Vice President Kamala Harris Is Referred to as the “First Lady” by President Biden


President Biden referred to Vice President Kamala Harris incorrectly as “first lady” during Tuesday’s Equal Pay Day remarks at the White House and then joked about the gaffe.

“There has been a slight rearrangement of who is on stage as a result of the first lady’s husband contracting COVID,” Biden said, according to a CSPAN video of his remarks.

Harris’s husband, Doug Emhoff, tested positive for COVID-19 earlier Tuesday. Harris was found to be negative.

A member of the audience appears to have brought the gaffe to Biden’s attention, as the president proceeded to make light of it.

That is correct,” Biden indicated to his wife, Jill Biden. “She is alright; it is me who will not receive it.”

“And secondly, how about that, the first gentleman?” Continuing, the president.

Biden introduced himself as the first lady’s spouse at the start of his comments.

“My name is Joe Biden. I am proud to be Jill Biden’s spouse “‘He stated.

Biden’s remarks emphasized women’s advancement and emphasized the importance of equal pay, praising his administration’s efforts to close the “pay gap.” Tuesday, the president signed an executive order encouraging the government to consider prohibiting federal contractors from seeking information about job applicants’ prior salary history.

Earlier in the day, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., commented on Tuesday’s release of new Department of Labor data revealing the wage disparity.

Women will earn 83 cents for every dollar earned by males in 2020. When Hispanic women (57 cents) and Black women (64 cents) are compared to White, non-Hispanic men, the income disparity is more pronounced.


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