Stimulus Check Update: Petitions Continue to Receive Signatures


One of the stimulus check petitions that has been circulating requests for an adult payment of $2000 and a child payment of $1000. As it stands, the previous couple of years has been particularly difficult for millions of Americans, owing to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and market-wide inflationary pressures.

The Oval Office and Congress, on the other hand, have not been as responsive to public demands as they were during the initial wave of the pandemic. As a result, they financed the first three stimulus payments during a time of acute need.

Petitions For A Stimulus Check Have Gained Significant Support

However, a year after President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan executed the third stimulus check payment, it appears that numerous Americans are still fighting to stay afloat amid the pandemic. This is precisely why there are already no fewer than seven different stimulus payment petitions requesting direct government payouts. Without a question, the six million impoverished Americans who signed this petition want their voices to be heard.

The most popular stimulus check petition, started by Stephanie Bonin, has urged Congress to immediately begin disbursing periodic payments of $2,000 to adults and $1,000 to children if the pandemic is declared over. According to the petition, the majority of furloughed workers, laid-off workers, and self-employed individuals have been struggling to pay rent and put food on their tables.

Another successful stimulus check petition was organized by the Senior Citizens League, which persuaded Congress to grant the fourth wave of stimulus payments to individuals receiving Social Security benefits.


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