Joe Biden Is Signing Checks and Offering a Fourth Stimulus Package. What Is He Thinking? According to Sources, a Video Spreading on Facebook Is a Hoax


The sound of a fourth stimulus check is as follows:

So it must sound pretty darn good to the more than three million people who have signed a petition calling not only for another round of stimulus but also for a recurring $2,000 monthly payout until the pandemic is over.

COVID-19 payments of $2,000 per month have been requested by millions. Is it possible that their movement is losing steam?
And there are, without a doubt, a large number of people who haven’t signed the petition but are still struggling as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread. They would very certainly support a fourth stimulus package as well.

Then many believe that the second round of payments is unnecessary and should be avoided altogether.

As a result, it has recently risen to the top of the list of hot topics for discussion and debate, and as is the case with anything these days, misinformation is rife. The most recent piece of misinformation about a probable stimulus payout is brought to us by this.

President Joe Biden was not on film signing stimulus checks and saying that Americans would begin getting payments within the next few weeks, as several reports claimed at the time.

According to various sources, the video, which began to circulate on Facebook on February 15, showed a split-screen of Biden giving a speech and signing an executive order at the same time. The following statement was made by someone attempting to replicate his voice–very poorly, but some people were fooled nonetheless: “Some folks will begin to see those direct deposits in their bank accounts this weekend.” In the next weeks, payments to qualified Americans will continue.

The fact that the film, which was taken from a Biden lecture on climate change delivered on November 1, 2021, does not match up with the movements of his lips and the voice that can be heard, according to a report, is another red flag.

Consequently, preparations for a fourth stimulus package are still in the works, which is bad for individuals who need a little additional income during this difficult economic period.


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