discovers Tao’s ruse, he forces him to run the 200m because he didn’t sign up for anything else. To atone for his actions, Charlie switches teams with Tao to fill Charlie’s vacancy.

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When Charlie notices that Ben is also participating in the race, he ends up defeating him. After the confrontation, Charlie tells Ben that while Ben has threatened to reveal Charlie and Nick’s relationship to the rest of the school, Charlie can just as easily tell everyone about what happened between them before. To which, she responds, “Please stop bothering me. I’ll never do anything bad. I’m a decent person.”

Is Charlie’s friendship with Tao on the mend?

Two best friends embrace and apologize after the race, pledging to improve their relationship. The rest of the students are participating in Sports Day, so Elle and Tao take a walk around the school and visit all of the classrooms.

Elle and Tao share a private moment where she is on the verge of confessing her feelings for him, but she holds back. Within seconds of their first encounter, she tells Tao she’s looking for her old locker, and the two of them almost kiss.

heartstopper season 2 nick

What about that big rugby match?

Of course, Nick will be representing the red team since he is the rugby team’s king. While playing, he keeps an eye out for Charlie in the hopes of rekindling their relationship. When Nick sees Charlie get up and sit down on a bench, he runs over to his BF. He drives him to school, where they finally have a conversation.

Because of Nick, his life has improved, he tells Charlie he doesn’t want to end up with anyone else. Reassurance and a kiss are Charlie’s way of telling Nick that he trusts him.

After that, what happened to our favorite couple?

When Nick inquires about Charlie’s availability for the weekend, they are seen boarding a train together. They spend the day together at the beach, enjoying the nice weather, and rides, and taking cute pictures. This shows that Nick is finally ready to make their relationship public.

Nick tells Charlie, as they sit by the water, that while he doesn’t intend to make a big announcement, he still wants to come out and tell the people who matter about Charlie. He raises his voice and proclaims, “I’m a fan of Charlie Spring! Not just as a friend, but romantically! “showing that he’s committed Nick tells Charlie that they’ve always been in a relationship, and Charlie wonders if this means they’re boyfriend and girlfriend.

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Before returning home, the two take a final stroll together along the sand. Finally, he reveals his sexuality to his mother after she points out how happy Nick appears. As the screen shows the progression of Nick and Charlie’s relationship, she shows her full support.

Next season of Heartstopper, what’s in store?

Heartstopper may or may not return for a second season, but if the comics are any indication, things are only getting started for Nick and Charlie. Season two will begin with the series’ third volume, which is organized as follows:

They’re now officially a couple, despite Charlie’s doubts that Nick would reciprocate his feelings for him. In fact, Nick has even come out to his mother. But Nick and Charlie realize that telling your friends you’re dating someone isn’t something you do once. A school trip to Paris makes it even more difficult for students who aren’t out to come out to their classmates. This newfound dependence on one another will only deepen as Nick and Charlie’s feelings deepen.

It took Charlie a long time to believe that Nick could love him back, but now they’re a couple.” To the surprise of his mother, Nick has come out to her. But Nick and Charlie know that telling their friends about their relationship isn’t something that should be done all at once. On a trip to Paris with their classmates, it’s even more difficult to keep their sexual orientation hidden. As Nick and Charlie’s feelings deepen, their reliance on one another will grow.

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