Trump Says He Would Not Use Campaign Funds to Purchase a New Plane


(Courthouse hill) — former president Donald Trump announced Monday that he will not use campaign funds to build a new plane.

In a phone conversation, trump disputed an article published over the weekend by the hill that quoted a fundraising email sent out by his political action committee.

“The storey was false,” Trump stated to the hill. “I already own a jet, which is identical to the one I used during the 2016 campaign.”

Trump stated that his plane is currently undergoing maintenance in Louisiana and should be back in the skies in 90 days.

“I own it and finance it myself, with no debt,” Trump noted, stressing that as president, he was required to go on air force one for security reasons.

When questioned why the fundraising email mentioning his plane included a gift request, Trump said, “I’m not sure. I never saw the email [before its distribution].”

Whatever the case, trump remarked that the storey was “Nonsense. Could you conceive of my using campaign cash to purchase a plane?”

The democratic organisation accuses trump of violating campaign finance law by failing to publicly announce his 2024 candidacy.
The fundraising email headlined “Update: trump force one,” was sent days after a plane carrying him to mar-a-logo was forced to make an emergency landing after one of its engines failed.

Trump stated in the email that his crew is “Constructing a brand new trump force one.”

The email urged his supporters to “Immediately contribute any amount to send your reply to president trump!”

Following the publication of the hill’s storey, a trump official emailed the hill to request a retraction.

The hill updated its storey Sunday afternoon to clarify that the email does not specifically request donations for the plane.

Trump indicated that he believed the article was still incorrect and agreed to speak on the record about it.

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